When you’re looking at auto reliability, you can’t use the same standard to pickup trucks the you would with passenger vehicles. ~ all, trucks take a beating ~ above a level the doesn’t take place with the typical Toyota Camry or Mazda 3.

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However, you have the right to compare van to one another, and we did simply that using customer Reports reliability ratings dating back to 2010. As we dug deeper, there to be surprises.

For example, Ford F-150, the all-powerful sales leader, has featured below-average dependability ratings due to the fact that 2010. (Even despite customer satisfaction stayed high that whole time, the persons at customer Reports emphasis on data via their dependability scores.)

Setting popularity and also everything rather aside, this 10 pickup trucks have been the most reliable models since 2010.

10. Chevrolet Colorado

The Colorado is just one of the most renowned midsize pickups in the U.S. | ChevroletThe first redesign years (’15-’16) weren’t ideal, but, otherwise, Colorado had a solid record for reliability.

Colorado wasn’t in production yearly this decade, however when that was, it put together a decent reliability record. The ahead generation’s final models (2010-12) were strong, and also the new ’17 verified Chevy can correct its mistakes.

Still, there are two models to prevent at all cost: The an initial Colorados complying with the relaunch (2015-16).

Next: The GMC version performed simply as well.

9. GMC Canyon

The Canyon is very closely related to the Chevy Colorado. | GMCCanyon’s ratings were continuous with Colorado’s for the decade.

While reliability ratings can readjust even in between sibling models (due to different interior options), consumer Reports ratings because that Colorado and also GMC Canyon were practically the very same for this period.

Trouble spots had the fuel system and also paint/trim in the vault generation. Canyon’s engine and also transmission to be solid transparent the decade.

Next: If you avoid the darkest years for Fiat-Chrysler, you can discover reliable ram trucks.

8. Ram 1500

The lamb 1500 has occurred a reputation for reliability. | FCAAs long as you stay away native the 2014-15 models, ram 1500 has actually been reliable.

For everyone shopping for a provided car, us recommend preventing every Fiat-Chrysler version from 2014-15. That contains Ram 1500, which had actually its darkest years during that period.

Nonetheless, the half-ton lamb posted the top reliability score because that 2017 and average or better every other year this decade.

Next: Heavy-duty Ford trucks have actually been strong.

7. Ford F-250

2017 Ford F-250 supervisor Duty | FordThe ’13 and ’16 version years were especially strong.

Though Ford’s half-ton pickups didn’t do the cut, at sight Duty models performed much better in reliability surveys and also tests. 2 above-average ratings in recent years (2013 and also 2016) made that a strong tool top top the job.

Fuel mechanism trouble and also in-car electronics problems were the only regular trouble spots of the decade.

Next: Chevy’s stop pickup was reliable while it lasted.

6. Chevrolet Avalanche

The final years that the Chevrolet Avalanche were strong. | ChevroletThough production ended in 2013, Avalanche’s final models to be solid.

While Chevrolet Avalanche departed the scene in 2013, its last editions are worth a look on the used market. Avalanche rated above-average or at the very least average in three of it last 4 years where ratings are available.

That contains very strong marks in 2012, just prior to production ended. If that version (or a ’13) Avalanche is up because that sale, van buyers have a shoot at gaining a great return on the investment.

Next: While few raved around F-350 reliability, this heavy-duty Ford was solid for the whole decade.

5. Ford F-350

Ford’s F-350 is remarkably continuous in terms of reliability. | FordThough not fairly stellar top top reliability, F-350’s consistency sets it apart from various other heavy-duty trucks.

In a segment where superior reliability is unusual, Ford F-350 posted the type of consistency the heavy-duty rivals lacked. Due to the fact that 2011, F-350 never ever went below-average, and also the ’12 edition was among the elite.

Overall, the record put Ford’s heavy-duty truck amongst the finest of the decade for reliability.

Next: setup aside the recent model, Tacoma has great reliability marks.

4. Toyota Tacoma

Late-model Tacomas room still renowned for their reliability. | ToyotaWhile Tacoma has actually struggled since its ’16 redesign, the previous design was bulletproof.

Even Toyota has worries with redesigns. In the instance of the Tacoma the debuted in 2016, the models have scored poorly on reliability. However, the ahead generation (especially 2011-15) scored the highest possible marks year ~ year.

Meanwhile, Tacoma keeps showing up on the perform of vehicles that height 200,000 miles and also keep going. In this truck’s case, 300,000 miles was also normal.

Next: used Frontiers space worth a look for their solid reliability.

3. Nissan Frontier

The Frontier is one challenging compact truck. | NissanSeveral top scores and also overall better-than-average reliability set Frontier apart.

Given the records of compact and also full-size pickups, Nissan Frontier’s high-reliability ratings transparent the decade room worth noticing. Due to the fact that 2010, Frontier has two peak scores, five years above the average, and also just one median year.

Only the occasional body integrity worry dinged this truck’s all at once rating.

Next: among smaller pickups, Ridgeline reigns.

2. Honda Ridgeline

Honda’s dependability shines v in the Ridgeline. | HondaRidgeline’s sterling reliability document is unmatched among compact pickups.

Throughout the decade, Honda Ridgeline posted one perfect or above-average reliability rating after another. (In the vault generation, only the Takata airbag brought a short mark.)

Meanwhile, Ridgeline repeatedly ranks amongst the most satisfying vehicles because that truck owners. Few people ever regret to buy one.

Next: No pickup comes close to Toyota Tundra for reliability.

1. Toyota Tundra

Toyota’s full-sizer is the most reliable van on the market. | ToyotaWith 8 peak ratings in 9 years, Tundra sit in a course by itself.

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Toyota’s Texas-built Tundra is in a class by itself once it concerns reliability. In the ripe years this decade customer Reports took surveys and ran exam on the pickup, Tundra score the highest possible marks eight times. (In the 9th year, it scored above average.)

Compared to other pickups, Tundra is noteworthy because it has actually not gone through a redesign due to the fact that 2007. Toyota began out an excellent and continued perfecting it ever since. Amongst half-ton pickups, it’s quickly your best bet for reliability.