Inviting the divine Spirit into our resides is other we should strive to execute each day since the holy Spirit is what keeps us concentrated on the route God has laid for us. Whether we do this with praise, phone call out, praying or worship, we can quickly do this every day and we should crave it!

The divine Spirit is ours guide, counselor, and also comforter. The holy Spirit entered us as soon as we surrendered ourselves come Jesus Christ so us can continue to it is in filled by the heart by following God’s commands and continually seek the spirits guidance.

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As we flourish in ours journeys together Christians, we should strive to permit the holy Spirit to take over an ext and an ext of us. By doing this, we are letting God truly steer us and also you will conveniently see so numerous unimportant things dissipatefrom her lives. The is since the closer our relationship with the divine Spirit becomes, the closer we room to coming to be like Jesus.


When Jesus common with his disciples that he would be leave soon, he promised them the divine Spirit would certainly come and guide them and future Christians. He stated “If you love me, keep my commands. And I will certainly ask the Father, and also he will offer you one more advocate to aid you and also be with you forever—the heart of truth. The civilization cannot accept him, since it neither sees him nor knows him. Yet you recognize him, for he lives with you and also will bein you.I will certainly not leave you together orphans; i will involved you. Prior to long, the human being will not check out me anymore, yet you will check out me. Because i live, you likewise will live. On that day you will realize that ns am in mine Father, and also you space in me, and also I to be in you. Whoever has my commands and also keeps lock is the one that loves me. The one that loves me will be love by my Father, and I also will love them and show myself to them.”

The holy Spirit was provided to united state by God as a bridge to understand Jesus Christ. So as soon as we worship and ask the holy Spirit come take us over, we are asking Jesus to come closer. Ns personally pray and praise God every day, however there is other so powerful about worship.

Sometimes I discover it tough to shut mine mind turn off to various things and also pray through intent. Worshipping deserve to rid my mind of clutter if i am having actually a difficult time praying and also when I focus on a bible verse in a song, my focus can quickly turn come the holy Spirit. Several of the many intimate moments ns have had actually with the divine Spirit were as soon as I to be alone, in my car, praising God and fully engaged in worship.

I have actually compiled 7 remarkable worship songs that have talked to mine heart and have permit the holy Spirit fill me! i hope you gain each line as much as ns have and also really connect yourself in the inexpressible happiness that fills you when you permit the heart take over!

7 exceptional Worship song Inviting The holy Spirit

1.” heart Move”- Kalley Heiligenthal

This was among the very first worship songs the just provided me goosebumps, or what I have heard called ” God Bumps” v the whole song. If friend haven’t ever experienced those “God bumps” anywhere your body, friend will! Something that i have captured onto easily when I began routinely praying and also worshipping is that you can feel the existence of the divine Spirit and your body isn’t blind to it either!

The combination of the lyrics and the solid beat immediately open me up!

“I deserve to see it currently Your kingdom come,I have the right to hear it currently the sounds of Heaven.You stated that if we ask fine receive,We room asking because that the higher measure.”

So Good!!

2. ” right here As In Heaven”- elevation Worship

Elevation praise was the first Christian praise team I experienced perform and also the endure blew away any concert ns have ever been to because we to be in the visibility of the divine Spirit. They opened with this song and also I simply loved just how this track says:

“You’re the reason we came,to encounter your loveYour love, surrounds us”

This is specifically what ns feel the divine Spirit doing as soon as I to be worshipping. Love and take on surrounding me, giving me that happy emotion that friend can’t acquire from anywhere else. and telling the lord this is the factor why i am worshipping, to feel the love the the divine Spirit delivers!

3. “Breathe ~ above Us”- Kari Jobe

Christians favor Kari Jobe show such usage of your God-given talents. She is abrilliant songwriter, praise leader, and also singer. She genuine visibility shows how the holy Spirit works with her on and off stage. Ns love every her worship songs, especially this one! I could quote the totality song but these few lines speak come me:

“Breathe top top usHoly fire fallCome and fill this location withYour presenceLike a rushing windSend Your soul hereBreath of heaven breathe ~ above usBreath of sky breathe top top us”

I love the an initial two lines because it immediately takes me come Peter standing through the other disciples as soon as they first receive the divine Spirit as debated in action 2.

The line, ”breath of sky breathe top top us” is anactionI imagine once I am filled during worship. It is prefer the divine Spirit find those empty locations in you and fills it v nothing yet goodness!

4. “Holy Spirit”- Francesca Battistelli

Ahhh… this tune couldn’t be any more perfect! v its slow, quiet start with its holy lyrics the then transitions right into a solid and powerful roar! It builds up and I can’t get sufficient of each line the is sung. No thing can ever compare to the existence of what the holy Spirit brings us!

“There’s nothing precious moreThat can ever come closeNo thing have the right to compareYou’re our living hopeYour presence, LordI’ve tasted and also seenOf the sweet of lovesWhere my heart becomes freeAnd my shame is undoneYour presence, Lord

5. “Fullness”- key Worship

Just the location of this song, “Fullness” sums up the power of the holy Spirit in one word. Ns love lyrics that paint a photo of what you room worshipping for and this song does it because that me! I have the right to close my eyes and photo Jesus dispersing the indigenous of God and feeling a sense of awakening in ~ me.

“What You speak is now unfoldingAll Your youngsters shall behold itDreams awaken in this momentSpirit come, heart come”

Take a moment and really review these lyrics, the Elevation praise team always captures the true essence of worship with praise and also their songwriting talents!!

6.“Spirit Breakout”- Kim Walker-Smith

The focus on the divine Spirit and also Heaven in this Kim Walker-Smith’s song is what we long for. The desire to have actually a world that God intended us to have when He created Adam and also Eve. And also the best part is we recognize someday this will certainly actually happen! God will bring us a new Earth and also a new Heaven, so us then can dwell with God once again.

But in the meantime, we deserve to experience God v the visibility of the divine Spirit on the earth we dwell on. and while we room here, we deserve to tear down those walls we have created to see every one of God’s beauty and also feel His presence.

7. “Spirit of God”- Phil Wickham

I really enjoy worship songs that incorporate scripture or lyrics very close come scripture. It helps me memorize scripture that I might have had a tough time that remembering without it gift in a tune that ns enjoy. This song consists of a couple lines that space from scripture. Man 3:30 reads, ” He must end up being greater; ns must end up being less.

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” And2 Timothy 1:6 “For this factor I remind you to fan into flame the gift that God, which is in you through the laying on of my hands.”

Worship is constantly and will constantly be something i look forward to since it allows me to spend time v Jesus without gift distracted by my own mind. It permits me to emphasis my heart and thoughts top top him once I feel disconnected. If you appreciated this article and you would choose to read much more about engaging in worship, check out Nick’s article “How come Truly interact In Worship”.