Loretta Lynn and also Conway Twitty top top "Midnight Special" in 1973. (Photo by Paul W. Bailey/NBC/NBCU Photo bank via Getty Images)

In the so late "60s and early "70s, Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty were tearing up the country charts on their own. Conway"s singles were every making the peak 5 of, if no topping, the nation chart, consisting of his signature tune, "Hello Darlin"," released in 1970. Loretta released her signature track, "Coal Miner"s Daugher" the very same year, which was additionally a #1 nation hit. In 1971, they first began recording as the duo Loretta Lynn and also Conway Twitty, a partnership that would end up being one the the many beloved and also successful in the history of country music.

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Together Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty exit 11 studio albums and also 12 singles in between 1971 and also 1988. Because of their solid artistic connection, the rumor mill buzzed the they were having actually an affair. Some also thought they to be married. Loretta Lynn has actually dispelled the rumors by stating that nothing might be farther from the truth. In fact, Loretta has stated that both she and also her husband loved Conway, who died in 1993, as a friend. She claimed that Conway to be the just one in the music business that Doo (her husband and manager) provided a “dad-gum” for. 

The Dynamic Duo the Country


Many the Conway and Loretta"s songs with each other were songs about a love affair gone negative or around loving someone you shouldn’t -- yet that’s a large part of nation music. The duo come out of the door with 5 consecutive number-one singles: "After The Fire Is Gone," "Lead Me On," "Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man," "As quickly As ns Hang increase The Phone," and also "Feelins." beginning with Louisiana Woman, Mississippi male (1973), Loretta and also Conway had a run of four #1 nation albums together well. Their title of their 1977 album summed up their condition in the nation world: Dynamic Duo. 

The phenomenon of the male-female duets has been a longtime nation institution -- including Johnny Cash and also June Carter, Dolly Parton and also Porter Wagoner, George Jones and also Tammy Wynette, and also others -- and also the pairing of Conway Twitty and also Loretta Lynn is at the top of the list in terms of chart dominance, fan following and also accolades. Together partners, they won four nation Music association awards and also an equal variety of Academy of country Music awards in the "70s.

Conway to be A Rocker that Went Country


Conway Twitty was born Harold Lloyd Jenkins and also was born in Friars Point, Mississippi, in 1933. He made decision his stage name when looking in ~ a map, seeing Conway, Arkansas and Twitty, Texas. His first #1 hit to be “It’s only Make Believe,” tape-recorded under his stage name and originally released together a B-side. Since his voice sounded similar to Elvis Presley, many civilization thought it was Elvis making use of a pseudonym -- in fact, Twitty had functioned with Sam Phillips at Sun documents for a time. "It"s only Make Believe" was, choose all his recordings through the early on "60s, a pop or rock song -- however country music was in his heart. Start in 1965, he began recording nation music even though part disc jockeys top top the country music radio stations refused to pat his songs. His best hit come in 1970 once he tape-recorded “Hello Darlin.” It to be the an extremely next year once he hooked up through Loretta Lynn and also began singing duets.

Conway Twitty died Too Soon


Conway was married four times, among whom he married and also divorced twice. He had actually one kid by his very first wife, Ellen and three through his 2nd wife, “Mickey” that he to be married to the longest. His 3rd wife, Delores to be still married to him at the time of his death. In 1981, he had a freak loss when that slipped and also fell together he to be coming out of his tour bus, hitting his head. His family members said the was no the very same for a while ~ that. Then, in 1993, a destructive blow involved the country music world as well as to his family. When performing on phase in Branson, Missouri, he collapsed and was rushed come the hospital. The next day, at the young age of 59, the passed away of an abdominal muscle aortic aneurysm.

Loretta Lynn, A Living nation Legend


Loretta Lynn, currently 87 years old, has been successful both together a solo artist and a duet through Conway Twitty. She has sold end 45 million albums and still proceeds to tour and make appearances in ~ the grand Ole Opry. Loretta to be born in 1932 in Butcher Hollow, Kentucky and also one of 8 children. Starting out early on in life, she got married in ~ the age of 15 to Oliver Vanetta Lynn (nicknamed Doo or Doolittle). The early years of their marriage listed the inspiration for many of her songs. Despite the problems, Doo love her to sing so much, he bought she a guitar and continually sustained her in her music. Through that $17 guitar, she began her roadway to success by to teach herself to play. She do her very first single in 1960 with “I’m a Honky Tonk Girl.”

Loretta Lynn"s roots In Butcher Hollow


This to be the house that Loretta grew up in with her parents and seven siblings. She loved she father really much. That was extremely hard ~ above her and her father once her husband chose they necessary to move to Washington, whereby Doo had discovered a project in logging. She father operated in the coal mines and died in 1959 of black lung disease. The missed the end on seeing just how successful she had become in the nation music industry.

Loretta and Doo

Despite the rocky beginning of their marriage, Doo and Loretta to be married for almost 50 years. With his persistence and hard work, Doo helped her obtain started and also encouraged she in the music business. He did have actually a drinking difficulty though and also was well-known for personal “providing” material for Loretta come write around in she songs. Together they had actually six children. Several of the song she wrote and sang to be “Fist City,” “Don’t Come house a-Drinkin’ (With Lovin’ On your Mind)” and “You Ain’t Woman sufficient to take My Man.” one of her greatest hits was “Coal Miner’s Daughter,” which is additionally the surname of the movie around her life.

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Loretta Lynn was called “Artist the a Lifetime” through CMT in 2018 and also is still making music.

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