Oven baked BBQ Chicken Drumsticks made v a sweet and tangy BBQ sauce, baked juicy and also delicious in the oven! these DRUMS space a straightforward family favourite perfect for basic weeknight meal, however yummy enough for Sunday Dinner. And also after all they room finger lickin" good y"all!


From elementary through high school, my youngsters schedules maintained us on ours toes. Us ran, ran, and also ran a tiny bit more almost every single day. From dance lessons, to little league, the golf course to church activities - us were always a very BUSY FAMILY!

I deserve to say life sure has adjusted and while ns am so enjoying this stage in life, there space days my heart longs because that those work again. Mine house and also heart was constantly full during that stage. Currently I have actually amazing adult children and also wonderful memories to cherish.

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This is ONE thing has actually not changed. I still need QUICK and DELICIOUS DINNERS to put on the table. I am still an extremely busy however in different ways.My 18 year son still resides at home and he demands to be fed. I guess the hubby walk too. Lock both are big meat eaters and enjoy a home cooked meal.

And those meals have the right to be amazingly tasty and easy in ~ the exact same time. This CHICKEN DINNER is always a finger lickin" win at the SOULFULLY made HOME!

What you need for perfect range Baked BBQ CHICKEN

chicken drumsticksolive oilgarlic saltblack peppercayenne pepperpaprikaonion powderyour favorite BBQ sauce

Seewe areKICKING UP the BOTTLED BBQ SAUCE v a couple of SPICES to do it EXTRA DELISH!


How to do Juicy cooktop Baked BBQ Chicken Drumsticks

Get that cooktop preheated to 400° and also line a rimmed baking sheet through foil. Offer it a rapid spray with cooking spray.

I choose to perform this following step in a large bowl. Yet if you space squeamish about touching that chicken you can completely do this in a ziplock bag. Mix the olive oil, garlic salt, black color pepper, cayenne pepper and onion it is provided together.

Next let provide those drums a nice spice bath. Toss castle in this mixture come coat.

Place the drumsticks ~ above the baking sheet and also pop into the cooktop for 20 minutes.

Remove and include the BBQ sauce. Pop back in the stove for 20 come 25 minutes. During the last 5 minute crank the warm up come 450°.

Take the end of the oven and enjoy!


KEY procedures for the best BBQ Chicken in the OVEN

Line the baking sheet v foil! Don"t nobody desire a big mess to clean up. This one gets sticky and you will be happy you don"t have to scrub this pan.Season the chicken and also roast it first.

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By acquiring those seasonings in first you add so much much more flavor to the chicken. It gets all roasted and also delicious. This spice obstacle is a perfect compliment come the BBQ sauce.Crank the heat up at the end!This will allow the sauce to gain nice and sticky and caramelized. This means extra odor too!

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