Sizzling and also smoky, crispy yet tender…bacon is the ideal reason to wake up in the morning. Yet even if you’re a complete boss at frying baconorbakingbaconindoors, all that oil and also smoke renders it a bear to clean up after cooking.

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Remember that enticing aroma that drew your entire family into the kitchen in ~ the very same time? Of course you do, because it’s quiet lingering, a subtle reminder it can be time toclean your dusty, greasy range hood.

You have the right to have your bacon—and a clean kitchen, too—with ours easy, step-by-step instructions.

How to make Bacon top top the Grill

Bacon ~ above the grill is everything you love about cooking bacon, minus your kitchen’s bacon hangover. But how? turns out, there are countless ways to grill bacon, yet one method stands out over all others:

Use a cast-iron skillet.

Preheat your grill come 400°F. Ar your cast iron skillet on the grates come preheat, too. (For any skillets that are old and rusty,do this first.)

Lay the bacon out on the skillet, nearby the grill and let it cook for 7 to 10 minutes, depending on thickness.

Open the grill and also use tongs to revolve the bacon over. Cook for an additional 3 to 5 minute or until gold and crispy. (Take a moment and also be amazed at the color. It’s quite gorgeous and also unlike stove-top bacon.)

Use tongs to location bacon ~ above a plate inside wall with file towels. Enjoy!

Why Other techniques Paled in Comparison

We tried lock all, and also none come close, although just like pizza, there’s yes, really no such thing as “bad” bacon. (You deserve to make pizza top top the grill, too.) even the worst is quiet awesome. Yet here’s a overview of what occurred with the other techniques we tried:

Directly ~ above the grill:First we laid the end all the bacon and also grilled the strips over straight heat. Lock were charred to a fresh within two minutes. So following we tried indirect heat (we turned turn off the burners as quickly as us laid the end the bacon). After two minutes, they had lovely grill-marks but additionally some blackened spots. When this technique works around as well together stove-top, that seems prefer an awful lot of work in a really short lot of time, with almost no room because that error.

Hanging on the second shelf: can you speak “massive flareup?” Yeah, don’t bother trying this one.

On a skewer:Threading bacon on a skewer like a ribbon (and food preparation directly top top the grill) appeared a lover idea. However the bacon cook unevenly, alternating burnt spots and also undercooked spots where the “ribbon” bent. If you carry out want to shot it at home, be certain to ar your bacon in the freezer because that a couple of minutes before threading to make it much easier to work-related with.

On a cooling rack:This to be the 2nd best an approach and certainly works if you don’t have actually a cast-iron skillet. To use this method, just lay the bacon ~ above the cooling rack, and also turn turn off the warm as quickly as friend close the grill lid. Your bacon will be crispy in about two minutes.

On a baking sheet: This took about as long as the cast-iron an approach but created chewier bacon. If you desire to usage a baking sheet, try placing a cooling rack on optimal of it because that a crispier result.

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On parchment paper: Parchment record is basically a thin, disposable, non-stick surface. However it burns in ~ temperatures over 400°F, and grilling bacon can easily raise the temperature in her grill above that, which way you end up with scorched paper.

Now that you’ve grilled up that bacon,here space 62 ways you might want to reap it!


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