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Are her old residence movies fading?

Stop the memories from being shed forever.

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All 8mm and 16mm film reels fade together they age, and also your memories might be fading away v them and also lost forever.

Your films will be converted to DVD and/or Blu beam disk utilizing the exact same trusted procedure that the Academy that Motion pictures in Hollywood provides to convert their heritage Film Archives, like initial prints indigenous Alfred Hitchcock and others.And when you want your movies maintained on DVD, tradition Digital, a neighborhood Orange County company located adjacent to mountain Diego, will treat you come the very same quality and also extra care.

Let us help you stop this procedure and maintain these memories that can"t be replaced by transporting them to DVD and Blu Ray. Us can additionally transfer castle to various other formats also upon request.

We use only State that the Art modern technology to carry out you with the best possible quality film transfer. While many transfer outlets will gladly place your film on a projector and also videotape the display for you, us go through the painstaking process of doing that right.

First, we clean and also recondition her film. This re-lubricates brittle film, clears an oxidation layer, and also removes dust from your film prepare it because that the best possible picture quality. We use the same film cleaners together the Hollywood studios. Watch the end for those who conserve money by making use of Isopropyl Alcohol. That is a dry agent and also can damages your film.

Then we operation it through our system that doesn"t usage a hot bulb or sprockets the tear increase film, and also captures each framework individually straight into the computer without emotional any component of the image. This offers you v a structure accurate, totally digital transfer.

Unlike other outfits that usage the VHS copy to produce your DVD, our DVDs and also high definition Blu ray transfers room digitally captured, framework by frame, in full 1080p format providing friend with premium quality.

Once we have actually your carry done, us can also edit the end the highlights, add special effects, music, and titles to produce a wonderful program for you.

Because girlfriend live locally, in san Diego, we"ll actually pertained to your house or office and also pick lock up...

Call us now at (888) 405-2685 for a cost-free estimate or much more information.

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