(a) The State"s lawyer of cook County candlestick be paid an annual salary of $75,000 until December 31, 1988, $90,000 until November 30, 1990, $100,000 until June 30, 1994, and $112,124 after that or as set by the Compensation evaluation Board, whichever is greater.

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Such sums shall it is in in complete payment for all services rendered by him. Until July 1, 2011, the State candlestick furnish indigenous the State treasury 66 2/3 % of together salary in result on December 31, 1988 and also 100% the the increases in salary taking result after December 31, 1988. Start on July 1, 2011, the department of Revenue chandelier furnish from State accumulation appropriated come it the end of the personal Property tax Replacement money or the basic Revenue money for that objective 66 2/3 % of such salary in impact on December 31, 1988 and 100% of the boosts in salary taking impact after December 31, 1988. Cook County shall furnish 33 1/3 % of together salary in result on December 31, 1988. The State"s lawyer of cook County might not communicate in the private practice of law.

(b) If chef County chooses to take part in the subsidy program explained in this subsection (b), 24 assistant state"s attorneys shall be appointed for the beginning of alcohol-related web traffic offenses. Cook County shall yearly receive a subsidy for the payment that the salaries and benefits of this assistant state"s attorneys native State accumulation appropriated to the room of Revenue the end of the personal Property tax Replacement fund or the general Revenue money for circulation to cook County for the purpose. The lot of the subsidy shall equal $50,000 every assistant state"s attorney appointed under this subsection, adjusted for inflation every July 1 making use of the customer Price table of contents of the bureau of job Statistics the the U.S. Department of Labor. If in any type of year the lot appropriated because that the objectives of this subsection (b) is insufficient, the yearly subsidy shall be reduced accordingly.

When and also if cook County choose to participate in the subsidy program described in this subsection (b), the variety of assistant state"s attorneys who space prosecuting alcohol-related website traffic offenses must rise by 24. These appointed assistant state"s attorneys shall it is in in enhancement to any kind of other assistant state"s attorneys assigned to those instances on the effective date of this amendatory plot of the 91st basic Assembly, and also may not change those assistant state"s attorneys. Cook County assistant state"s attorneys appointed and also subsidized by this subsection (b) may additionally prosecute other varieties of misdemeanor situations at the direction the the chef County State"s Attorney.

check out this complete Illinois Statutes thing 55. Counties §-3001.State"s attorney; assistants on Westlaw

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