Christian contemporary music is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the music industry as a whole. The reasons for this are obvious if you are a listener, the sound of the music and the lyrics are constantly positive, uplifting, encouraging, and also upbeat. That is remarkable to me how much listening come Christian music has adjusted my life. It can sustain you v the tough times, lift friend up once you feeling down, and also it can assist you celebrate the great times. It is a good device because that the Christian ar to have actually such a surplus of fight music the can help inspire world by the strength of words of God. It’s likewise spreading the word of the Gospel throughout the globe, just by the lyrics of a song. Here is a list of 50 the the greatest upbeat song from the Christian music genre.

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50 the the best Upbeat Christian song - Upbeat praise Music

50. David Crowder Band- “Let Me feel You Shine”

49. Tenth path North- “Losing”

48. Kutless- “Better Is One Day”

47. Jars that Clay- “Two Hands”

46. Barlow Girl- “Never Alone”

45. Unspoken- “Who girlfriend Are”

44. DC Talk- “In The Light”

43. Jason Gray- “Remind Me who I Am”

42. Seventh Day Slumber- “From The within Out”

41. Switchfoot- “Dare You come Move”

40. Jonny Diaz- “More Beautiful You”

39. Sanctus Real- “Don’t offer Up”

38. Third Day- “I require A Miracle”

37. Francesca Batistelli- “ This Is The Stuff”

"Casting Crowns appear twice in this countdown in ~ #36 and also #10."

36. Casting Crowns- “If We room The Body”

35. Toby Mac- “Tonight”

34. Lincoln Brewster- “Everlasting God”

33. Addison Road- “Fight another Day”

32. Building 429- “Right alongside You”

31. Superchick- “Stand In The Rain”

30. Citizen Way- “Should’ve been Me”

29. Jeremy Camp- “Jesus Saves”

28. Chris Tomlin- “Sing, Sing, Sing”

27. Jesus Culture- “Your Love never Fails”

26. Group 1 Crew- “He Said”

25. Out Of Eden- “Different Now”

24. Large Daddy Weave- “You discovered Me”

23. Britt Nicole- “The Lost acquire Found”

22. Eagle Nelson- “Crazy Love”

21. Phillips Craig and Dean- “Great i Am”

20. Jason Castro- “You Are”

19. Dave Barnes- “God gave Me You”

18. Colton Dixon- “You Are”

17. Audio Adrenaline- “Kings and also Queens”

16. Sidewalk Prophets- “Live choose That”

15. Newsboys- “God’s no Dead”

14. Kris Tomlin- “Whom Shall i fear”

13. Needtobreathe- “Keep her Eyes Open”

12. Skillet- “Awake and also Alive”

11. Matthew West- “Forgiveness”

Bible fact (Romans 6:23) for the incomes of sin is death, yet the complimentary gift the God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

10. Casting Crowns- “Courageous”

Favorite Lyrics- “We to be made to it is in courageous. Us were make to command the way. We might be the generation that finally breaks the chains.

9. Peter Furler- “Reach”

Favorite Lyrics- “I autumn again and again, but you whisper, ‘You’re still mine.’ You feel the ache of the world, but you never ever push mine aside.”

8. Rascal Flatts- “Changed”

Favorite Lyrics- “Walked far eyes wide open. Could finally view where i was going. It didn’t issue where I’d been. I’m not the same man I to be then.”

7. Mercy Me- “You room I Am”

Favorite Lyrics- “I’ve been the one hosted down in chains. Beneath the load of every my shame. I’ve been the one to believe, that wherein I to be you can not reach.”

6. Kris August- “Starry Night”

Favorite Lyrics- “From the birds the sing, in the tallest trees. Come the person life, the you and me. Native the desert sands, to the location we stand. That is God the all, the is everything.”

5. Sanctus Real- “Promises”

Favorite Lyrics- “Neither life, nor death could separate us from the eternal love of our God who saves us.”

4. Hawk Nelson- “Words”

Favorite Lyrics- “You know I’d never ever doubt you. You recognize I’m lost without you. I’m offering you control.”

3. The Afters- “Light increase The Sky”

Favorite Lyrics- “So I run straight right into your arms. She the bright and morning sun. To show your love yes nothing you won’t do.

2. Skillet- “Hero”

Favorite Lyrics- “I’ve gotta hit today. Come live another day. Speakin’ my mind today. My voice will be heard today.”

1. Because that King and Country- “Middle Of her Heart”

Favorite Lyrics- “And all the I need to offer is the white flag of surrender. Take it me come the middle of her heart, take it me to wherever your love starts.”


As you can see there are so many an excellent upbeat songs from so plenty of different artists. All of these songs emphasis on salvation in Christ and rely top top the assures of the holy Bible. I hope this perform was helpful and informative. If ns missed any type of of her favorite optimistic Christian song tell the F&E team in the comment section below. God bless, Jesus is King!

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