You’re happy v your iphone 7 or iphone 7 Plus, right? the course, you are! It might not it is in the newest iPhone, but it’s tho a terrific phone through a lot to offer. Past the usual advice pertaining come Touch ID and also the camera, over there are loads of small pointers and also tricks the the day-to-day iPhone owner might or may not be aware of. If you desire to take complete control over her iPhone, below are the peak iPhone 7 advice you should know.

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Coming to grips with your brand-new iPhone

New Home button doesn’t feel fairly right?


The iphone phone 7 doesn’t have an actual switch for the home button, it’s a capacitive, sensor-driven disc that works choose the touchscreen. However thanks to a clever new implementation the Apple’s Taptic Engine — similar to the one on her Apple clock — that does feel like a button when you press it. Walk you know you have the right to subtly change that feeling? Here’s how:

Go to Settings >General >Home Button. Here, there room three choices to adjust the feeling of the fabricated click. Choose the one the feels right, and also then the Done option in the height right-hand corner.

Where is Auto-Brightness?


If you’re brand-new to the iPhone, you might be wondering whereby the Auto-Brightness toggle is. Logic speak you that it have to be under Settings > display & Brightness, but you would certainly be wrong. Come toggle auto-brightness on, girlfriend must enter Settings > basic > ease of access > screen Accommodations, and here you deserve to toggle Auto-Brightness on and off.

How to take it a screenshot


Remember being able to swipe ~ above a little icon top top the lock screen to conveniently open the camera on other iPhones? it hasn’t been there due to the fact that iOS 10 and it is no immediately evident what to perform instead. Don’t issue though, simply swipe come the left ~ above the lock display to open the camera instantly. Just as quick and also easy together before.

Starting one emergency SOS


It’s no something everyone likes come think about, however if you find yourself in a bad position, press the power switch rapidly five times, and drag the Emergency SOS slider throughout to instantly call the emergency services. This will additionally send your emergency contact your existing location ~ the call, and also lock your Touch id so friend can’t it is in physically forced to unlock your phone versus your will.

How to force a restart


The iphone 7 doesn’t have a physical home button, for this reason the method for forcing a restart, or a difficult reset, has changed. Now, hold down the power button on the best side of the phone, and the volume down switch on the left next at the exact same time. Keep them held down till the phone call restarts and also you view the apologize logo.

Don’t miss out on the 3.5mm headphone adapter

Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends

Apple contains an adapter with every iphone phone 7 and also iPhone 7 Plus therefore you deserve to still use headphones that have a 3.5mm headphone jack attached and also not a Lightning connector. The thing is, it’s basic to miss out on in the box, particularly in the excited of unpacking the phone itself. You’ll find it by acquisition out the EarPods, whereby it is recorded to the ago of the case, totally hidden from check out if you never ever use the standard earphones.

Charge and also listen come music in ~ the very same time?

Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends

You have your headphones plugged into the Lightning connector, and also 1 percent showing on the battery meter — what come do? If a pair that Bluetooth headphones isn’t one option, then you’re going to need to splash the end on an additional adapter. Belkin has a dual Lightning connector adapter in the functions — one because that charging, and the other for audio — when interestingly, Apple’s $50 iphone phone 7 Lightning Dock has a 3.5mm headphone port constructed into the base. You can also take a look in ~ our picks because that the finest iPhone 7 battery cases.

Using 3D Touch, Bedtime feature, widgets, control Center, and also more

3D Touch is useful

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3D Touch has actually been vastly improved since iOS 10, and also these features likewise work top top the iphone phone 6S and 6S Plus, so even if friend don’t have actually the latest phone, provide them a try. Over there are numerous to remember, and also updates will certainly be added all the time, so the ideal advice is to hard press under on application icons, or notifications, to watch what happens.

Here space a pair of ours favorites:

Hard-press ~ above the article icon and you gain quick access to a brand-new message or a shortcut to your most frequently used contacts.Hard-press on the Instagram app icon and there is quick accessibility to a brand-new post, search, or your activity page.With the phone call locked, difficult press top top any notice to see extr controls. It’s easy to answer to iMessages there is no unlocking her phone, for example.

Flashlight intensity adjustment, and also quick timer


Touch i would is Apple’s name for the fingerprint sensor, and also it can be provided in two different ways to unlock her phone, one of two people a full-press or through a irradiate touch. This was also an choice on the iphone phone 6S range and there is a opportunity the default alternative will be different to her previous choice. Here is just how to adjust it.

Go come Settings > General > Accessibility, climate look because that the Home Button option. In here, toggle the switch marked Rest Finger come Open.With the switch moved to On, over there is no have to press the switch to unlock the phone when the lock display is active. Through it Off, that still needs a press.

Enable or disable haptics

On the iphone 7, nearly everything you perform will it is in accompanied by a light buzz or vibration. If you use 3D Touch a lot, you are probably already familiar with this feeling. These are your smartphone’s mechanism haptics, or haptic feedback, which permit you know your actions space being recognized. If friend don’t prefer the constant — albeit short — movements, you can turn them turn off by going come Settings > sound & Haptics and toggling the System Haptics off.

How to add much more shortcuts in manage Center

Do you wish you had much more shortcuts in control Center? Well, girlfriend can! all you need to do is walk to settings > Control center > Customize Controls and you will certainly be maybe to include or eliminate your most-used toggles.

Raise come wake


If Touch ID’s super-fast unlocking frustrates once you just want to inspect the time, girlfriend will favor this trick. Prefer the to apologize Watch, iOS 12 has actually a advanced to wake up mode. Choose up her phone, and also the Home display lights up, without having to push the house button.

It need to be switched on by default, but if not, head to Settings > Display and Brightness, and also find the Raise to Wake toggle. Turn it on or off, depending on your preference.


Malarie Gokey/Digital Trends

Bedtime is another iOS function that we love, and new iPhone 7 owners need to definitely try it out. Rather than simply setting an alarm to wake approximately in the morning, Bedtime lets you configure the variety of hours girlfriend sleep instead, together with an alert to tell girlfriend it’s time to placed your head under at the end of the day. It also tracks her sleep through Apple Health.

Open the Clock app and also select the Bedtime setting at the bottom the the display. From here, pick the quantity of sleep you like to get, and also which job you want an alarm. Madness the Options button in the top-left corner of the screen to readjust the alarm sound and also the reminder time.

Quickly add brand-new widgets


Apple tweaked the figure of the Today display screen in iOS 10 and made widgets more useful than ever. Over there are already a handful of widgets included to the screen by default, however you can conveniently edit what is there and also add new ones. To carry out so, swipe left while on the home or lock display screen to bring up the this day screen. Then, scroll to the bottom and also tap Edit to check out what other widgets you have actually at your disposal. Alternatively, you can press down on an app on your house screen and if it has actually widget capabilities, a widget will appear and also you can tap Add Widget in the top-right corner.

Lock camera lens

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This is something just iPhone 7 Plus owners will have the ability to take advantage of, together it calls for the twin camera ~ above the back. Head come Settings > Camera > record Video and toggle the Lock Camera option on. This will save you from switching between the two lenses on the ago while recording video, and also prevent any type of flickering that can occur when switching.

Enable magnifier

Sometimes you have to zoom in top top something much away, yet don’t desire to open the camera app to execute it. If so, walk to Settings > general > availability > Magnifier and also toggle the Magnifier setup on. You can then triple-click the Home button to activate the feature. While utilizing the Magnifier, you can use the white circle button to capture picture and zoom in and out to acquire a much better look in ~ it. If the triple-click role doesn’t occupational or launches other else, walk to Settings > general > ease of access > accessibility Shortcut to change it come the Magnifier.

Making the most of texting, memories, and also lyrics

Use the Notes app as a file scanner

The Notes app can role as a file scanner. Start a brand-new note and also tap the Plus sign located over the keyboard. Pick Scan Documents and point the camera in ~ the record you desire to scan. The Notes app will discover it because that you and automatically take a picture. Choose to save when you’re finished.

Send invisible message in iMessages

Apple added brand-new ways for human being to article one another, next from making use of mere words. One specific addition was the ability to hide a message so that won’t be revealed till the receiver taps or rubs ~ above it. To usage these covert messages, first, form what you want to say, or attach picture or video, then press down ~ above the blue up arrow to lug up her effects. You desire the one that says Invisible Ink. Tap the to include the effect, which will certainly look prefer static or sparkles.

Text music or pictures with iMessage apps

Another enhancement to iMessage come in the type of apps made especially for it. In iMessage, girlfriend can accessibility these apps by tapping top top the gray arrow on the left, climate tap the icon that look at like drawing tools forming a triangle. Depending on how countless apps you have installed, you will have multiple tabs you have the right to swipe v to send different things, indigenous GIFs to music from your library to Shazam tags. You can browse and also download new iMessage apps on the app Store, which deserve to be easily reached through tapping the group of four smaller boxes in the bottom-left corner and also then tapping the option labeled Store.

Use iOS key-board as a trackpad

This will be incredibly beneficial if you’re looking to modify a typo when typing. In any kind of app that offers the keyboard, push down on the keyboard and it will end up being blank. Without lifting your finger, relocate it about the touchscreen to easily move your cursor. As soon as over a word, push down to to mark it, or press it double to highlight an entire selection.

Edit memory movies

To show you all the an excellent times you’ve newly experienced, iOS makes Memories out of your photos and also videos. Think the them together a sort of slideshow draft to remind you the what you’ve been through. Girlfriend can edit these by going come Photos > Memories, tapping the video at the top, and also tapping it again to begin playing the video. While the video clip is playing, you deserve to tap the to lug up user controls.

View lyrics in Music app

Listening to music is one thing, but it never damages to recognize what the words in reality are. If you’re one Apple Music subscriber, girlfriend can display lyrics on her favorite songs. While in the Music app, insanity the Now Playing section at the bottom to carry up the full song. Afterward, insanity the 3 dotted currently in the bottom-right edge to bring up another menu, and also near the bottom must be an choice for Lyrics. Tap that so you have the right to sing along with what you’re hearne to. Sadly, this won’t work with every tune you own, or every song accessible on to apologize Music. If the Lyrics choice isn’t there, it’s because Apple has yet to add them.

Opting because that Landscape view, camera, photos, and more

Use her camera as a QR Reader


Your camera is a QR password reader, so you don’t have to download a third-party QR code reader application if girlfriend don’t want to. Simply open the camera application and suggest it at any type of QR code. Girlfriend will see the connect pop up.

Live photograph effects


Did you recognize that Live picture have various effects? after you take it a Live Photo, madness the photo as soon as to check out it and also then swipe increase on the photo to reveal the effects. Friend can pick from loop, bounce, or long exposure.

How to see an ext with see view

How regularly do you use your iphone 7 or iphone 7 add to in see view? go you understand that there’s a see mode? In many cases, it will offer you a split view, or offer you extr information in ~ a glance. Here are some apps the you can begin using in landscape setting now:

Calculator — It lets you view the scientific calculator.Safari — In tab view, it gives you a birds-eye view of every your open tabs.Calendar — See more details by day, week, month, or year.Keyboard — access additional keys, such together Cut, Copy, Paste, and Undo. There are even keys to relocate your cursor.Stocks — acquire a see of your stocks the is comprehensive by day, month, or year.Health — acquire a much more detailed view, and much more information, by the hour, day, week, month, or year.

Additional options for iphone 7 add to owners

Settings, Mail, Outlook, Messages, on facebook Messenger — this apps will provide you a split view where you have the right to tap messages, or options, ~ above the left, and see much more on the right. In Mail, for example, you have the right to tap the email subject on the left and read the blog post on the right.Tweetbot — This app takes advantage of the break-up view, for this reason if you’re a Tweetbot user, you can start using the separation column check out while in landscape mode.Weather — The weather app gives you additional information in ~ a glance while in landscape mode.

Quickly testimonial your photos if in the camera app


Ever for this reason often, friend will desire to review the pictures you’ve been taking without leave the camera app. You deserve to do this by using 3D Touch. To execute so, press the thumbnail of the last picture you took in the lower-left corner of the camera app. This will open the gallery, and you will certainly be required you come tap again in order to accessibility the camera app. But, if you usage 3D Touch, the snapshot will pop up, and then you deserve to drag her finger left or ideal to conveniently browse your photos. If girlfriend let go, it will certainly go ago to the camera app. If you push harder, the gallery application will open. This is referred to as Peek and also Pop.

Mark up photos in iMessage


When you send a snapshot in the messages app, you have actually an alternative to note up that particular photo. To execute this, attach a picture to your message. Once the picture is attached, you can tap the picture, and also it will offer you a markup choice in the lower-left corner. If you pick Markup, you have the right to write text, draw with her finger, or use the magnifier.

Track down apps that space draining your battery

Apps in iOS room pretty reliable, and they law well when it pertains to battery life. Sometimes, however, there could be a misbehaving app or some setting in iOS that will certainly suddenly begin draining your battery. If you room not sure what is bring about the sudden drain, go to Settings > Battery, and also scroll down. Friend won’t view anything brand-new here till you tap among the apps ~ above the resulting perform or the clock icon beside Last 7 Days. Now, you should have the ability to see exactly how plenty of minutes or hrs an application has been to run in the background. If you check out that an application hasn’t to be used, however has been working in the background for hours, then you understand which application may be leading to an issue

Pay once for apps and also share v your family


When you buy apps, your loved people don’t necessarily need to purchase castle again. If you revolve on family Sharing, your household can check out your purchase apps and download them. To rotate this attribute on, head end to Settings > > family members Sharing.

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tap Add family Member and type the name of the person you want to invite. You deserve to send the invite over email or send it via iMessage. As soon as the person accepts the invitation, they merely need to open the app Store app and also go to Updates > tap Your photograph in the top right-hand corner, and go to Purchased. Once there, they deserve to browse and download apps to buy by various other users.