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These space the best summer vacations in the USA to enjoy all the flavors and also vibes only summer has.

As the warmer month approach, you need to arrangement your vacation (or a lengthy weekend getaway). If girlfriend don’t desire to take trip abroad, this perform withthe finest summer vacations in the us is perfect because that you!

As said, this post has the best places to take trip spread throughout the US, where you have the right to enjoy the great weather and also those sights, sounds, smells, and tastes that just come in summer. Therefore make sure to add them to your American bucket list.

No matter what type of traveler girlfriend are, you’ll undoubtedly uncover a trip for your taste here.

From mountains to beaches, national parks, city trips, principles for couples, and also more! picking only one will be difficult. Sorry, not sorry.

Best Summer Vacations in the US

1. Utah

Moab, Utah, is just one of the finest summer vacations in the US

If friend love the outdoors, Utah is most likely one the the finest vacation clues in the united state and additionally a good spring break destination for you.

In southerly Utah, you have the right to roam among the cactus and also sagebrush in the desert, drive five hours north, and enjoy the cooler temperatures surrounding by jaw trees and also alpine lakes.

It literally has it all.

While it may get insanely hot here in the summer, 100+ F, it’s still a an excellent destination.

Best summer US travel destination

I’ve lived right here for three summers now and visited the summer prior to I moved here, too.

It’s among the ideal summer holidays spots in the US because there are countless national parks, national monuments, recreation areas, state parks, and other hikes therefore close together.

Even if friend don’t like hiking, the see is worth seeing. It nearly feels otherworldly in places.

Also, the drives in between parks are difficult to beat, typically the most tedious part, scenery-wise. If you’ve never seen the desert, this is an excellent place for her desert experience.

Some that the highlights space walking among the hoodoos in Bryce Canyon, long to fragile Arch in Arches, running v the goblins in Goblin Valley, and being awestruck through the see in Zion.

Whether it’s your an initial visit or her fiftieth, it’s hard not to it is in blown away by the landscapes.

Where to stay in Utah

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2. Kauai, Hawaii


There’s no bad time come visit the Hawaiian Islands, as long as you’re right into swaying palm trees, gorgeous sandy beaches, and also warm sea breezes.

But if you’re heading come Kauai, summer is perfect time to reap the ideal of every the natural attributes the Garden Island needs to offer, making it no only one of the ideal US holidays spots but likewise an incredibly romantic getaway in the USA.

The northernmost that the archipelago, Kauai’s varied landscape consists of everything native lush, tropic rainforests and towering waterfalls to deep canyons painted in red and green.

Adventure vacation

The it s as beautiful as picture Na Pali shore to the northwest provides breathtaking hiking trails along the rugged shoreline and above the clouds.

At the same time, numerous sandy beaches prefer Hanalei Bay and also Poipu carry out spots to spread out and relax under the beaming sun.

Summer is the dried season ~ above Kauai, make outdoor adventures and also sightseeing flightsto view the island’s remote interior much more feasible.

The ocean is calmer during this time the year, too, perfect because that snorkeling and splashing about in the tide on heat afternoons that heat up right into the mid-80s.

And if summer may be ~ above the heels that winter together the height tourist season, the crowds have tendency to stay lower on this laid-back island full of little towns than on its much more famous neighbors of Oahu and Maui.

Where to continue to be in Kauai

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3. Oregon


There are plenty of things to carry out in Oregon, yet for a truly unique experience, stay a few nights in a historic fire lookout tower. Years ago, Oregon had an ext fire lookouts than any other state.

Now, the Forest company has created a brand-new travel endure by renting them the end to everyone who wants to suffer living in a home of glass.

Our family has continued to be in two lookout towers, and there are at the very least 18 in Oregon that deserve to be rented. There room several layouts of lookouts, some on stilts 20-40 feet in the air.

Others are on the ground yet at the peak of a ridgetop. Each lookout attributes expansive home windows on all 4 sides, offering unabated views in every direction.

A starry night

You’ll never forget your an initial night top top a lookout, do it among the finest summer holidays spots in the US.

The stars spread out forever in an unlimited haze, and also the Milky way and constellations space crystal clear. Yet my favourite time of job on a lookout is sunrise.

Don’t near the home window shades!! Let yourself be awakened as the sunlight colors the sky, and also watch native the comfort of her bed together it peeks over the ridgetops and also filters v the trees.

Staying on a lookout isn’t because that everyone. The lookouts are really remote, and while you have the right to drive ideal up come a few of them, some include a steep hike come the top.

Amenities are couple of and don’t usually incorporate running water or garbage service. They do feature wood stoves, and most have actually cots or beds.

And book early since they have tendency to to fill up fast. You’ll never regret renting a fire lookout in Oregon, and also I guarantee you’ll constantly remember it.

Where to remain in Oregon

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4. Acadia national Park, Maine


Acadia nationwide Park, located in Maine, USA, is one of the finest places come visit throughout the summer.

The food is glorious, the weather is fantastic, and also the vibes room intoxicating. Oh, did I mention the hikes in Acadia space out of this world?

One the the ideal places to remain in Acadia national Park is the Bar Harbor cool Hotel, located in the charming city that Bar Harbor.

The historic hotel was built in 1881 and also is only a walk away from all the restaurants, bars, and pier.

Eating seafood in Acadia nationwide Park is a MUST. That course, it is important to have actually the obligatory lobster rolls. For dessert, try eating anything v blueberry together it is your specialty.

There space blueberry pies, drinks, ice creams, and also candies. I additionally recommend eating the popovers in ~ Jordan Pond House.

Pro tip: I extremely suggest making appointments in advance because that does gain pretty crowded. Click right here to book.

Hike, hike, hike

One of the ideal things to perform in Acadia is come hike!

The national Park is fill with terrific hiking trails. Among the most popular ones is referred to as the Precipice Trail.

It is a favorite hike as result of having come climb and scramble increase the mountain. That is not for the faint of heart, yet it is a unique, fun hike.

Acadia nationwide Park is a great vacation clues in the summer. Throughout the fall, winter, and also spring, many shops close up because that the year, so it can become difficult to find accommodation, restaurants, and also bars open.

Plus, the weather in the summer is just glorious, which provides it among the finest times to visit this beautiful nationwide park.

Where come stay close to the Acadia NP

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5. Santa Catalina Island, California

Santa Catalina Island in California is among the ideal summer vacations in the USA

Santa Catalina Island is a beautiful and popular island the sits appropriate off the coast of California and also is only a 45-minute ferry ride away.

It makes for a terrific summer getaway location, and there space 2 main towns on the island that you deserve to visit, Avalon and Two-Harbors.

The city of Avalon is by far the most well-known stop because that visitors, and also many civilization opt to invest their whole time here.

Many people love to gain a lazier weekend on Catalina Island by safety time at the beach, to buy in Avalon, and also eating out at among the countless local restaurants top top the islands.


If you’re up for the challenge, there is additionally a 39-mile lengthy trail, the Trans-Catalina Trail, that traverses the island’s length that you have the right to hike because that 3-5 work backpacking. It’s a unique method to view the entirety of Santa Catalina Island.

If backpacking the entirety of the island isn’t your style, there are still countless beautiful much shorter hiking trails throughout the island.

And no issue what you execute at Santa Catalina Island, you’re tied to enjoy your time there, and also maybe, if you’re lucky, you’ll spot one of the free-roaming bison top top the island during your time there.

Where to remain at Santa Catalina Island

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6. Portland, Maine


Portland, Maine, is just one of those up-and-coming destinations that, if popular, doesn’t frequently receive the recognition it deserves as a element summer holidays spot in America.

I’ll also admit that i didn’t visit v the greatest of expectations. However, Portland has quickly become one that my favourite destinations and also for plenty of reasons.

While i was visiting v a group of friends in ~ the time, Portland is the form of perfect place for a couple, a family members of all ages, or even someone traveling on their own.

Go kayaking

In simply two days, us took part in a sunrise kayak tour, where we come within a couple of feet the a herd of playful seals, took a leisurely but scenic hike approximately Bradbury mountain State Park, and also rode on a schooner through the Casco Bay.

Regarding food, Portland offers selection of options, indigenous dining ~ above lobster and fresh fish top top the rocky coast of Cape Elizabeth to the holy Donut, which offers delicious donuts made entirely from potato flour.

Portland is undoubtedly one that those classic seaside towns that will certainly make you feel nostalgic also if it’s your first time visiting.

And being just a six-hour drive from new York renders it super practically for those in the northeast looking for a quick but eventful summer holidays in the USA.

Where to remain in Portland

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7. Jekyll Island, Georgia


With quiet beaches, gorgeous scenery, and lots of southern charm, Jekyll Island, Georgia, is one of the ideal vacations in the United says in summer.

While countless other coast destinations in the south east have come to be overdeveloped and also commercialized, Jekyll Island remains relatively untouched.

A highlight of any trip come Jekyll Island is a visit come Driftwood Beach. As the sea proceeds to erode the beach, it has actually left behind a graveyard that dead trees. The result landscape is hauntingly beautiful.

While Driftwood Beach’s distinctive scenery is breathtaking at any type of time of day, the views are ideal at sunrise and sunset. Be certain to take your camera along because you will desire to snap a photograph every 3 seconds.

Pro tip: just be wary as soon as entering the water since the solid current and submerged branches can be dangerous for swimmers.

Great Dunes Beach

For swimming, kayaking, and also sunbathing, head to Great Dunes Beach. The vast, patience beach is sparsely occupied even throughout peak summer months.

Once you’ve acquired your to fill of the sun and also sand, take some time to check out the island’s historical landmarks.

Be certain to visit the Horton House, built by significant William Horton in 1743, and also the Jekyll Island club Resort, a once-exclusive club boasting members as famed as J.P. Morgan and also Joseph Pulitzer.

For family members traveling with young children, a visit come the Summer waves waterpark is a must.

Where to stay at Jekyll Island

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8. Rocky hill National Park, Colorado


If you’re in search of one of the best places come visit in summer in the USA, climate you don’t desire to miss the Rocky hill National Park.

Towering snow-covered peaks greet you long prior to you go into the park, numerous over 12,000 feet tall.

Inside, winding roads and also trails (over 300 miles of them), old jaw forests, wildlife, wildflowers, lakes, and also views the go because that miles – literally suck you right into a soil of wonder and intrigue.

See subalpine and alpine terrains as you rigid into remote vistas indigenous the Trail Ridge Road, which winds for miles over 12,000 feet and crosses the continental Divide.

Afraid the heights?

If that’s a small too high, look for out the two huge elk herds in the reduced meadowlands. Just don’t obtain too close and keep a for sure distance! but do make sure you take plenty of photos.

In the summer, soak up the warm days and also cool nights in former of a fire in your booked campsite. And in the fall, snap gorgeous image of the gold aspen groves flowing under the mountainsides.

And if camping isn’t her style, stop right into Estes Park, located just outside the east gates, for hot meals and also soft beds.

While there, don’t miss seeing the Stanley Hotel native Stephen King’s The shining and more elk.

While in the park, don’t miss out on one the our favorite trails, the be afflicted with Lake Trail.

It’s short, conveniently accessible, and has fantastic views of the surrounding peaks, including Longs Peak, the highest in the park at 14,259 feet.

Where to stay close to the Rocky mountain NP

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9. Block Island, Rhode Island


Block Island is a tiny island off the shore of Rhode Island. It’s the perfect summer destination because you can find beautiful beaches that room not crowded.

The beaches are pristine, and some are appropriate for clamming or fishing. If you are serious about fishing, you can charter a fishing boat.

There are also plenty of trails for hiking or biking. As component of the Glass float Project, numerous glass balls room randomly hidden across Block Island. Pan of geocaching will certainly love the challenge of finding them.

You can additionally visit the two historical lighthouses ~ above the island and also take in the stunning see from the cliffs.

Go shopping

Block Island likewise has several boutique shops where you can find unique gifts.

In the evenings, friend will have actually plenty the bars and also restaurants to examine out. If you favor lobster, you will certainly be in heaven since it is fairly cheap!

The national Hotel is located right in the middle of the town. It has a terrific restaurant, The insanity & Grille, and is provided on the national Register of historic Buildings.

Just save in mind, Block Island is a summer destination, and also most businesses closeup of the door down throughout the off-season.

It’s no the most available place to obtain to; it’s best to take it a ferry to Block Island. The journey is precious it!

Where to stay at Block Island

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10. New Orleans, Louisiana


You cannot have actually a optimal list of finest summer vacation spots in the US and not include brand-new Orleans.

New orleans is a fascinating mix the people, sights, and also sounds the cannot be uncovered anywhere rather in the United states or maybe the world.

Known for fabulous food, good music, and also friendly people, brand-new Orleans is certain to steal your heart.

Explore the French Quarter

Take time to explore the historical French Quarter with its gorgeous wrought-iron balconies overlooking the gas-lit highways below.

Wander in and out that the art galleries and also antique shops ~ above Royal prior to heading come Café du Monde because that a world-famous beignet and also café au lait.

After preventing to take a selfie in former of the above Jackson Square, walk the Mississippi Riverfront and check out one of brand-new Orleans’ historical steamboats.

Spend the evening enjoying the music step at preservation Hall or among the numerous clubs on Frenchmen Street.

Discover the Garden District

Keep in mind that there is for this reason much an ext to new Orleans than just the French Quarter. Take it the trolley right into the Garden District to check out the plenty of gorgeous mansions that contact NOLA home.

You might just catch a glimpse the Sandra Bullock or Beyoncé since they both own houses here!

While you’re in the Garden District, treat you yourself to having lunch at Commander’s Palace and also enjoy white-glove organization with 25-cent martinis!

New Orleans has plenty to keep you liven for days and to make you want to return again and also again. For the reason, a great New olions itinerary is absolutely needed.

Granted, friend will absolutely experience some southern heat throughout the summer months, but do no let that deter friend from visiting this varied city!

Where to remain in new Orleans

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11. Yosemite national Park, California


Yosemite national Park in California is one of the unified States’ many iconic nationwide parks.

Thousands of people flock to it annually to view the dramatic, glacially formed, tall granite wall surfaces that comprise the entrance of Yosemite Valley and also are component of the epos Sierra Nevada mountain Range.

The summer months space the best and most accessible times to visit the park together the roads and also most hikes must all it is in open, campsites will be active, and Yosemite town will it is in in full swing.

Yosemite’s key Attractions

Some that Yosemite’s key attractions include:

hiking to the top of half Domeriver rafting in the Merced Riverstanding in ~ the base of Yosemite’s tallest granite wall, El Capitanhiking come upper, lower and middle Yosemite Fallsdriving as much as Glacier suggest to grab a beautiful photo of the whole valley

Just be sure to examine with a park ranger before your visit, as the most popular hikes in the valley call for hiking permits which deserve to be derived ahead of time or throughout your stay, depending on availability.

Every kind of explorer can come here and enjoy what Yosemite has to offer.

Whether her aim is beautiful photography, job hikes, or also multi-day backpacking adventures right into the thick of Yosemite, you will certainly not it is in disappointed.

In fact, you will certainly most likely leave below wishing friend had an ext time to discover its charms.

Where to stay near Yosemite NP

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12. Fire Island, brand-new York


A perfect summer vacation destination? How about an island the is only OPEN in the summer!

That distinctive place is Fire Island, brand-new York, a barrier island around 32 miles lengthy off the south coast of lengthy Island in the southern component of new York State.

From whereby I live, it’s close to home and the perfect place for a summer day trip, but many folks do Fire Island their summer vacation spot.

Fire Island is obtainable only through ferry. Several go come Fire Island, several of which depart indigenous Bay shore (to the lighthouse and 9 that the western towns) and also from Sayville (which will take you to the 3 eastern towns).

A Car-Less Place

Fire Island is a car-less place, so you will see many folks dragging your beach carts or fully stocked wagons when boarding the ferry. If on the island, to get around, you have the right to walk, bike, or take a water taxi.

What is there to perform on Fire Island? The beach is the many popular task – the south component of the island deals with the Atlantic ocean making the perfect spot for shelling, swimming, and relaxing.

Restaurants and nightlife it seems ~ to it is in a close second regarding favorite points to do on Fire Island. You can discover everything indigenous family-friendly bars to stunner nightclubs.

Where to stay on Fire Island

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13. Shenandoah national Park, Virginia


If you’re in search of a summer holidays away from the crowds and cities, Shenandoah nationwide Park is the place to go.

Only 50 mile from Washington D.C., it gives a perfect respite indigenous the hectic hustle-and-bustle life within the Beltway.

With over 200,000 acres of protected wilderness, it’s the right getaway for families, couples, and solo travelers alike.

In the summertime, the wildflowers room blooming, and the lush, environment-friendly scenery Virginia is well-known for is on full display, making this the perfect time come visit.

The key attraction in Shenandoah is Skyline Drive. The national Scenic Byway travels follow me the stakes of the Blue Ridge for 100 miles between Front Royal and Rockfish Gap, wherein it connects come the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Take in the view

There room dozens the overlooks offering vistas of the lush rolling hills the Virginia’s Piedmont to the east and also the Shenandoah valley to the west.

It’s most renowned in the loss when the leaves room changing, therefore the summer is the perfect time to enjoy it without as many fellow tourists.

The park is likewise a hiker’s paradise, naturally. End 500 miles of backcountry trails include 101 mile of the Appalachian Trail, ranging from easy “walks-in-the-woods” to much more moderate and strenuous treks.

Also, over there are locations for horseback riding and also bicycling. And also the two key resorts in the park, Skyland, and big Meadows, are for those who desire a getaway in nature there is no being also rustic. But there are additionally some campgrounds.

Where to stay near Shenandoah national Park

Click here to inspect accommodation near the Shenandoah nationwide Park!

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14. Assateague Island, Maryland & Virginia


Assateague Island has to be among my favorite spots in the summer.

It’s located on the Maryland and Virginia border, make it really accessible to numerous people, particularly if you’re comes from Washington, DC, or in other places along the eastern Coast.

Wild Horses

Assateague is recognized for something really unique and also special – wild horses! Wild horses live everywhere the island in groups, and they are truly wild.

Once a summer, lock all move from the island to the mainland throughout the pony swim come shield them indigenous the cold as the summer ends. The is one incredible suffer to acquire to check out in real life.

Just be careful as soon as you check out these wild horses. They are known to bite and hurt people because they are truly wild animals.

While there, make sure you take a swim on the beautiful beach, walk on a funny bike ride through the marsh to spot ponies, lighthouse houses, and also eat numerous seafood. Assateague is the perfect summer getaway!

Where to stay on Assateague Island

Click right here to examine accommodation ~ above Assateague Island!

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15. Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Cape Cod, Massachusetts is one of the finest places come visit in summer in the USA

Cape ko holds few of my fondest summer memories.

Geographically, it looks favor a hooked finger telling you to “come hither,” and in reality, a destination that allows you to escape the hustle and also bustle of Boston and also the rest of Massachusetts.

When driving, the Bourne and Sagamore bridges are landmarks that carry you right into vacationland filled with sea breezes, sunsets, and beaches v water that will never be warm sufficient to swim comfortably.

You don’t go to the Cape because that a tropical vacation.

Cape ko is cute

There room cute cottages through shingled siding, lover shops where you have the right to go to support the local tiny business owners, and also charming restaurants with clever however gimmicky names prefer Crepe Cod.

You rent bikes, drive the rail trail, consume saltwater taffy till friend burst, and also seek the end the “dunes on the Cape” made famous by the “if you like Pina Coladas” song.

You can discover some of the world’s freshest seafood, consisting of a well known New England lobster roll. Lobster manages to sneak its means into every dish: mac and cheese, quesadillas, soup, etc. And let me call you, ns don’t hate it!

Cape Cod gives a sensory overload. The sights, sounds, smells, and also tastes the the Cape just scream summer.

Where to continue to be in Cape Cod

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16. Buffalo, new York


Buffalo, new York, is a city associated with harsh winters. Lake Erie, the cause of Buffalo’s snow woes, is one key reason the Buffalo is an excellent summer destination.

Lake Erie is lined with sandy beaches (e.g., Woodlawn beach State Park), so take it a picnic and go for a summer swim.

Buffalo is a city of impressive architecture, and summer is the best time to view it. Buffalo’s affluence peaked in the at an early stage 20th century.

Many Downtown Buffalo high-rise buildings were developed during this period and feature a classic Art Deco style.

Buffalo is at the terminus of the Erie Canal and also was a hub for transferring goods throughout the great Lakes. Substantial grain elevators heat the Buffalo River.

Take a Buffalo River history Tour and also hear the ghosts that Buffalo’s previous while trying out the rise, fall, and rise again that the Queen City.

A pleasant Weekend

Buffalo’s Canalside is an additional awesome summer destination in a revitalized area that downtown. Stroll along the Buffalo River and also catch the cool breezes roll in native the lake.

Looking because that something to eat? look at no more than Buffalo’s famous beef ~ above weck sandwich. Paired through corn top top the cob and also a loganberry pop, this is Buffalo summer in ~ its finest.

Sit outside Charlie the Butcher’s, house of the initial beef ~ above weck, and enjoy this quintessential Buffalo experience.

We spent a weekend in Buffalo, stay at the newly renovated art Deco Curtiss Hotel in the heart of downtown.

You’ll feel prefer you’ve been transported earlier in time yet with high-tech contemporary amenities discretely added.

Where to continue to be in Buffalo

Click here to examine accommodation in Buffalo!

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17. Santa Fe, new Mexico


Many imply visiting Santa Fe, new Mexico, in autumn. The weather is crisp, and surrounding Albuquerque master the famous Balloon Fiesta. However, this well-intentioned human being are wrong.

The best time that year to visit Santa Fe is the summer since it’s the only season when you have the right to view the world-famous Santa Fe Opera.

This opera is situated outdoors in an acoustically perfect spot in the desert. Not just does the music sound amazing, yet you can actually watch the sunset in the desert in the background when attending the performance.

More than just Opera

But Santa Fe in the summer offers so much more than just opera. Treat yourself to a day of pampering in ~ the blissful Japanese-style spa Ten thousand Waves.

Museum-lovers will flip over the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum, among the greatest small museums in the country.

Lovers the the avant-garde will like Meow Wolf, an immersive arts experience created with the aid of game of Thrones writer George R.R. Martin.

Also, no visit come Santa Fe is complete without a taste of new Mexican cuisine, loaded through fresh local environment-friendly chiles.

Try cafe Pasqual’s because that huevos rancheros, visit 1950s throwback The burned for lunch, and also experience fine dining in ~ Restaurant Martin.

After a full day in Santa Fe, gain a pleasant and also convenient night’s sleep in ~ The Inn of the Governors. Just one glass that their totally free sherry, and you’ll see why ns love Santa Fe in the summer.

Where to remain in Santa Fe

Click right here to examine accommodation in Santa Fe!

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18. San Francisco, California

Golden gate Bridge

Summer in mountain Francisco equals fun, food, and also adventure.

It’s when the street fairs really get underway, kayaking and also boating around the famed Bay gets really comfortable, music festivals spring up, and also you have the right to take advantage of the many an excellent hiking opportunities.

You can’t miss a visit to the gold Gate Bridge, and also if you’re keen, speak a bike end it come Sausalito (about 4 mile north of san Francisco).

Take in the houseboats bobbing along the bay, and enjoy an ice cream cream in ~ the famed Lappert’s (689 Bridgeway, Sausalito).

Those with tired legs deserve to take the ferry back and enjoy the see of the city native the water.

A Dark travel Site

Visiting the jail island the Alcatraz is likewise high ~ above the perform for numerous San Francisco visitors, and a an excellent reason.

It was home to some of the most notorious gangsters, such as Al Capone, but there is also much more history to the place.

Be certain to publication tickets in advance, though, because they offer out quickly.

There is other for anyone in mountain Francisco:

Fisherman’s wharf sea lions and also arcadesShopping in Russian Hill and Market StreetVisiting Union SquareWandering through the plenty of museums (The Legion of respect is my absolute favorite)Taking ghost tours and walking tours of Haight Ashbury, wherein the hippie counterculture an initial began in the 1960s

The san Francisco bucket list has actually them all and also so lot more.

Foodie in mountain Francisco

While you’re in town, head come Bob’s Doughnuts (1621 Polk Street) for a sweet treat, or heat up outside of Tartine Bakery (600 Guerrero Street) because that breakfast through locals.

For a no-frills delicious dinner, you can’t go previous Tommy’s Joynt (1101 Geary Boulevard), and also for a enjoy the meal at any type of hour of the job or night, there’s always the Grubstake Diner (1525 jaw Street), which lives inside the a cable car.

San Francisco heats up in the summer, but that doesn’t typical you can gain away with only packing shorts and tank tops.

The city is full of microclimates, which way it have the right to be a beautiful, sunny, warm day in one area, and also windy and cold in another.

Where to remain in san Francisco

Click below to check accommodation in san Francisco!

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19. Anchorage, Alaska


When girlfriend think the Alaska, you might think the dog-sledding, ice-fishing, and lots the snow. However, Alaska is just as majestic and also fun in the summertime, too.

There is so lot to perform in this north city, such together camping, hiking, fishing, kayaking, noþeles outdoors.

Alaska is the floor of the Midnight Sun, and during the summer, the sun hardly sets in Anchorage. It yes, really doesn’t obtain dark. One of the great effects the so much sun is the plants thrive fast and also large.

Anchorage takes full benefit of this and sports beautiful gardens all over the city.

Some various other things to execute in Anchorage room going wildlife viewing, rental a bike and also biking top top the numerous trails, clock the small prop sea-planes acquisition off, and also landing top top Lake Hood.

Some great sights include: the Alaska native Heritage Center, the Anchorage Museum, Fish Creek, the Alaska Railroad, shot some Alaska video game dishes choose reindeer sausage, and also enjoy all the eco-friendly spaces approximately the city.

If friend love beauty and adventure, head come Anchorage this summer.

Where to continue to be in Anchorage

Click right here to inspect accommodation in Anchorage!

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20. Sonoma County, California


Sonoma county will finish your summer location bucket checklist. The Russian flow runs v this valley, offering countless beaches for a swim or canoe down the river.

Its neighboring vineyards and also redwood trees will certainly leave girlfriend in awe that its views.

Armstrong Redwoods State Park offers straightforward walking trails v the majestic trees if you require some time out of the sun.

Wineries are abundant throughout the county.

Check the end the dried Creek sink for a little town spot v delicious tastings, or journey southeast through Kenwood to to compare the alcohol options accessible in one of their gorgeous picnic spots.

Cool Breezes and also Tasty Treats

On sweltering days, head west the end to Bodega just on the coast. It promises cool breezes, mouthwatering clam chowder at Spud Point, and also tasty saltwater taffy in ~ Patrick’s.

Tasty however casual dining choices are perfect because that summer nights, choose BBQ at Kinsmoke or Willi’s Seafood Bar in Healdsburg, or dress up slightly because that El Dorado Kitchen in Sonoma.

No summer job is complete without cool tasty treats! Amy’s angry Slush will never ever leave friend disappointed through its constantly transforming flavors and also innovative combos.

The blackberry slush through cheesecake soft serve is to dice for. Noble individual is just as delicious through flavors choose Salted Caramel and also Vegan Passionfruit.

Where to stay in Sonoma County

Click here to find accommodation in Sonoma County!

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21. Newport, Rhode Island


This little gem referred to as Newport tucked far Rhode Island’s Narragansett Bay might not be new England’s most famous summer resort, yet it sure is among my an individual favorites.

It’s one understated town whereby natural, cultural, and culinary delights meet, all connected by mile of scenic bike lanes.

For the can be fried summer picnic, head to the Sweet Berry farm in the morning to choose your very own berries and peaches.

You’re then packed and also ready to let the energizing sea breeze overview you as you discover the 3,5-mile-long Newport Cliff Walk, a designated national Recreation Trail follow me the town’s spectacular cliffs.

Explore the Outdoors

Where the pathway gets too rocky, you might opt to gain the striking vistas from among the opulent Gilded age mansions that period the coastline, such as The Breakers, the Elms, or Rosecliff Mansion.

Take your time to check out the elegant gardens too. Climate head to a adjacent picnic clues overlooking the s or pick a secluded beach, prefer Gooseberry Beach, to reap a so late lunch.

Newport’s historical identity is tied come the ocean, making it seafood heaven. Because that me personally, nothing to win a casual sunset dinner in ~ the upper deck the the Midtown Oyster Bar overlooking the marina.

Where to stay in Newport

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22. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Philadelphia is the perfect summer destination in the USA for history lovers and foodies.

It’s residence to freedom Hall, and the birthplace the the United claims flag, and the statements of Independence. What’s an ext – there’s no bad food in Philadelphia.

History lovers, invest a day experimenting the historic District and also the Old City. Tour freedom Hall, the Betsy Ross House, or any other historical sites in this area.

Make certain you take a morning to visit eastern State Penitentiary and also some museum on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway!

It’s possible to watch all the an essential historical sites and also enjoy the nightlife and also some great food in simply 2 days in Philadelphia. It’s the perfect summer location in the USA for a weekend trip!

Drinks with a View

Get incredible views of the city native the optimal of City hall or Liberty One observation Deck.

If you want drinks with your view, check out SkyGarten Downtown or the infamous publication Bar in south Philly, a bar on optimal of one old high school open up all summer.

Come summer, Penn’s Landing is the place to be in ~ night! The trees room strung up v beautiful lights, and also there room live music and plenty of sellers for drinks and also snacks.

Where to remain in Philadelphia

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23. Glacier national Park, Montana


Glacier national Park is the perfect nationwide park to visit during the summer.

Since the park is positioned at a higher elevation, visiting throughout the summer is vital to suffer the national park to its fullest.

The finest food come eat at Glacier national Park is anything v huckleberry. All the restaurants room filled v huckleberry pies, ice creams, pancakes, and salads. You can also buy part berries at fruit stands.

What to carry out in Glacier NP

One of the best activities is to take it a journey on the “Going come The sunlight Road.” The road usually opens about the finish of June beginning of July.

It is among the most breathtaking roadways in America.

The famed road has countless stops along the means with stunning views and excellent hikes.

Driving ~ above the road have the right to be a little bit sketchy, and also at times worrisome, yet if you journey carefully, you will certainly be simply fine.

Taking a boat tour on among the lakes is one more fun activity. Among the most popular watercraft rides is located on many Glacier Lake.

The journey takes girlfriend on two watercraft tours and even fall you off close come a favourite hike come Grinnell Lake.

One that the finest places to continue to be in Glacier nationwide Park is the Reclusive Moose Cabins. The cabins are situated in West Glacier and have a complete kitchen, life room, and dining room.

Where to stay near the Glacier NP

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24. Florida


The an initial thing that involves a person’s mind when they think of Florida is usually beaches or Disney World.

However, Florida has a many of distinctive outdoor and also nature-based tasks that walk overlooked. Coined together “The real Florida,” nature tourism methods are abundant.

Perhaps the crown jewel is the comprehensive collection of herbal springs in Florida.

It should come as no surprised to anyone that Florida is located right in ~ sea level, making the water table very high.

This, combined with the limestone deposits the state is positioned on, renders it a element area for organic springs and also sinkholes.

Over 700 organic springs

There are about 700 natural springs in Florida. Meaning, nevertheless of your vacation destination, over there will absolutely be much more than one organic spring within an hour or two of driving.

Each feather is unique, yet they deserve to be divided into two main types spring-only, similar to a swimming hole or springs located off of rivers.

Springs located off that rivers usually have an chance to pipe or Kayak, i beg your pardon is constantly a ton the fun.

Some the the most popular springs in Florida are the Ichetucknee, Ginnie, Silver, and also Weeki Wachee Springs.

Each spring has actually something amazing to offer, from great white herons, freshwater turtles, monkeys, manatees, and also even mermaids.

So, if girlfriend are trying to find a break from the liven beaches or the long lines the Disney, i recommend exploring the list of springs to start planning a day trip to one of the countless natural springs in Florida.

Where to stay in Florida

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25. Detroit, Michigan


Detroit, Michigan, isn’t the an initial place many Americans think of as soon as planning your summer vacation.

The city has gotten a bad reputation recently, specifically when the filed for bankruptcy back in 2013.

However, because that the discerning and also adventurous traveler, Detroit has much come offer.

And summer is by much the finest time come visit. After all,two good reasons to visit Detroit are its stunning architecture and also its river,and these space both more pleasant to enjoy in heat weather.

What to perform in Detroit

On a sunny day, the locals head to Belle Isle, an island park in the Detroit River. It’s feasible to obtain there by taking the scenic 5.5-mile Riverfront walk from downtown Detroit.

Wandering through the Nature center on Belle Isle, it’s straightforward to forget one is in a major metropolis.

Those who are more interested in art Deco architectureshould wander approximately the ornate environment-friendly Guardian Building, aka The Cathedral ofFinance.

Music lovers will visit the Motown Museum and see wherein legends favor Smokey Robinson and Stevie Wonder recorded. (Bruno Mars, Beyonce, and Paul McCartney have actually all visited this museum too.)

When it’s time to eat, there’s every little thing from the James Beard-nominated restaurant Selden typical to coney dogs at American Coney Island to baklava in Greektown.

Oh, and also no tourist to Detroit should miss out on the interior of this library, which legendary architect Cass Gilbert designed.

Moreover, Chartreuse is fantastic choice for dinner near the hotel. They market the critical Word cocktail developed right below in Detroit and is the perfect libation because that a warm summer evening.

Where to remain in Detroit

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26. Ft Worth, Texas


If friend are looking for a unique summer destination in the united States, look no further than ft Worth, a brief road pilgrimage from Dallas.

Fort precious is a distinctive blend the its fabulous cowboy heritage through a down-home modern-day twist that is sure to make you fall in love v this fabulous city. While the temperature heats increase in the summer, for this reason does the fun!

First things first, we have to discover you some fabulous digs to stay in while visiting fort Worth.We suggest staying roughly Sundance Square.

Sundance Square is a 35-block area that downtown fort Worth filled through restaurants, shopping, and entertainment venues.

It is quickly walkable and close come public transportation, making it a wonderful location to speak to home throughout your visit.We love remaining at the Worthington Renaissance Hotel or the Omni in Sundance Square<>.

While in Sundance Square, be certain to visit Yold because that an great breakfast before heading to Del Frisco’s Grill for part fabulous food and also cocktails later in the day.

Cowboy culture

The Stockyards is residence to the ‘World’s biggest Honky Tonk”, Billy Bob’s, and some good food venues. Us love come eat Tex-Mex as Los Vaqueros or dive into some really Texas Bar-b-Que in ~ Risky’s Bar-b-Que.

There are so countless things to do in ft Worth; you space guaranteed to remain busy.

After visiting the traveler attractions favor the Stockyards, the factory Gardens, and also Sundance Square, it’s time to immerse yourself in few of the other activities that make fort Worth a distinct summer destination.

If girlfriend visit throughout July, you have to head to Panther Island Pavillion come celebrate America, Texas-style. Ft Worth does that up large for the 4th of July, and it is absolutely a party you don’t desire to miss.

Also, during July, we hit the river to cool turn off from the Texas heat with our annual “Rockin’ the River” celebration.

To proceed your pilgrimage in the Lone Star State, you could want to read around these fantastic road trips in Texas.

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Where to continue to be in fort Worth

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27. Cool Teton national Park, Wyoming

Grand Teton national Park, Wyoming is among the summer destinations in the USA

Grand Teton nationwide Park provides breathtaking hill views, stunning hikes, and challenging mountain peaks.

Located just exterior of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, this park boasts iconic hill scenery that is easily obtainable for all abilities. No pilgrimage to cool Teton national Park is complete without a trip to Mormon Row.

Check the end the iconic homesteading barn through a hill skyline backdrop. For a picture-perfect sunrise, head come Jenny Lake.

After the sun rises, take a short hike come Inspiration suggest or hop ~ above the ferry and also cross the lake come see surprise Falls.

Excellent hikes

Moderate to experienced hikers should check out the stunning Cascade Canyon or hike to the saddle between the Middle and Grand Teton via Garnet Canyon.

Wilderness backpackers may want to think about getting a backcountry allow to Paintbrush Canyon or tackling the Teton comb Trail, a 25.7-mile hike the traverses a huge part the the park.

If you space a jug mountaineer, consider climbing the cool Teton, a towering 13,770-foot mountain that needs ropes to the summit.

You can check out the famous main square in town, record a genuine rodeo every Wednesday and also Saturday evening from Memorial day to labor Day in ~ the snow King Resort.

Grab a pie cooked to perfection from Hand Fire Pizza, nosh ~ above a tasty treat indigenous Moo’s Gourmet ice Cream, and also wash it every down through a beer at the well known Million disagreement Cowboy Bar.

Where to stay close to Grand Teton NP

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