Preserve those memories and moments. We have the right to transfer just about every video clip format the end there. If you have a video, we have actually a means to transform it. Send us your video tapes, her film, her files, and also hard drives. Allow us recognize if you’d favor a conventional DVD, a BluRay or a digital video file, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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Video Tapes

All formats are welcome. Let united state convert and digitize those old boxes of camcorder, VCR, and videotapes. This older tapes have a history of deteriorating over time. Here’s few of the many common kind of consumer videotapes the we deserve to transfer.



Professional video Tapes began in the Broadcast and Professional duplication/transfer industry, think it or not…many, numerous years ago. So us handle countless pro video tapes as well. Here’s few of the experienced models and tape styles that us still occupational with regularly.




VHS tapes space still among the most typical tape styles that we watch coming with our door. If tape-recorded in standard play, girlfriend most most likely filled increase 120 min of vacation parties, birthdays, and kid performances on your tape. Several of you can have adjusted the document settings on her old camera or VCR and squeezed even much more time in extended or long Play and also got as much as 6 hrs on your tape. 6 hrs! with our VHS come DVD service, we’ll time the end your tape, dual check the content and quality, and also transfer her footage through the greatest quality process available. Us have very affordable prices and also offer quick turn approximately times as well. 120 min will fit just fine on a traditional formatted DVD that is playable in DVD players and also computer drives.


VHS-C toDVDVHS-C tapes space the compact VHS tapes that room smaller and require one adapter to play in your VCR. Psychic those adapters? Don’t have one anymore? nothing worry. We have you covered. On average, these could record 30 min of video clip in the typical recording settings. If you’d like, we can integrate multiple of this VHS-C tapes come one DVD, come maximize the quantity of clip on your DVD and also to save an ext space. We’ll print a location on the brand-new DVD and also include a case as well.


Hi8/8MM toDVD

Hi8 and also 8mm tapes developed in the 80s and 90s as the camcorders improved and the modern technology continued come change. These are the smaller tapes, they have the right to hold 120 min in the standard play. Our state that the arts Hi8 transfer business is really reliable and also produces high high quality DVDs as easily as friend can bring them by.

Mini DV toDVD

Mini DV tapes are most likely the 2nd most common tape format that we transfer right here daily. Gone v the analog cameras and recorders. This digital tapes quickly ended up being the typical for our recording platform for personal, household videos, and also professional projects. The Mini DV tapes most frequently have as much as 60 minute of footage wrapped and also packaged in that “mini” tape. We have actually the greatest quality tape decks and players and are equipped to move loads and loads that tapes. Call or email us for a quote anytime.

Beta SP toDVD

If you had actually a expert video, a commercial, a film, or task that was going on air perhaps, possibilities are you mastered it ~ above a Beta SP tape. We keep our agree decks regularly and can handle both the quick and huge format Beta SP tapes. Many commonly, we transport them to high quality DVD masters. We additionally archive and also convert those to digital documents for our client so the you can file away or edit and re-use the footage.


HDV tapes came along as HD camcorders to be introduced into our industry and lives. Many often, they to be 63 min tapes, if you had actually the true HD tapes. Friend could also shoot 1080 HD on your standard Mini DV tapes, but not get the full 60 minutes the end of the tape. We have multiple HDV decks and can take most Sony, Canon, JVC, and Panasonic HD footage. We have the right to down convert it come a standard high high quality DVD, or we can likewise transfer your tapes to a BluRay disc so you deserve to maintain the nice, high resolution HD top quality that friend shot in. Or probably you’d as with data files so you can import into your next modifying project. Speak to or email for an estimate anytime.

Video move to Data Files

Would you like data records instead that a standard DVD? miscellaneous nice and also easy to usage for your laptop or desktop computer? Or something the you deserve to load and import into your editing and enhancing software? No Problem. We deserve to load your video clip tapes right into our system and also encode the highest quality file format available. We can make brand-new files that fulfill your needs and also requirements. PC? MAC? No problem. Space you to plan on editing? What platform execute you edit in? Final cut Pro? Adobe Premiere Pro? AVID? We have the right to make just around any paper format that you"d like. We sell professional editing services together well, so us are an extremely handy once it come to record formats and also encoding details. You require a file? We acquired you covered. Just carry in your hard drive and we"ll load it on and organize them for you.

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OurQuality Control

At, we assure you the we manage your tapes, her film, her projects, through the utmost care and also TLC. All video transfer tasks are tackled in-house, and never leave our sight. Each of your tapes and film reels room going to be assigned their really own bin, their new cozy home, and individually labeled through your name/ID to guarantee that your precious tapes can"t run ship and also land in an additional trusted customer"s bin. We time out the length of every tape, dual check the there is footage, it"s playing, to work correctly, and also we"ll even contact you if there"s any type of concern that we an alert before we finish your order. We can even repair your tape if necessary. We use only the greatest quality of DVD-R media to master and finalize her footage onto. Remainder assured, we will certainly take treatment of her videos.