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On average, video transfer services charge $25, but prices typically variety from $20-$27. However, some professionals charge as much as $100-$300. The expense to carry a VHS to a digital paper will rely on how plenty of tapes you should transfer and also any various other services you can need (e.g., editing, coloring, etc.).

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Request cost estimates native at least three video transfer services to discover out precisely how much it will expense to transform your VHS into a digital format.

There space many video clip transfer solutions that can convert your VHS tapes right into a digital file, DVD or USB/flash drive. Use to find a perform of top-rated professionals who deserve to perform this task.

The best means to transfer your VHS to a digital paper is come ask because that a professional’s help. You have the right to DIY this project, yet you’ll need:

An old VHS player (or buy a brand-new one)An analog converter for your computerA computer system with a DVD journey (or DVD attachment)An outside hard drive

If you don’t have the appropriate equipment and also don’t want to go through all of the steps, discover a video transfer serviceon

The cost to transfer a VHS to a DVD will count on how countless tapes you desire to transfer and what form of additional services you could need, including editing and enhancing or coloring. On average, you deserve to expect to pay $20-$27 for video clip transfer services. However, prices have the right to be as high together $100-$300.

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You can get a more accurate cost estimate by requesting price price quotes from at the very least three different video clip transfer services close to you.