VHS is the most well-known format of video tape and also our mountain Diego office is prepared to help you convert yours come DVD or tough drive. Our dedicated technician will personally take fee of her tapes and ensure that you get the greatest quality transfer possible with our state the the arts equipment, exceptional training, and also thousands of hrs of video transfer experience.

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Video Tape move


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Video Tribute

Save 10% on 6 or an ext tapes or save 20% on 20 or an ext tapes

Transfer to DVD or tough DriveTransfer to tough Drive + DVD
Pricing (per tape)*$29.99$39.99
*Above pricing applies to video clip tapes approximately 2 hours, tapes exceeding the time are $10 every each added 2 hours.
All video clip to DVD move are tape-recorded onto our Taiyo Yuden 100 year archival DVDs. Extra DVD duplicates are accessible for simply $10 each, and also Blu-ray duplicates just $20 each.For video clip tapes much less than 10 minute in length, transfer cost is only $24.99.


Extra Copies

Sharing her memories with others? We administer extra CD/DVD duplicates packaged and ready for just $10 each, and Blu-ray copies for $20 each.

$10 every CD / DVD$20 per Blu-ray disc

Upgrade come Blu-ray

Upgrade to Blu-ray and also experience the future of household media! For more information about transferring your video tapes come Blu-ray, you re welcome visit our Blu-ray transport page.

Edit her Old residence Movies!

Do your old home videos have footage friend would like to take it out? Or perhaps you desire to do a highlight video clip of your daughter"s run performances? occupational with one of our skilled editors one-on-one to do the perfect practice movie. It"s quick and also less expensive 보다 you think!

Tape repair Service

Tape Repair organization is only $30 every tape. Re-splicing the tape and replacing the cassette covering when vital are contained in this service. Repaired tapes need to go with our ice cream transfer service after the repair has finished. Acquired a simple fix? check out our video Tape fix Guide.
We all had actually them in ~ one point, however what space these things, and where go they come from?Video home System (VHS) tape and the VHS recorder were developed by a team in ~ the Victor agency of Japan (JVC) in 1976. Videotape is a direct system of save on computer information. VHS initially stood for Vertical Helical Scan, a recommendation to the recording device used. Later in 1976, the VHS format was presented by JVC and also Panasonic.Although its main rival was Sony’s Betamax, there was a brief period of time as soon as other service providers such as Philips, MCA, and RCA produced different ice formats and also disc systems. All of these solution failed to capture the market and also never came to be popular. VHS won out due to its many advantages including, the capability to rewind and fast forward at much faster rate, the unthreading system, and more importantly its much longer recording time. VHS videocassettes peaked with the revenue of The Lion King, i m sorry sold more than 30 million copies in the U.S. Alone. The VHS format ongoing to flourish for two decades until the invention of the DVD.By 2000, DVD had come to be a much an ext popular and also efficient ice cream format. DVD sales swiftly surpassed VHS in the joined States and also from the moment DVD came had actually reached the end of that is time top top the scene, VHS tape skilled a rapid decline. The critical VHS tape the was mass-produced to be The history of Violence. Through 2005, the use of VHS tape for attribute films had stopped. VHS videocassettes had been stop for release to the public. VHS had actually a long and also prosperous run. By the end of 2005, there were still an approximated 90 million machines that play VHS tape and were quiet functioning. VHS tape had actually a long career and its affect will proceed to it is in felt together the next generation the hi-def styles takes its ar in record world.
When bringing us multiple tapes, you also have the choice of combining her VHS tapes onto one or multiple DVDs, in ~ no extra cost. Combining several much shorter tapes onto one DVD will conserve you the hassle of having actually several short-duration DVDs laying around. This can likewise be useful for combine multiple tapes of similar subject manner, such as transferring every one of your children’s date of birth party videos onto a birthday DVD compilation. The just limitation is the our 100-year archival DVDs will host up to 2 hrs of video, so each combined video must have an mean run time of one hour or less.
At DVD your Memories, us use just the highest possible quality 100-year archival DVDs for transporting your valuable VHS to DVD. We are so confident that our video to DVDs will occupational for you that we sell compatibility insurance on every one of our video to DVD transfers! never ever again worry about your old DVD player, or a disc review error! every one of our discs room guaranteed to occupational for your television and also your house DVD player.
Transferring her VHS tapes to an outside hard journey is encourage if you room going to edit your footage. The paper type is NTSC DV AVI, the many standard format across all video editing platforms. Hard drives deserve to be computer or Mac formatted and also the record format is AVI DV v each hour of video clip taking increase 13 gigabytes.If you space going to purchase a difficult drive with DVD her Memories, we will certainly recommend a particular size based upon the complete length the your video clip transfer footage. If you are going to lug in a drive, please recognize the space requirements and plan accordingly. Additionally we introduce bringing in a new drive, however if you would prefer to carry in a drive that has data on, we will certainly ask that you sign a data-loss waiver. We’ve never shed data ~ above a hard drive, yet the possibility always exists.
With every order, us will chop out any kind of blank footage and carry out color convey to your tapes. Us also carry out additional simple editing services available to all of our video clip to DVD transfer services. Add an extra touch to her finished DVD through taking advantage of some simple basic edits.With simple editing you can crop out as much unwanted clip from your tapes as you wish. This is especially advantageous if you have long running tapes with just a few sections you’d choose transferred. With simple editing you can chop out all of the undesirable material, which pipeline you with just the ingredient you want on your last DVD.If you have several tapes with short clips on each, you deserve to now combine every one of the clips you need onto one DVD movie. Our editing service will enable you come pull any amount of clip from your tapes and consolidate lock onto a DVD for straightforward viewing.Remove commercials native your taped television programs. Eliminate those stroked nerves old commerical division from your video clip tapes, and also watch her old program seamlessly top top your brand-new DVD. This is good for special television specials such as sporting activities entertainment, politics, and also news footage.Have you ever before wanted to incorporate your tapes with other media? We can actually take your video tapes and also combine them through photos, slides, negatives, and film to give a much much more professional watch to her DVD.
Many customers ask united state if lock can edit the video footage if us make lock DVD movies. The an easy answer is no. The complete answer is yes, practically anything is possible if you room an advanced computer user, but for numerous reasons the is no advisable to execute so. The main reason is the you would certainly be working with extremely compressed video.If you move the data indigenous the DVD to the computer for editing, the high quality is no the very same as that of the initially uncompressed video clip used to develop the DVD. It also takes a most processing strength to modify the compressed video, and also although you deserve to fix this problem by converting it come a much less compressed video format (such together AVI), you will still check out a high quality loss. Additionally when friend re-render that video clip that has actually previously to be on a DVD it will recompress again and you will certainly notice more than a tiny loss the detail.**At DVD your Memories us can and also have edited video from a finalized DVD for specific projects where no other media is available. You re welcome just speak to us if girlfriend have further questions about this. Check listed below for information regarding our other video clip tape carry services.
When shipping essential media like video clip tapes and vinyl records, that is an important that you load them safely and securely. The last point you want is to break or otherwise damage your recordings! The first step is to gain a sturdy box. Heavy duty cardboard is prefered, as frequently times packages room thrown about during...
If there’s one thing that’s certain, it’s the mobile an innovation is enhancing at an extremely fast rate, currently to the allude where we have the right to shoot HD video clip from ours smartphones such together the popular iPhone or Andriod devices. However, only watching the videos from her phone is limiting at best, so many world wonder how...
When delivering videotapes as a digital documents to a tough drive, you have adaptability in choosing the video format that best suits your needs. Depending on what you require the video clip for, picking the right video clip format come use have the right to make your life a bit easier, and save you some time. First, since not all...

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DVD your Memories is just one of the few companies primarily developed for our neighborhood customers who wish to transfer their old memories and also convert them come a more modern format, together as neighborhood VHS come DVD in Orange County, slide scanning come DVD Los Angeles, and transfer audio cassettes come CD. VHS tapes in particular...

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