Here’s a funny fact: 8mm film reels space a movie film layout named since the film piece is accurate 8mm wide. There are two key kinds, continuous 8mm film and Super8 film.

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Kodak originally marketed the 8mm film as a cheaper alternative to 16mm film. Spools actually had 16mm film with twice as plenty of sprockets for this reason the film was recorded on one side, flipped to record on the other, and then separation down the middle when processed. When you lug your materials in for an 8mm film reel to DVD transfer, this is why your yellow Kodak box of 8mm movie say 25 ft on them, however actually save 50 ft of footage.

8mm movie did officially avoid being made until 1992, however your old home movies can be as much as 85 years old. If your earliest film reels have actually survived this long, you’ve been really lucky, however the time to convert your residence movie reels and also transfer come DVD or USB (we’re flexible) is ideal now. The dyes in your shade 8mm movie are already faded and will continue to perform so. The rate of degradation is multiplied once you keep your movie reels in the attic, basement or any type of conditions with unstable temperatures and also exposure come sunlight. Our technicians scan your film frame-by-frame and do everything accessible to carry out you a beautiful and optimized DVD or digital record of your priceless family movies.

Good news: if her film reels have actually sound, we execute digitize it!

If girlfriend would choose to convert your 8mm TAPES come DVD, visit this page.

If you have actually a various film reel format, you deserve to find an ext formats here.


How do I measure up my 8mm movie reels?

This is even less complicated than you can imagine. The clip of a film reel deserve to be measure up by the diameter. because that example, one of the most popular 8mm reels we check out comes in the yellow Kodak boxes. This fit in the palm of her hand and also are 3 inches in diameter. That 3 inches method there is 50 feet of film. You have the right to see a full chart and also learn in information how come measure her reels from our blog post here.

How carry out I call if over there is audio on mine old film reels?

If girlfriend can’t remember even if it is or not your old film reels have sound, we have easy way. Once you unroll one of your 8mm movie reels, check for a thin copper strip on the sheet of the reel. This is one indicator the audio! Be sure to inspect both sides, together it only shows up on one.

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Can you move moldy movie reels?

Usually yes, but occasionally no. We have the capability to execute a level of surface cleaning to your film reels, but far-reaching mold on a reel can influence the quality of her transfer and also sometimes a reel is damaged beyond saving. It’s necessary to appropriately store and also care for any film reels you haven’t converted to DVD or USB yet.