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Transfer video to digital, a new means to maintain your old video on new technology DVD or USB. Vivid photo converts VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, Hi8, Digital 8, mini DV, mini HDV and also Batamax tapes come DVD and also USB for yourNTSC or Pal format video clip tapes. We also provide digital media transfer services. We carry videos indigenous SD card, micro SD card, compact flash, cabinet phone and also Mini DVD come DVD and USB.We convert your PAL format video clip to NTSC or NTSC format video to PAL. You will have choices to transport your PALformat video clip to NTSC DVD or USB. Friend will also have alternatives to transport your NTSC video to PALformat DVD or USB. All the video transfer tasks are excellent on premises, therefore express business is available. For most of the jobs, us can finish in one day.


$22.99 per tape to DVD. DVD is included.

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additional DVD copy from very same tape $9.99 5+ tapes, 13% off, $19.99 every tape. 10+ tapes, 26% off, $16.99 per tape.

$22.99 for first tape to your USB, $29.99 to our brand-new USB. Additional tape $22.99. MP4 format. 5+ tapes, 13% off, $19.99
every tape. 10+ tapes, 26% off, $16.99 per tape.

$32.99 an initial tape come DVD & USB. DVD & USB room included. Additional tape only $22.99. DVD & USB are included. 5+ tapes, 13% off, $19.99
per tape.

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10+ tapes, 26% off, $16.99 per tape.

carry videos from SD card, micro SD card, xD map compact flash, cabinet phone, Mini DVD to DVD or USB. $14.99 every DVD, $24.99 for 16G USB $39.99 because that 32G USB.

Transfer old video to digital FAQs

carry out you send out the video tapes to other merchants for delivering services?
No, all video clip transfer to digital solutions are completed on premises in ~ our shop. How long do I obtain my video transfer task done?Normally, it will be much less than 5 company days. Typically, us can get it excellent in couple days. What type of digital video format perform I get? We provide both traditional DVD(MPEG-2) and MPEG-4 (the latest digital video version) formats. Execute I obtain my initial tapes back?Yes, girlfriend will get your original tapes back. If mine tape is broken, do you solve it?We will should take a look at the damages tape first. For many of the damaged tapes, we can fix them. Execute you transfer SD card or any type of other memory medias to USB or DVD? Yes, us do.