As an estimated 500,000 containers are sitting on cargo ships turn off the southern California coast, many are wondering exactly how to handle the backlog.

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CBSNLA: The summary (Oct. 22 afternoon Edition)Here are the recent headlines in regional news and weather. Updated double daily.

Recall of Aromatherapy Product sold At WalmartBetter Homes and also Gardens-branded-Essential Oil Infused Aromatherapy Room Spray with Gemstones has been recalled as result of a rarely tropical bacteria.

Gun safety On TV and also Movie SetsThere are new concerns around the concern of gun safety on film sets. Jeff Nguyen reports.

Who to be Halyna Hutchins? Tributes role In for Cinematographer eliminated By Prop GunTributes are putting in because that cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, who is gift remembered as a rising star in the film industry.
Officials Report Gas Levels bring about Odor In Carson Area has actually Been diminished As smell PersistsAs the stench in the area continues to issue Carson residents, officials have said that hydrogen sulfide, the gas that was contributing come it, has actually been reduced. Katie Johnston reports.
California State University mechanism Reports jump In Graduation NumbersThe California State college system, headquartered in long Beach, has actually announced the their graduation numbers have actually reached one all-time high, despite the obstacles that came v the COVID-19 Pandemic in 2020 and also early 2021. Katie Johnston reports.
CDC Announces instant Recall the Popular family members ItemThe customer Product safety Commission has actually announced the remind of one aromatherapy spray in ~ the request of the center for disease Control. The spray was popularly offered at Walmart locations roughly the nation. Katie Johnston reports.
Alec Baldwin On deadly Movie collection Shooting Of manager Of Photography Halyna Hutchins: ‘There are No Words’One crew member was killed and also a second was hurt Thursday afternoon as soon as actor Alec Baldwin discharged a prop total on a movie collection in Santa Fe, new Mexico. Tina Patel reports.
Actor Peter Scolari, known For ‘Bosom Buddies,’ ‘Girls,’ die At 66Peter Scolari, who climbed to fame together Tom Hanks in the offbeat sitcom "Bosom Buddies" and later appeared alongside Bob Newhart in "Newhart," died Friday after ~ a two-year battle with cancer at period 66. Katie Johnston reports.
CBSNLA: The rundown (Oct. 22 am Edition)Here are the recent headlines in regional news and also weather. Updated twice daily.
Report: Super bowl LVI Will bring Up come $477 Million to LA Economy A report exit by Micronomics financial Research and also Consulting on Thursday presented data that suggests anywhere native $234 million and $477.5 million in financial upside will benefit Los Angeles county in the days neighboring Super bowl LVI. Katie Johnston reports.
Robert Durst Charged with Murder In previous Wife’s DisappearanceJust one mainly after being sentenced come life in prison for the Los Angeles slaying of his longtime girlfriend Susan Berman, authorities confirmed Friday the millionaire actual estate heir Robert Durst has been charged in brand-new York City with the death of his former wife, Kathie Durst, that vanished in 1982. Katie Johnston reports.
Amber Lee's Weather estimate (Oct. 22)A high of 66 because that the beaches and 76 because that the valleys Friday.
Questions Swirl after Crew Member Killed, 2nd Wounded when Alec Baldwin Discharges Prop gun On Movie collection In new MexicoOne crew member to be killed and also a second was injured Thursday afternoon once actor Alec Baldwin discharged a prop pistol on a movie set in Santa Fe, brand-new Mexico. Tina Patel reports.
Several hurt In destructive On 101 Freeway In backwoods HillsAt the very least three world were hurt in a crash on the 101 Freeway in backwoods Hills at an early stage Friday morning.
Teen Gets up to 9 month In juvenile Camp because that West LA Lamborghini Crash Which eliminated Monique MunozThe teen child of a affluent businessman has actually avoided jail time -- however will serve numerous months in a juvenile camp -- because that a high-speed Lamborghini crash in West Los Angeles ago in February that 2020 that eliminated a 32-year-old woman.
One Crew Member Killed, second Wounded after Alec Baldwin Discharges Prop pistol On Movie set In new MexicoOne crew member to be killed and also a second was injured Thursday afternoon when actor Alec Baldwin discharged a prop total on a movie set in Santa Fe, new Mexico.
USC Fraternity Sexual attack InvestigationOfficials at USC have actually placed Sigma Nu fraternity top top interim suspension after ~ reports the alleged sex-related assaults.
Police looking for Gunman That killed 18-Year-Old Daina Monroe Monday Night exterior Her Inglewood HomeKandiss Crone reports on the latest breakthroughs in the shooting death of 18-year-old Daina Monroe, eliminated while sit in a automobile outside she Inglewood residence Monday night.
Crash On valve Nuys Blvd Shears turn off Fire HydrantSky2's Desmond Shaw was over the step of a valve Nuys Blvd. Crash the sheared off a fire hydrant, sending water high right into the air, when the passengers of the automobile may have been trapped inside.
Prop-Gun, Discharged through Alec Baldwin, Misfired, death Director that Photography and Hospitalizing Film's DirectorTom Wait reports on the latest breakthroughs surrounding a tragedy ~ above the set of the western movie "Rust." A prop-gun, discharged by actor Alec Baldwin, reportedly misfired, killing the film's director of photography and hospitalizing the film's director.
Dodgers pan Celebrate 11-2 win in video game 5 of NLCSCBS2's Nicole Comstock speak to fans at Dodgers stadium together they celebrate the Dodgers 11-2 blowout success over the Braves in video game 5 the the NLCS to send the series back to Atlanta for game 6 ~ above Saturday.

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New Earthquake research study on good Shake the end DayIf the big one hits, us may have actually no cell company - because that weeks. That's what the latest earthquake research shows and also the damages in southern California can be practically impossible to comprehend.