We specialize in convert 8mm tape to digital layouts so you have the right to share it through your girlfriend online.

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In the 1990s and early 2000s, there to be no video clip format much more popular among American families than Hi8.

Billions of hrs of footage room stored top top Hi8 tapes roughly the country. While Hi8 tapes deteriorate less rapidly 보다 VHS, lock still do suffer from de-magnetization as time walk by.

Pricing (Subject to $99 Minimum Order):1 tape: $202-10 tapes: $18 apiece11-20 tapes: $17 apiece21-50 tapes: $16 apiece51-100 tapes: $15 apiece101+ tapes: $14 apieceMP4 conversion: $4 per tape additional

Hi8 to Digital company | We transform 8mm to Digital Video Just A $29 Deposit

Your Hi8 tapes are valuable memories and also it’s time to upgrade them to brand-new digital media.

Send in her videotapes to storage Fortress now and we will carry them to DVD, USB flash drive, and/or Dropbox (cloud delivery).

For as small as $29 you have the right to start her order today!

Learn an ext about our video clip transfer services and also our simple procedure below.

We Transfer Hi8 video clip To Digital

Place one order this day for as little as $29 up front! 

Place your order online or provide us a call (678) 579-2249 we would certainly be happy to aid you.

Let’s turn Your Hi8 Camcorder original Tapes right into A Digital Masterpiece

Competitive Pricing With bulk DiscountsFast Turnaround times Of 5 organization DaysOrdering Is EasyDelivery Via DVDs, MP4s top top USB, Or CloudMost Trusted video Partner

The camcorder is one outdated piece of devices these days. If you have old HI8/8mm tapes laying around and also no way of convert them to digital we have you covered. Storage Fortress is an online company that counter 8mm tapes come DVD for you.

Convert Hi8 to Digital

Those old camcorder tapes, VHS tapes, and also reel-to-reel movie of all sizes and formats aren’t doing you any an excellent in the closet.

Most videotapes deserve to deteriorate really quickly. Now is the moment to carry your memories earlier to life.

The storage Fortress Hi8 come digital video carry service can resolve these difficulties quickly and easily.

Let us convert those 8mm analog movies to a digital format for everyone to see.

You have all those videotapes and also reels, etc. There room dozens of them in the attic or basement.

You haven’t watched your VCR or old camcorder in end a decade.

Worry not! We have actually the professionals, the equipment, and also the fist to detail to carry out a video transfer on every little thing you’ve got.

Want lock on a disk? We transfer hi8 tapes to digital.

Keep reading to learn an ext about the affordable expense to convert Hi8 camcorder tapes into a digital format.


Share & Enjoy
Share your brand-new USB speed drives and also DVDsYou can also download native Dropbox

Prices and also Devices

Pricing because that Processing:

1 tape – $202-10 tapes – $18 each (10% off)11-20 tapes – $17 each (15% off)21-50 tapes – $16 each (20% off)51-100 tapes – $15 each (25% off)101+ tapes – $14 each (30% off)

Additional notes:

Betamax/PAL/Micro MV – $32 eachMP4 switch – $4 eachOrders under 30 tapes have to take 1-2 weeks.Please give us 2 weeks above 30 tapes.

Delivery Options:

USB speed drives – We have the right to fit as countless tapes as you favor on our speed drives. If you have more than ten videos, this is generally the better option.External hard drives – We supply these to our bigger customers (usually much more than 40 tapes).Dropbox – also wonderful option because that customers with larger quantities.

Delivery Pricing:

DVDs – no extr charge for first DVD per tape.Additional DVDs – $9 every DVD because that the 2nd and all subsequent copies.USB flash drives – exact same as top top the Pricing network (8GB=$12, 16GB=$20, 32GB=$33, 64GB=$45, 128GB=$65, 256GB=$85), all completely loaded.External hard drives – $145 because that a fully loaded 1TB Seagate outside drive. Practice pricing top top drives greater than 1TB.Dropbox – $10 flat charge. The Dropbox link is active for 14 work after girlfriend pay.

James H. – “I was an extremely satisfied through Memory Fortress. Lock were extremely knowledgeable in restoring my photos. I had old quiet photos and likewise some on old format tapes and disks. Castle put everything on DVDs and my storage stick so I have the right to play lock in all my digital devices.

They were fast and also got the task done perfectly and at a same price. I extremely recommend them and also I will be utilizing their services again!

Thank you memory Fortress!”

How To convert 8mm Tapes to DVD without Camcorder

The best method to convert 8mm tapes come DVD is to usage an online business like ours.

Unless you have actually the equipment just sit in her basement, it makes better sense to let the professionals handle the job.

Converting hi8 video to digital takes a pretty powerful computer and input many don’t have available.

We have actually invested in the tools to do the job, fast and also affordable to share your memories in much less than 7 days.

We room the skilled online video clip transfer service provider most select to transform those 8mm tapes.

Words of Wisdom before You Order

We’ve checked out thousands of tapes and old VHS movies come in for digital conversion. 

VHS tapes have tendency to weaken the quickest, so make this the priority. 

Footage that weddings, graduations, and childbirths are additionally generally really high-priority items. 

It’s much an ext cost-effective come send in one big order 보다 to send that in piece over a couple of months.

Memory Fortress backs up every little thing we digitize (including all tapes) because that 90 days, so if something should happen to her digital copies after us send them back to you, we have actually a full back-up here. 

There is no charge for empty tapes, and you have the right to mix and match every formats provided on this page.

Lastly, if friend have more questions, click the “Start Here” in ~ the bottom the this web page (or ~ above every product page) for more detailed answers.

Click here to learn an ext about our slide scanning service.

Analog video Is Outdated

Memory Fortress desires to help you get back those storage of as soon as your children were little opening Christmas presents. 

The videos of your family vacations come the beach, or mountains.

How cool would it it is in to share with your online family and friends all the distinct moments the are just sitting on those old, outdated camcorder tapes?

Hi8 video clip was revolutionary in its time, yet the cameras and also televisions room super outdated in the brand-new millennium. 

We currently live in a time wherein cell phones room the go-to when capturing those one-of-a-kind moments.

Send us your old Hi8 camcorder tapes, and also we will convert them into crisp brand-new digital residence movies because that you and others to enjoy.

Find out how easy it is come order online now. Make certain to inspect out our low prices and please shot us today!

Start order Here

We transform hi8 to digital right right here at our basic in metro Atlanta, processed by united state citizens.

The memory Fortress headquarters is located in Atlanta, GA whereby we receive and procedure your order as shortly as castle arrive.

Our team that trained technicians takes special treatment to maintain your picture scrapbooks, VHS tapes, and also original photographs and return them in the same condition as we received them.

We space a farming family-owned company established in 2015.

Would you favor to understand what our happy customers say about us? examine out few of our reviews.

We specialization At Digitizing Hi8 Tapes

Digitizing is is just a fancy method of saying we turn your analog house movies into a digital style for computers, iPads, and cell phones. We provide to friend on USB drives, DVDs, difficult drives, the cloud, or any combination of these!

With today’s online social media neighborhoods growing fast, being able to share your old photographs and also home movies through your friends and family is essential.

Aren’t you tired of tripping end the box of old photograph scrapbooks and also VHS tapes simply sitting around?

With our simple process, you can tape the boxes and also ship them right to us with a $29 deposit.

To learn more about exactly how we take care of your orders and also the expense of your final order, check out our procedure page.

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We Serve every one of The joined States

It is our satisfied to serve all 50 States.

Our customers depend on united state to supply a top-quality product that is affordable, with a rapid turnaround time.

When you need to transform 35mm film, 8mm camcorder videos right into digital USB or set of DVDs, we hope you will choose Memory Fortress.

Visit the order form here as soon as you are ready. > Order Now!

Call us now to place your order 678-579-2249

Send united state a message listed below if you have additional questions.

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