Apple’s iphone 7 and also 7 Plus room some significant pieces that kit. It’s most certainly the biggest iPhone that Apple has made to date.

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And back the design hasn’t changed much, there’s a many of brand-new features because that you come play with, like pressure Touch and dual camera lenses. However, most people never completely understand simply how an effective their iPhone deserve to be.

Luckily because that you, we’ve researched and also found a whopping 101 tips and also tricks you can use come make your experience much better than you ever before believed.

You know… those top the Apple professionals never do obvious.

So obtain ready to harness the true power of your iPhone 7 or 7 Plus.

1. Just how to force a Restart

The iphone phone 7 and 7 add to doesn’t use a difficult button, therefore the procedure for forcing a restart has actually changed.

You’ll require to host down the power button on the right-hand side of her phone, and also the volume button on the left-hand side at the very same time. Store holding lock down till your phone call restarts and also you watch the apologize logo.

2. Do The button Feel choose a Button

It certainly looks like a button… but, is it no click. Yes sir a good reason why it no click. You iphone phone 7 and 7 Plus uses haptic feedback rather of clicking.

That’s what the techy say instead of, ‘it vibrates to mimic the feel of pressing a button.”

What’s cool, is that you can customize the vibration soot to do it more suited to her tastes. Enter Settings, General, and then Home Button. below you deserve to toggle between different levels of feedback.

If you desire to turn it off totally Go right into settings and also select sounds & haptics.

3. Wakey, Wakey, climb & Shine

Thanks to the latest iOS 10 update, buttons space so critical year. Your iPhone will automatically ‘wake up’ once you pick it up. That’s really handy once it involves checking notifications, together you won’t have to go v the ‘hassle’ of unlocking her phone.

This neat trick have the right to be a huge time saver.

I know, it doesn’t sound choose it. But, once you take into account a recent study exit by Deloitte, you’ll view the average person checks your smartphone 47 times a day! and if you 18-24, that’s enhanced to 74 times a day!

With this cool feature, girlfriend can offer you thumbs a well-deserved rest-bite.

Alternatively, if friend don’t favor this feature, here’s exactly how to move it off:

Head to Settings and select Display & Brightness. Below you’ll check out a slider to revolve it off.

4. Drop the in the Toilet

Okay, possibly you don’t want to do that. That’s wherein your nasties are. But, you deserve to relax understanding that if the worst to be to happen, your phone wouldn’t be broken.

Your iphone phone 7 is water and splash resistant, therefore you deserve to relax learning it can withstand gift dropped in her toilet, bath, swimming pool, or any other swimming pool of fluid you feel prefer dropping it into.

Now, this doesn’t average you can swim laps v it, or start your underwater photography business. To apologize actually says you don’t deliberately submerge her phone. It’s designed to make it through an inadvertently drop in shallow water.

5. Don’t charge After that Wet

Although her iPhone 7 has actually been upgraded to it is in water resistant, electrical energy hasn’t. Don’t fee or have any electronics plugged in. That won’t end well.

What provides the iphone phone 7 really smart, is the It will certainly detect if any type of moisture is inside the handset. You’ll gain a clear warning message if this happens. If the does appear, this is what you must do… cry.

Kidding, simply disconnect that from any type of plugs and also keep that switched off until it’s fully dry.

6. Get to the Camera Faster

In those moments wherein you just need to whip out your phone and snap a as soon as in a lifetime pic, you require to get to your camera fast.

So where has the small camera icon on the lock screen gone? It’s not there anymore! don’t worry, you don’t have to go v the mundane procedure of in reality unlocking your phone.

With her iPhone 7, every you have to do is lift her phone and swipe left and your camera is all set to go. Snap away!

Don’t fear. This doesn’t average anyone can accessibility your phone. Choose before, opening the camera won’t unlock her phone. Your exclusive photos will be preserved private.

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7. Take Stunning Photos

iPhone cameras have always been excellent. And also it’s even far better with the iphone 7 and also 7 Plus.

Your camera has a brand-new 12MP sensor with optical image stabilization, 60% faster performance, large color capture, and also a lens the will permit for 50% more light. Even in poor lighting, you will do it come away through pristine images.

Need come snap photos in the club? utilize the flash. The flash is 50% brighter, will 50% further, and will compensate for flickering lights.

8. Take it Better, much faster Selfies

But first, allow me take an even far better selfie.

The front camera has actually been upgraded from 5MP come 7MP. This means far better selfies and also FaceTime video chat.

The cheat to acquisition an even better selfie is utilizing the volume switch on an fastened pair of headphones. This will reduce camera shake, and also ensure you’ll always look your best.

9. Far better Live Photos

Introduced with the iphone phone 6s, Live Photos functioned by transforming images into small videos. This to be done by recording the frames just before and after you pressed the shutter button.

However, the results weren’t constantly that good and frequently came out jerky. However not through the iphone 7, together Live Photos has benefited massively from the upgraded stabilization. And once did you do it taken the picture, you can play through all the new editing tools to make it look also better.

A cool tip: the editing tools are easily accessible for 3rd party app developers, so you’re able to download even more fun editing tools to play with.

10. Far better Instagram Photos

Instagram has actually kept pace through the iphone phone 7 and also 7 Plus. They’ve updated themselves so you have the right to take full advantage of the boosted camera and also color capture.

You’re now able come share images in much more vivid colors many thanks to the boosted color record display ~ above Instagram. Back the enhancements may no be obvious, if you compare a photograph taken prior to the update, you’ll conveniently see the difference.

11. Shoot life Images

If she a pan of mobile photography, she going to love this trick. You deserve to now shoot raw images and develop them later on with an application or on her computer. You’ll really be able to ‘up’ her photography game.

To execute this, you’ll must download a practice camera app. I recommend the Manual App.

Once you’ve downloaded it, beginning the app and open the Settings. Make sure Save raw + JPEG is enabled. The app will then display a new action sheet from the bottom screen – you’ll gain two options: RAW and RAW + JPEG. I recommend selecting RAW, as the latter will take it up extra an are on her device.

You’re now ready to shoot life images.

12. Use Depth of field With her Camera

The iphone phone 7 Plus offers two lenses ~ above its back: one attributes a 28mm focal distance length, if the 2nd has a 56mm focal length length. Not just does this allow you to zoom with less distortion, but you’re about to shoot using a depth-of-field effect.

If you nothing know, that keeps your subject in sharp focus while blurring the background. Photography geeks will recognize this as the bokeh effect.

You can accessibility this impact by using Portrait Mode. The opinion shows up in the carousel of different camera modes, so just swipe to pick it. And let the iphone phone 7 perform the remainder of the work.

13. Shoot in 4K Resolution

You may not very own a 4K TV, but with her iPhone 7, friend can absolutely shoot in the ultra-high-definition format!

To activate this, open up Settings, image & Camera, scroll under to the Camera section. Below you’ll see a Record video clip option. Tap it to select from a selection of different resolutions: 720p in ~ 30 frames per 2nd up to 4k.

Be warned, using 4k resolution supplies up A LOT of decaying space. A minute of 4k video will take it up 350MB of an are – practically 6x an ext than a minute in the lowest resolution. But, it does look awesome.

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14. Readjust Panoramic Direction

Sometimes there’s a pesky tree or human in the means – ruining your picturesque summary shot. To respond to this, you can switch the direction.

Do this by merely tapping the arrow in the center of your screen when you in summary mode.

15. Lock Camera Lens (7+ Only)

Only accessible for the iphone phone 7 Plus, the will stop you from accidentally switching in between the 2 camera lenses top top the earlier – i m sorry can destroy your video by causing it come flicker.

To lock her lens walk to Settings, Photos & camera, and then Record Video. You’ll be able to toggle the Lock Camera Lens option.

16. Zoom Without using the Camera App

You’re now able come zoom and view something much away without opening the camera app. You can do this by taking benefit of the Magnifier.

All you must do is get in Settings, General, Accessibility, then Magnifier and adjust the setting to On. You’re climate able to triple-click the Home switch to activate the feature.

When you’re using it, usage the white circle button to capture photo and zoom in and also out to acquire a closer look.

In situation triple-clicking doesn’t lug up the Magnifier, walk to Settings, General, Accessibility, and also then Accessibility Shortcut to change it come the Magnifier.

17. Take Photos if Filming

Now once you’re filming wonder moments, and you desire to snap a pic, you don’t need to stop recording. You can do it at the exact same time!

Just insanity the Camera Button, which appears on your screen and also snap away!

18. Save Your favorite Camera Settings

If you’ve gained some favorite camera settings (video, square, panoramic, filters, etc.), it can get a little bit annoying having actually to apply these every time you open up your camera. Through iOS 10.2 however, you can now save your favorite setups so castle automatically used whenever you open your camera.

Go come Settings, picture & Camera, maintain Settings, and toggle top top Camera Mode. This will permit you to save your favourite camera settings.

19. Edit Memory Movies

iOS 10 renders Memories the end of her images and also videos, for this reason you’re able come relive every one of your favourite moments.

What a many of civilization don’t know, is the you have the right to actually modify these mini slideshows. Accessibility the editor through going to Photos, Memories, tap top top the video at the top and also then tap it again to lug up the controls. To start editing, insanity the three horizontal lines with the circle symbol in the bottom right.

Now, you can adjust the Title, Music, Duration, and which photos and also videos you’d choose to show.

20. Find for People, Places, and Things in Photos

Apple kind of stole this from Google, but it is super useful. Especially if she trying come find an image in a large library.

Open her Photos app, madness the blue magnifying glass (this is the search button) at the height of her screen. Now you’re may be to usage keywords to aid you find what she looking for. You have the right to use names, places, or things. You will do it then be able to see every one of the images in her library that complement your keyword.

Once you’ve uncovered your image, you deserve to do v it as you please.

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21. Enhanced Sound

It’s controversial, however the decision the shook the world does make sense. The removed of the headphone jack yes, really does enhance the sound quality.

…the old headphone jack no able to take care of the new generation that hi-res audio.

The speakers have superior dynamic selection that will supply twice the volume of the ahead iPhones. And if friend really want to endure a higher level that volume – placed your iPhone into an empty glass vase or pitcher. This will assist amplify the sound, i beg your pardon is an excellent when you’re entertaining friends.

22. No more Wire Tangling

I hate tangled wires. In fact, I’d go as far to saying ns dislike them through a passion. With Apple’s AirPods available, never again go someone have to experience the stress and anxiety of tangled wires.

As a bonus, they vastly improve the sound quality. And they’re super smart.

They’ll affix automatically and also will sense as soon as you’re put on them. So once you take it them out, the music will certainly pause, and also they’ll walk to sleep to maintain battery.

Here’s a succinct trick: a quick dual tap will lug up Siri, enabling you to instruct her utilizing your headphones. One accelerometer in each AirPod will certainly detect once you’re talking and use a beam-forming microphone to focus on your voice – blocking the end background noises.

I told friend they’re at sight smart.

23. Discover Hidden Menus with pressure Touch

Don’t just swipe, press harder and also some concealed menus will appear. This helpful feature is app-specific, for example, hard press on her Instagram application icon and you’ll check out a food selection with quick access to a brand-new post, search, or your task page.

This will also work on her lock screen. Once you receive a message, use pressure Touch to check the last few messages in the convo there is no unlocking her phone.

24. Change the speed Light

Another one you can do v the pressure Touch, it’s basic to miss this advantageous feature. Just swipe to lug up your regulate panel and also hard press on the flashlight – permitting you come choose in between low, medium, and also bright light.

25. Start a Preset Timer Faster

The pressure Touch keeps getting much more useful. Again, you’ll want to bring up your regulate panel and also hard push on the timer to begin a preset timer.

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26. Fast Unlock through Touch ID

Sometimes you just don’t have actually time to punch in your passcode. This is where Apple’s Touch ID help you unlock your phone at sight fast.

Touch identifier is what Apple calls the fingerprint sensor, and also you can toggle this to unlock her phone through either a full press or irradiate touch.

Here’s exactly how to do it.

Go right into your Settings, then General, and then Accessibility. Look because that the Home button option and also here you deserve to toggle the switch marked Rest Finger to Open.

If you switch it On, you don’t should press the button to unlock your phone. Switch it Off, and also it will need a press.

27. Develop a supervisor Secure Alphanumeric Passcode

By default, iOS will certainly prompt friend to use a six-digit passcode instead of the ahead four-digit. But, if you desire to make your phone at sight secure, you have the right to use one alphanumeric passcode.

This offers both numbers and letters, providing you an almost unlimited variety of possible passwords. And also it’s reasonably simple to execute it.

Go to Settings, Touch identifier & Passcode, change Passcode, and also when the prompts you to enter a new passcode, madness Passcode Options. This will sell you advanced options, where you can produce a tradition alphanumeric code.Custom iMessage replies for calls you can not answer.

28. Make her iPhone Harder to Hack v Two-Step Verification

You’re going to use Apple ID for pretty much everything you perform with Apple: shop ~ above the iTunes Store, enable iCloud, buy native Apple’s online Store, etc. For this reason it’s great practice to use this reminder for extra protection.

Enable the two-step confirmation for your Apple identifier to boost your security. Because that iOS 10.3 or later, walk to Settings, , Password & Security, turn ~ above Two-Factor Authentication, and insanity continue.

For iOS 10.2 or earlier, go to Settings, iCloud, tap your Apple ID, Password & Security, turn on Two-Factor Authentication, and insanity continue.

29. Customize your Lock Screen

With the to update Notifications facility in iOS 10, girlfriend can include lots of beneficial widgets to your lock screen.

You’ll view there are currently a couple of default widgets added, but you can conveniently customize these. Swipe left when on the residence or lock display to carry up your today screen. Then, just scroll to the bottom and tap Edit to add extra widgets.

Or, you deserve to press down on an app and also if it’s capable of being a widget, it will certainly appear and also you have the right to tap Add Widget in the top-right corner.

It permits you come have all of the details you need whenever friend lift up her phone and swipe right.

30. Change Lock screen Limits

Having information and also notifications on your lock display screen can be convenient for conveniently checking reminders, messages, and also more. But, occasionally you may want to restrict what information have the right to be seen and accessed from her phone without entering her passcode.

To customize what information is visible, walk to your Settings, Touch identifier & Passcode. Here, you deserve to disable anything you don’t want showing up on her lock screen.

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31. Send messages Without Unlocking your Phone

Reply to immediate message rapid with this trick. You’re maybe to reply to a message without unlocking her iPhone.

Your iphone phone 7;s to update lock-screen widgets typical that you can kind out your post without the need for a passcode.

To perform this, firmly push on a obtained message and also a home window will appear so girlfriend can solution fast.

Yes, the is slightly worrying if a ‘funny’ friend has actually your phone, but there space privacy steps in place. You have the right to disable this feature, and they’re not able to see the entire message history.

32. Send an enig Hidden Messages

Yes, you deserve to now send super mystery hidden message or images that don’t expose themselves until the recipient taps or rubs it.

Sounds cool, right? Here’s just how to do it.

After did you do it typed your message or selected a photo, tap and hold the blue send arrow over the key-board to bring up the effects. Climate tap the Invisible octopus option.

Now, when your recipient receives her message, they’ll have to tap it to disclose the top secret content. ~ a couple of seconds, the article will be covered up again and also your secrets will be for sure from prying eyes.

33. Text Music and also Images v iMessage Apps

A new fun addition to iMessage are the apps that have actually been arisen specifically because that it. Access the apps by tapping top top the grey arrowhead on the left, and then insanity the icon that watch like illustration tools. Depending on how countless Apps did you do it installed, you’ll be able to choose from GIFs, music, and also Shazam tags.

If you want, you deserve to download new ones native the application Store. You can easily access this by tapping top top the team of 4 smaller box in the bottom left of her screen.

34. Send Low-Quality pictures To conserve Data

If you’re frequently sending images through the new Messages app, you might find the if friend send a lot of photos you’ll conveniently use up your monthly data allowance.

However, girlfriend now have actually an choice to send low-quality images and also save yourself a ton that data. Go to Settings, Messages, and tap top top Low Quality photo at the bottom.

35. Disable Flashy message Effects

Maybe you’re not about the life of sending out your messages v flashy effects, or you endure from excessive motion sickness. That’s okay, no one’s judging. Friend can easily disable this so that no balloons or confetti will ever burst onto her screen.

Go right into your Settings, General, Accessibility, minimize Motion and turn the attribute on. This will disable message effects and also reduce motion-based effects elsewhere on her phone.

If girlfriend can’t already send messages with these effects, it’s probably currently disabled.

36. Send Handwritten Messages

These can give your message a more personal feel, and it’s very simple to send heartfelt handwritten messages.

When in a conversation, turn your iphone to see mode and tap the handwriting switch in the bottom-right corner. Currently you’ll be able to write your message using her fingertip. If you run out that space, swipe left through two fingers.

When she finished, tap the Done button and also your wonderfully do handwritten article will show up in the conversation.

37. Multilingual Typing

iOS 10 support multilingual typing, which allows you to kind in multiple languages simultaneously.

It’s very easy to set up, here’s exactly how you perform it.

Go to Settings, General, Dictionary, and here choose the languages you wish to use with the QuickType keyboard. When they’ve downloaded, go back to General, select Keyboards, Add new Keyboard. Select the languages the you just downloaded.

Once lock active, you’ll have the ability to use them every simultaneously. What’s cool, is the you’ll receive the ideal next-word suggestion for each language, and autocorrect will understand you’re inputting in a brand-new language. So it won’t keep trying to correct you – unless your spelling is shocking in lot of languages.

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38. Swap Words because that Emojis

Sometimes Emjoi’s just speak means louder than words ever could. And now through iOS10, you can replace words for the appropriate emoji.

You have two ways to do this. Firstly, you deserve to swap individual words as you type. As you type, you’ll watch the relevant Emoji at the height of your keyboard – alongside the next word suggestion. Tap that to change the native you’ve simply typed.

Or, girlfriend can kind out her message, then insert your emojis in ~ the end. If you want to do this, compose your article or email, and also then insanity the Emoji button. All the words that deserve to be replaced will be highlighted in orange. Tapping one will turn it right into an Emoji.

39. See when a article Was Sent

Usually, you will do it only be able to see what date and at what time the first message to be sent. However, as soon as you’re in the Messages app, swipe appropriate to left to expose the timestamps of every individual message.

40. Disable read Messages

We’ve all acquired that one human being in our lives, the one that constantly gets yes, really upset once they watch we’ve check out their message, but don’t soon reply. Periodically I’m busy Jeff! Chillout.

Well, you can now protect against this. In iMessage, you can opt in and also out of sending review receipts – they permit the sender recognize if the recipient has read the message. And also this no something you have the right to to universally walk to. You have the right to turn it on or off for each conversation.

To perform this, open up the message window of your preferred victim, and also hit the small ‘i’ symbol in the peak right corner. Slide the Send read Receipts off, and also now you won’t have to listen to any whining.

41. Customise Autocorrect message Replacement

This can be provided for evil or good. Your iOS QuickType keyboard is clever in ~ predicting what she trying to write. An ext often than not it will certainly correct her typos.

However, you have the right to use this for an excellent by customising the so the understands your very own favourite shortcuts and abbreviations, and also then expand those into full words or phrases.

For example, “WTF” should be turned into “Why The Face?” or “LOL” to “Lots of Love”.

It’s straightforward to set up. Go to Settings, General, Keyboard, and choose Text Replacement. include a brand-new one through tapping ~ above the add to sign.

Or, you might be evil and also use it come play hilarious pranks on her friends and also family. Collection it so common words are immediately replaced through something entirely random. Sit ago and clock the confusion set in!

42. Quickly add symbols in keyboard

A yes, really neat time-saving trick not many people know about, or also think to do.

Instead of going through the mundane process of tapping ~ above the 123 button, choosing your symbol, and also then tapping on the ABC button to go back to the keyboard. Do it in one motion!

Tap and hold the 123 button, slide your finger to choose your chosen symbol, and then release. Now it will instantly revert earlier to your letter keyboard.

While we’re top top the subject, in situation you nothing know, there are additional symbols hiding within the persons on display. Host your finger top top one to disclose what’s covert beneath.

43. Add Full protect against Faster

Another at sight time saver the an incredible number of iPhone owner don’t know about. Don’t go to the symbol food selection to discover a full stop, you have the right to simply just double-tap the space button. It will instantly add a full stop to the finish of the word.

The tip below is to double-tap quickly. If you pause too long in between each tap, iOS will simply think you want to add two spaces.

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44. Shake your iPhone to Undo

Yes, this literally requires shaking her iPhone, and it deserve to be a little bit of a life saver. Especially if you’ve just typed a long crucial sentence and accidentally deleted it!

Just provide your iphone phone a shake, and also it will bring up the Undo/Redo box.

If she a small clumsy and don’t trust yourself come shake her phone; move it to see mode and also you’ll view Apple have added an undo button onto the keyboard.

45. Turn your Keyboard right into a monitor Pad

This cheat is incredibly helpful if you desire to conveniently edit a typo if typing.

When you’re using the keyboard, press down ~ above it and it will end up being blank. Now, there is no lifting her finger, you’re able to easily move your cursor around the screen. Once you’re on a word, press down to to mark it, or press it twice to highlight an entire section.

46. Have actually your Phone read Texts come You

If periodically you feel like reading your message is too difficult or you simply can’t be bothered, have actually your iPhone read them to you.

Go come Settings, General, Accessibility, and switch on the Speak Selection. Now, if friend long-press ~ above a message, you’ll check out the option to Speak. Just make sure the message isn’t as well risky to be check out aloud.

47. Boost or Decrease text Size

Do you have difficulty reading the message on her screen, due to the fact that your eye aren’t quite what they supplied to be? Or possibly you’ve acquired super-eagle-vision and also the default size is too large for you. Well, this trick accounts because that both.

Go to Settings, screen & Brightness, text Size, and also you’ll be able to readjust the text size to her satisfaction.

You have to note that just apps that support Dynamic type will change to your desired reading size.

48. Make her iPhone 7 Flash once you get a Message

For some of us, the vibration or sound isn’t always enough come grab her attention when you obtain a message. Well, currently you deserve to make your phone’s speed blink as well.

Go right into Settings, General, Accessibility, and scroll under to the Hearing section. Originally designed for world with listening impairments, you deserve to use it and also an extra attention grabber! rotate on the LED Flash because that Alerts.

Now, at any time you obtain a notification, your iPhone’s flash will certainly blink.

49. Produce custom ringtones and also Alert Tones

If friend love personalization and/or music, you’ll love this one. Girlfriend can develop your very own ringtones and alert tones for you iphone 7 and also 7 to add based on any music track in your iTunes Library. You can check out a much more detailed tutorial here.

What you’ll do is, produce a short, sub-30-second duplicate variation of your chosen track, and also convert the paper type so you deserve to sync the ringtone through your iPhone.

What’s also cooler, is that you can develop a distinct custom tone also in GarageBand. Once you’ve done every your an innovative work, go to Share choices and select Ringtone. You can then assign it to a contact or notification.

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50. Track your Sleep Pattern

You have to definitely give the Bedtime feature a go. To set it up, open up the Clock app and select the Bedtime setting at the bottom of her display. Right here you can pick the lot of sleep you want and also which work you’d choose an alarm.

This is good because it no just set an alarm, it allows you configure the variety of hours you sleep, as well as an alert to tell you as soon as it’s time to sleep.

You’ll always be able to make certain you’re getting sufficient sleep.

51. Night transition Mode

Ever checked your phone in ~ night, just to be blinded through the BRIGHTNESS of your phone screen? Well, the Night change Mode is a nifty function if you find the tones tough on her eyes in short light scenarios.

It dims the harsh colours into warmer hues, in bespeak to do it much easier on her eyes. To activate it walk to your Settings, display & Brightness, Night Shift. You have the right to then schedule this setting for a specific time frame so your phone will certainly automatically use the settings when you want.

52. Enable Colour Filters

Colour blindness and also using phones have the right to sometimes be fairly challenging. Also with the new bright displays on the iphone phone 7’s deserve to still it is in difficult. But, with iOS 10, Apple are attempting to help you the end by including a selection of new colour filters to help you much better distinguish colours.

To access the brand-new filters, walk to Settings, General, Accessibility, screen Accommodations, colour Filters. You have the right to then pick from a bunch of various options, including a Red/Green Filter, Green/Red Filter, Blue/Yellow Filter, and Grayscale.

If you’re finding no one of these are fairly doing it because that you, try setting a colour tint for the whole screen.

53. Find out the lyrics to her Favourite Songs

So she never captured in those ashamed moments, where the music cuts out and everyone realises you’re just making arbitrarily sounds. Use this cheat to assist learn the text to her favourite songs.

The Music application got a big overhaul v the iOS 10 update, and also you’re currently able to view the text while you’re listening come a song. To perform this, madness the Now play section in ~ the bottom to carry up the menu, and also near the bottom will be an alternative for Lyrics.

You need to note the Apple no yet have the lyrics for every tune in your library, or even Apple Music. So you might not check out the Lyrics choice for every song.

54. Manage Media Playback

If you very own an iPhone, you’ll know around the Command Center. Access the by swiping increase from the bottom of your screen, and also you can regulate your flashlight, calculator, and aircraft mode. But, swipe left and you can access your media playback. Here, you can regulate the music and podcasts you listening to.

55. Queue up the next song

The revamp that the Music App has a useful brand-new Up following feature.

When she listening come a song, and suddenly you understand the perfect song to monitor up with, discover the track and force press on it. You’ll get a pop-up menu with choices to remove the download, add to playlist, re-superstructure the song, love or dislike, and play next. Tap the play following options and also it will automatically play next!

56. Set Music ~ above a Timer

If you reap falling sleep to music or audiobooks, this one’s because that you!

Use the surprise Stop play timer to choose how long you desire your music come be playing for. To collection this up, go to her Clock app, tap Timer. Choose how long you want it to last, and then insanity When Timer Ends, scroll to the bottom on the menu and tap Stop Playing.

Once you’ve started your timer, begin playing your music or audiobook. And when the timer’s up, they’ll fade and also stop.

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57. Optimize to apologize Music Storage

The iOS 10 update now permits you to optimize the quantity of storage you use up in the Music app.

Go to Settings, Music, and scroll down till you check out the Optimize warehouse menu. Open it, and also you’ll be allowed to choose how lot of her storage space will be supplied up by your music.

Be careful, if you walk low top top space, her phone will delete tracks the you haven’t listen to in a while.

58. Quickly manage Your iCloud Storage

Want to quickly inspect how many photos, files, music, and also emails you have actually stored on her iCloud?

Go to Settings, tap on her Account ID in ~ the height of your screen, and also select iCloud. It’ll probably be largely photos, however you’ll have the ability to see your intake easily in ~ a glance. To check out an app-specific malfunction and regulate your storage, just tap ~ above the graph.

59. Find Outdated Apps

iOS 10.3 permits you to view if she carrying any type of outdated apps that might potentially sluggish your phone down.

To hunt down these pesky apps, head to Settings, General, About, Applications, and if you see a “>” next come the number of apps you’ve mounted on the Application line, climate you’ll recognize you’ve got an outdated app. Settle it by tapping ~ above each app to examine for updates.

60. Open application Switcher Faster

The application switcher is nothing new. If you’ve ever before had an iphone phone before, you’ll know you can accessibility this through a quick double-press of the residence button. You’re may be to use this to toggle in between apps.

But, through the introduction of 3D Touch, you now have a faster alternate way.

Press down on the left sheet of your screen and also swipe towards the center. This will bring up your open apps.

61. Do The Apps concerned You

The larger display screens on the iphone phone 7 and also 7 Plus room great, unless you have tiny fingers. Then acquiring to some apps conveniently can obtain annoying.

Luckily for you, there is a solution. Just dual tap your home button and all your apps will certainly slide under your screen so they’re easy to access.

For one extra tip, you need to organize her apps and also folders on your home screen so the your most commonly used people are quickly reachable with your thumb. The these tiny things that have the right to make your user-experience so lot easier.

62. Customize Your app Icons

You have the right to make provide your home display screen a an ext personal look, together developers are currently able to sell you a choice of app icons. Although, you will need to rely top top the developers to actually administer different options.

Currently, the many notable apps to usage this attribute are in ~ Bat, and the NHL App, which allows you to change the icon to your favorite team. Hopefully, in the future, we’ll see new apps monitor this trend.

63. Madness Your method to The Top

No, I’m no talking about tap dancing! instead of undertaking the grueling job of scrolling ago to the optimal of the page, you deserve to just transfer yourself there by tapping the an extremely top of her iPhone screen.

This will work on many apps, and also some will also offer friend an undo function, in situation you tap the by accident and also lose your place.

Not all apps will assistance this, so have a play and also see i beg your pardon ones offer this handy feature.

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64. Skip Calls through Remind Me later on Option

Sometimes she busy and you just can’t take it that call right not. Yes, you might just let the calls walk to voicemail, however sometimes it’s nicer to explain why you’re no picking up. You have the right to do this top top the recent iOS updates, by automatically responding come calls through a message message.

To perform this, swipe upward on the phone symbol which appears next come the unlock slider, and also choose Respond through Text, or madness the switch labeled Message above the slider to answer the call.

The default options are, “Sorry, i can’t talk appropriate now”, “Can I speak to you later?”, “I’m on mine way”, as well as a switch that allows you go into your very own message.

You can also customize the pre-prepared message if you walk to, Settings, Phone, Respond v Text. You’d have to sacrifice among the default options, as you can not have much more than three. So simply tap on the one you’re willing to gain rid of and also create a new one.

65. Protect against Spam Calls

The absolute worst, they’ll constantly call at the most inconvenient times. So it’s only right that you’ll desire to block these. Here’s just how you do it.

Firstly, you’ll must download an application for the app Store, which will identify a potential spammer. I recommend among the much more popular apps Hiya. You have the right to then view your spam-blocking apps by heading come Settings, Phone, call Blocking and also Identification.

66. Contact Uber in Maps

Another comfortable trick you deserve to do making use of Maps, it supports the use of apps choose Uber. As soon as you’re in maps, find for your destination, climate Get Directions, and pick Get a Ride.

You’ll be able to choose between any kind of ridesharing application that is sustained by Maps.

67. Acquire Weather Report in Maps

Maps are good for finding wherein you’re going and not gaining lost. Through the iOS 10 update, you deserve to now find out if it’s even worth finding your method to whereby you’re going. Together you no longer have to leave the application to examine the weather forecast.

Using 3D Touch, press the Temperature to have a 7-hour projection pop up. If you save pressing, you’ll transport directly into the built-in Weather app’s complete forecast for the location. Unfortunately, to apologize hasn’t quite managed to master teleportation to your chosen location yet.

68. Pay through Your iPhone

A attribute that to be also easily accessible on the iphone phone 6, Apple Pay allows you come pay because that stuff through tapping your iPhone at any type of terminal the supports close to Field communications – therefore don’t exclusively rely on utilizing your phone come pay!

To collection up Apple Pay, launch the Wallet app and follow the measures for entering your payment card. IOS 10 will also enable you come buy points within her phone’s Safari web internet browser at participating sites.

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69. Save Battery Power

Out for the day and also forgot your charger and also power bank? Or if you recognize you’re going to be utilizing for iphone phone 7 for a long time, use this cheat to conserve battery power.

Switch to Low power Mode. This reduces your phone’s power usage by transforming off specific features like Siri, background app refresh, and reducing part visual effect. And also your display screen will walk darker after a shorter duration of inactivity.

But generally, her iPhone will occupational normally and your battery will last much longer.

To apply this, go to Settings, Battery, Low strength Mode.

70. Present Battery Percentage

iOS screens the battery level in the optimal right corner of your phone. You have the right to actually store track that your remaining power much more easily by permitting the battery portion indicator. This will offer you the specific percentage you have actually left.

To carry out this, go to Settings, General, Usage, and toggle top top Battery Percentage.

71. Determine Battery Sponges

You’ve actually been able to do this due to the fact that iOS 8, however if you’re a brand-new iPhone user, you might not recognize this one.

You can uncover out i m sorry apps are soaking increase all your power. You should note that just because an app uses a lot of your battery, doesn’t average it’s a power sponge. It might just typical that you’re utilizing it a lot.

The apps to save an eye out for, space the apps using a the majority of battery even though friend haven’t been utilizing them.

To execute this trick, go to Settings, General, Usage, Battery Usage.

72. Fee your phone Faster

Pressed for time and you can not wait for your phone come recharge? Well, yes sir a method you can speed increase the process. And also it’s really simple.

Just turn on Flight safe Mode. This will shut off features that have the right to strain your battery life, and aid speed up the re-juicing. The won’t do a substantial difference, however that extra little of battery could make every the difference.

73. IPhone not Charging? shot This

If she iPhone no charging appropriately with her Lightning cable anymore, don’t take it it to obtain it fixed simply yet. Lint might be the issue. Lint can build up in your charging harbor over time, and also it’s easy to remove. Just gain a toothpick and gently eliminate the lint.

74. Save Data by Limiting application Access

If you’re just halfway with the month and your call data is already starting to gain low; you can use this trick to make every last little bit count.

You have the right to manually select which apps usage data and which obtain demoted come the Wi-Fi just list. Head to Settings, mobile Data, and you’ll be able to toggle i beg your pardon apps use data and also which don’t.

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75. Wi-Fi Troubleshooting

This is an excellent update. IOS will now properly troubleshoot your Wi-Fi if she having link problems. It will display an exclamation note over the Wi-Fi icon on your standing bar.

If this occurs, head to Settings, and get in your Wi-Fi menu. You’ll be presented v some general tips about how you have the right to fix your internet access. For example, restarting the router or contacting her ISP, etc.

76. Improve Your call Signal with this covert Mode

No have to experiment do the efforts to discover where your iPhone 7’s ideal connection is. There’s a far simpler way of doing it now.

Type *3001#12345#* into your iPhone’s dialer and also press the call button. This will launch a surprise Field mode tool. It transforms your bar chart-based signal indication into a numerical-based signifier.

All you’ll have to do is monitor the numbers to find much better signals.

77. Find the net Faster

When you’re looking for the latest sports results or just trying to victory an debate with a friend, you’ll have to be quick. Having to kind out long URL’s have the right to really slow-moving down the process.

You deserve to save some time through holding under the complete stop icon. This will bring up a short-cut collection of URL suffix (.com,, etc.). Back it might seem choose a tiny amount that time saved. It can really assist when you trying come prove a point!

78. Native Finder on net pages

Searching because that a particular word or phrase on a net page? You deserve to easily uncover it by typing it into the URL/search bar. Don’t worry around your web page being replaced by your Favorites, your web page will return as shortly as friend tap turn off the bar.

You’ll be able to see a list of net search results, Wikipedia, and outcomes from your App Store, etc. You’ll desire to look because that the ar labeled On This Page.

Tap that, and you’ll see every one of the outcomes are emphasize on the internet page. You deserve to then navigate v each one by tapping the arrows at the bottom of her screen.

79. Go back Without a Button

If you a new iPhone user, acquiring used come a life without a specialized back switch can it is in a ache teething process.

But, if there may not be clear button, you deserve to still usage a simple method to walk back. In most apps swiping your display left to best will send you earlier to the previous web page or menu.

Who demands a button, aye? They’re so 2015 anyway.

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80. Clear every Notifications at Once

In the ‘olden days’ you offered to have to delete her notifications on a day-by-day basis, tapping the ‘X’ and also then tapping Clear.

Not now, not through iOS10. Use the 3D Touch, and force press on the ‘X’ in ~ the top of the list and you’ll check out an alternative to Clear all Notifications. Tap that, and all your notifications will certainly disappear, leaving you v a clean Notification Center.

81. Close 3 Apps in ~ the very same Time

You’re now about to usage multi-finger gestures to conveniently clean up you iphone phone clutter. If because that any reason you must shut under multiple applications fast, you deserve to drag three fingers up on the multitasking menu to close 3 apps in ~ the same time.

82. Quick delete in calculator app

If you’re an account, or you simply use the calculator application a lot, you will do it probably uncover this trick super useful.

Now, like real-life calculators, there’s no clearly shows delete button. I m sorry personally I uncover bizarre, together it deserve to be really annoying if did you do it made a mistake in ~ the finish of keying a long calculation. However, this has changed. Swipe throughout the number in the black area in ~ the top: left or right, doesn’t matter. Each time you swipe, a single digit will be removed!

83. Poor at Math, acquire Siri to perform it

Yes, now you can get Siri to do your math for you. Siri can aid you will an easy and complex maths questions.

Open Siri and also recite your equations.

Tip: if the number is complex, ensure the you to speak it in ~ a slower pace. That way Siri i will not ~ misunderstand it.

Siri will be able to add, subtract, divide, multiply, and even slightly more difficult equations together well.

84. Correct Siri’s Punctuation

A more pleasurable trick, together Siri have the right to sometimes be a little bit of a condescending know-it-all. Now’s your opportunity to contact it out!

If Siri mispronounces a name, you can tell it. After ~ the mistake has been made, to speak “That’s not just how you pronounce…” Siri will certainly ask for the correct pronunciation, then let you check if it’s currently right.

85. Do Siri answers Faster

If friend press and hold under your Home button while speak to Siri; release it when you’ve finished. You’ll get a lot faster response because Siri doesn’t need to identify when you’ve stopped talking.

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86. Placed up a Shelf

No, your iPhone 7 i will not ~ actually put up the shelf ~ above its own. But, you deserve to use it together a handy device to aid you.

Open your Compass app, yes the one you filed away v Stocks, and Find friend apps in the folder of stuff you nothing need. Swipe right to left and also you’ll be presented through a heart level, permitting you come make sure your bookshelf is perfectly level.

You should certainly remember to calibrate it on a flat surface prior to using it.

87. Conserve PDFs come iBooks

You have the right to use this cool trick to turn net pages right into PDFs and then save them in her iBooks app. An excellent if you uncover web record you’d prefer to reader later.

Tap Share, and scroll across the apps till you watch Save PDF come iBooks. Tap this, and also the internet page will be added to her iBooks app.

88. Collaborate ~ above Notes

This is awesome if you’re functioning on notes as a component of a team. You’re currently able come share the info you have in the Note app through anyone girlfriend want. They’ll be able to edit and collaborate.

To execute this, tap top top the circular symbol with the ‘head’ and also ‘+’ sign, and you’ll be provided the choice to share your notes.

89. Make her iPhone 7 boy Friendly

If it’s most likely that her phone may be taken on by a child, that always great to lay under the regulation of what they can and cannot access.

Head to the Restrictions section. This is a PIN-protected menu where girlfriend can allow restrictions – disable apps and also features choose Siri, AirDrop, and CarPlay. What’s handy (especially if a kid is going come be using your iphone without supervision), is that you deserve to prevent installation and also deletion the apps, app Store purchases, and more.

If she a super quite parent and bought your son an iphone phone 7 or 7 Plus, you’re maybe to set with content it allowed. Because that example, you deserve to prevent them watching movies above a specific rating and also which websites they can browse.

90. Usage Apple ID without a credit Card

Another tip to aid child-proof your or her kid’s iphone 7. You deserve to actually develop an Apple id account without a credit transaction card.

This means you or your kid will only be able to download complimentary apps. If you’re emotion nice, you can top the accounts up with iTunes gift cards. This will let you control their safety habits.

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91. Readjust Your display screen Timeout Length

It can get exceptionally frustrating if you’re trying to check out something on your iPhone and also the display screen keeps ~ above going right into hibernation mode.

If you’ve already tried to adjust it and also you can’t fairly seem to uncover it. No worries, Apple has just moved it. You have the right to now find it if you go to Display & Brightness settings. Which, as soon as you think around it, makes a lot more sense.

92. Record Your IMEI Number

This is something girlfriend should certainly do. Document it and store it what safe. Your IMEI (International Mobile equipment Identity Number), is her device’s distinct identifier that connects come a mobile network with a center card.

If you lose your iphone phone or it gets stolen, you have the right to use this number to blacklist her device. This way it can’t be provided on mobile networks, making it tough for thieves to use or resell.

To find your IMEI number, go to Settings, General, About, and scroll down to see the number.

93. Discover What her iPhone Knows about You

A slightly eerie trick, however most world know by now that your iPhone is constantly collection data top top you. Together as, what apps friend use, where you are, and also your data usage.

To find out what her iPhone 7 knows about you, walk to Settings, Privacy, place Services, mechanism Services, frequent Locations. You’ll have the ability to see wherein you’ve been, and also how long you were there for. Creepy.

94. Hide pictures Without an App

Sometimes you have to hide ‘those’ photos, and there’s a simple trick you deserve to use to hide them without an app.

Open up your library and also tap top top the picture you desire to hide. Next, tap ~ above Edit then Crop at the bottom of your screen. Traction the corners of the cropping box so the a really small portion of the image is visible. Click Save and also your old photo will be replaced with your new one.

Now the complete view that your photograph is hidden. If you want to watch the initial image, just open the up, tap ~ above Edit and climate tap Revert to Original.

95. Possibly Save your Life

Having accessibility to the right medical information deserve to be life-saving, especially if friend or a loved one calls for emergency attention. Well, you can ensure medical specialists will have accessibility to this information with her iPhone.

You can collection up something called Medical ID, and it can be accessed indigenous the lock display screen by clicking the emergency options. You can screen your name, DOB, emergency contacts, clinical conditions, and blood form etc.

To collection this up, go to your Health app, Medical ID, here friend will have the ability to fill out all of the important information.

96. Make your iPhone Run much faster in 10 Seconds

Rid you yourself of crashing apps and also web pages the take year to pack by clearing your lamb (random accessibility memory), in just a few seconds.

Go to your Home screen, organize down the power button until Swipe to power Off appears. Then simply organize your Home button under for 5 seconds. This gets rid of your lamb – speeding up your iPhone.

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97. Avoid Your iphone From Tracking You

Hanging the end in locations you shouldn’t be? Well, your iPhone has actually the potential to share every one of your secrets. The tracks and also stores your frequent locations, and how long you’ve invested at every place.

Luckily, you can turn this off. Walk to Settings, Privacy Settings, place Services, mechanism Services, constant Locations. First, clear your background and then turn off the Frequent locations option.

98. Conserve Storage by immediately Deleting Old Texts

By default, your iPhone will store all of your texts forever, which deserve to take increase a most storage space. However, friend can adjust this setting so the your iPhone immediately deletes review messages after a month – preventing iMessage causing you storage problems in the future.

Head to Settings, Messages, save Messages, blog post History, and now you can choose to have read messages immediately deleted after 30 days.

99. Prioritize Your application Updates

Updating many apps deserve to sometimes take it an annoyingly lengthy amount the time. Particularly if you’re waiting for a details app to update.

You have the right to make sure the apps you desire to use update first by using 3D Touch. Press on the application that’s reduced in the queue, and also you can offer it priority over the rest. Girlfriend can likewise use this to pause or cancel updates.

100. Use Siri To determine Song Names

Siri deserve to be a little bit of a know-it-all, so usage that to your advantage. She has actually the capacity to tell you the surname of a song just by listening come it.

When you’re listening come a song, and you need to understand what it’s called and who it’s by, press the Home button and ask Siri to recognize it.

Siri will then tell friend the details, and also even do it simple for you come download the track via iTunes.

101. Obtain Paid Apps for Free

You or your family members members room able come share apps making use of the Family share option.

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To carry out this, walk to her Settings, iCloud, household Sharing, include Family Member. Type the surname of the person you’d choose to re-superstructure with. When the invitation has been accepted, you’ll be able to browse and also use apps that each other have purchased.