VHS tapes have a quick shelf life – and once her tape breaks or attract out, it deserve to be daunting (if no impossible) come retrieve the data. Convert your VHS tapes now with ours VHS to DVD services and preserve those memories for years to come!

LeMaster Graphics dues $30 per VHS tape. This includes the digital switch of your tape and also removal that beginning/ending static. It also includes one DVD copy with custom text printed directly on the bowl face, in a clear plastic case.

Click here to ar your stimulate for your VHS ice conversion. After ~ ordering, please bring your tapes come our drop-off ar at 1225 E Sunset Dr., Ste 145, Bellingham WA 98226. (Inside the Sunset Postal organization Center, come the left the Safeway).


Drop-Off/Pickup ar Hours

Monday – Friday: 9am – 5pmSaturday: 10am – 4pmSunday: CLOSED

Due come the COVID-19 pandemic, challenge masks space required at our dropoff/pickup location. We sell no-contact dropoff and pickup throughout this time, to keep ourselves and also our customers together safe as possible.*Additional DVD duplicates of the very same VHS room $10 every and additionally include your custom text on the key face. A USB journey with video files of her VHS tapes may also be included for an additional $39 (maximum 15 videos every USB drive). Please contact us for a tradition invoice if you would certainly like extr DVD duplicates or a USB drive.

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ASTRA highly recommends Hayden LeMaster and his artistry for her DVD and also Blu-Ray work. Hayden has produced DVDs for several years because that our theatre group and also he has caught the soul of our shows in his final product.”
Debbie Churchill, Producer, every Saints Theatrical repertoire Association

VHS to DVD frequently Asked Questions

Q: how long go it take to transform my tapes?A: come back time is 3 organization days for orders of 6 or fewer tapes.

Q: execute you modify the tapes at all?A: yes – the static and also blank locations before and after your video content will be removed. Please contact us for any type of other editing services (custom slideshows, etc)

Q: perform you watch the VHS ice content throughout VHS to DVD conversion?A: No – the beginning and ending few seconds will be seen throughout the editing and enhancing process, yet the tape content is not seen throughout the VHS come DVD conversion.

Q: deserve to you phone call me what’s on mine tapes prior to I decision whether to pay for your services?A: No – the client is responsible for knowing what’s top top the tape. Every VHS tapes submitted for conversion will certainly be converted and must be paid for, nevertheless of length or content.

Q: have the right to I get an ext than one DVD copy of the exact same tape?A: correctly – additional DVDs might be included for $10 each.

Q: deserve to you include a full-color brand to mine DVD?A: correct – a high-resolution photograph (minimum 1500 pixels wide) should be provided via email, or a physical photo (minimum 5″ wide) might be detailed with the VHS copy. This picture will be printed on the disc label in full-color, along with your custom text. Please include $10 per disc for practice full-color photo labels. If you desire to add custom full-color labels, please call us for a practice invoice.

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Q: ns have one more question not provided here!A: no a problem! Please contact us right here or speak to 253-495-6351 and we’ll get you an answer ASAP.