20+ iphone 11 Hidden functions – advice & tricks iPhone

We have shared 20+ iphone phone 11 tips and also tricks which help you to check out the hidden attributes of the iphone phone 11. The year IOS 13 release numerous of the users looking the secrets and features of iphone phone 11 and iPhone 11 pro max. People are looking for iPhone 11 hidden attributes which have to be leaked


Apple tech comes with brand-new features and also hence iphone 11 and also iPhone 11 pro max is out currently in the sector with the latest IOS 13. People are in search of iPhone 11 hidden functions which should be leaked. Each year iPhone kills the market and announced new secrets about iPhone 11 to lure customer’s attention and also the topic roughly is hidden attributes of the iphone phone 11.

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#1. Go earlier to home in iphone phone 11

iPhone didn’t introduce a earlier button but “how to go ago to home display in iphone phone 11” becomes the topmost searched word of iphone phone 11 surprise features. A swipe cheat in iphone phone is used to go earlier to the house screen.

Swipe indigenous the black bottom bar to the optimal brings earlier you come the house screen.


#2. Switching applications (switch between open Apps)

Switching end the opened application the you were running in the background. Prefer an old iPhone, it’s no on push-button but works by simply swiping end the display till half.

Just Swipe native bottom to peak till half screen offers you every background applications.

another trick to switch end background apps.

Press on the black bar climate at bottom and swipe left and right to move apps in iphone 11.

#3. Iphone phone 11 kill Background Application

Just choose switching applications present all apps through the black color bar come swipe fifty percent screen can kill one application.

Drag any kind of App card over to kill the applications from the app drawer.

Kill background Apps in iphone phone 11:

#4. Lug up Control center iPhone:

The control facility eases your setup adjustment and have different choices like music player, WIFI and Volume adjustment, and other settings.

Swipe from the height right corner to the bottom, the control facility will appear.

Note: iphone X, iphone 11, iphone phone 11 agree max and upcoming iphone phone all have same control facility functionality. You can customize the control facility also.

#5. Turn on Dark setting in iphone 11 – how to:

iPhone 11 has actually latest IOS 13 which is quite much more interesting. Iphone phone 11 pro Max tip included that apple has launched a dark and light mode.

Go come Setting in iPhone.Scroll and also select Display & Brightness.Tap ~ above Dark Mode.

How to rotate on Dark setting in iphone 11?.

Note: The dark mode converts your all applications come a darker background, favor text messages, calendar, phone book, dialer that iPhone setup etc all will have black background.

#6. Iphone phone 11 an alert Bar:

Notification bar has all the recent notification of those App, facebook, twitter, instagram, snapchat and also all other iPhone applications installation etc.

From the top middle swipe down to lug up the an alert bar prefer an android.

#7. Pick Wallpapers there is no Download:

Now girlfriend can change your background without any download or any added application.

Go to Setting in iPhone.Switch to the Wallpaper menu.Choose her desired wallpaper.

IOS 13 has a attribute to adjust wallpaper native your key setting. Iphone 11 has actually wallpaper collection to pick from numerous wallpapers to enhance your screen.

#8. Interact Notifications indigenous Top:

After the release of the brand-new version 13 that IOS you can now interact with the notification from the top panel. Swipe under the height panel and also hold v swipe left can bring multiple options either clear group of notification or check out or reply etc.

Swipe from peak to down from middle. On any notification hold v swipe left have the right to bring options to manage it (read, view, clear, or reply).

#9. Conveniently Turn off any kind of App notification:

As point out in allude 8 swipe from top to bottom indigenous middle.

Hold and swipe left any notice then choose Manage now turn turn off notification or deliver quietly to note as read.

#11. Power Off iphone 11 Pro:

A straightforward tip on just how to rotate off your iPhone 11 and also iPhone 11 agree max.

Volume down and power button press at as soon as shows you power off iPhone.

Video: just how to rotate off iphone 11 & iphone phone 11 pro max?.

Press and hold the volume under button and power switch to rotate off iphone 11.

#12. Screenshot tips in iphone phone 11:

Screenshot facility powers you to capture anything ~ above the screen or to document it. Iphone phone 11 and also iPhone pro max gives you the exact same power that screenshot facility. You can modify or chop screenshots in iphone phone 11.

 Volume UP and also power button just once and also let go to take Screenshot in iphone 11 pro.

Video: exactly how to take it a screenshot in iphone 11.

Sharing Screenshot:Different type of pen helps you to decorate her screenshot or hide anything. Also, you can share screenshots in iphone 11 with any app or send them to WhatsApp, Instagram or Snapchat, etc.

#13. Display recording guideline in iphone 11 & iphone 11 agree Max:

Beside the screenshot you can have the choice of display screen recording in iphone 11 & iphone phone 11 pro Max. It is really an outstanding tip because that iPhone 11 the you deserve to record without any kind of screen record application.

Go come Control center from swipe height right to bottom and there is a circular button of record the screen. Tap top top start recording the display screen in iphone phone 11.

A countdown timer will certainly start and to protect against the record on the top left corner press the red switch to protect against recording.

#14. Changing Screen recording Resolutions:

While display screen recording in iphone phone XI mental to choose correct resolution due to the fact that after record it will not adjust after all.

Go to your settings > Camera > document Videos > pick 4K because that high resolutions

#15. Protection for iphone 11:

The key important allude for her iPhone is security and also it is an ext concern come secure your phone one of two people you shed it or any kind of important data may lose. All points like notice and control center is through default visible revolve off it first.

Go to Setting > Face identifier & Passcode > under Allowed accessibility when locked.

Turn turn off all the options by tapping the green button.

#16. Tight challenge Unlock Security:

Make certain your protection is an extremely tight even so nobody might unlock your phone without her permission.

Go to Setting > Face identifier & pass code > under Attention.

Make sure Require fist for face ID and the Attention conscious feature space on. so nobody rotate on her phone there is no you seeing.

#17. Locked her Notes:

Secure notes of iphone phone 11 space pretty an excellent options of IOS 13. You can lock your note.

Go come Note > Create a Note > push the middle switch at the peak right corner > Lock Note.

Give the happen code and press Lock symbol at top center right.

#18. Readjust Notes Password iphone 11:

Go to Settings > Notes > Password to change the happen code.

or you can pick Face ID come unlock her notes without providing password.

#19. Examine your iphone Storage Status:

Go come Settings > General > iPhone Storage.

Check her storage status exactly how much her storage walk consume by your apps and also other media.

The storage will be displayed in former of her application just how much space occupied through which app.

#20. Assistive Touch in iphone phone 11 – On display Center switch iPhone:

This will present you on display screen quick menu option with following options.

Go come Settings > Accessibility > Assistive Touch first option to enable it.

#21. Modify Your photos in iphone 11 & iphone 11 pro Max:

Another cool thing in IOS 13 is photo editing with huge number of options provide by her IOS 13 of iphone phone 11 & iPhone pro max.

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Go come Photos > select a photo > indigenous top right edge click edit

once the is loaded you can have following choices to modify your photo in iphone 11.