Most iphone users use their iPhones everyday without accessing all of its capabilities. We often hear around "hacks" that permit us to use our iPhones in methods we never ever thought the before, but many the them have tendency to be impractical or overly facility for daily use. Together a lengthy time iphone user and Apple enthusiast, I have learned around hidden iphone phone features, shortcuts, and also tricks over the years that have actually helped me to gain the most out of mine iPhone and also simplify my daily routine, while quiet being handy for daily use.

Here space my height 30 iphone hacks, tips, tricks, and also features the you more than likely haven't been making use of yet, however should be.

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Disclaimer: depending upon your iOS version, some of these functions may no be easily accessible to you. In stimulate to be able to use every one of these features, make certain you have actually updated to the recent iOS.

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iPhone Hacks, Tips, and Tricks:

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Create exceptional text results with your iPhone

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You know how when you type "congrats" in messages the entire screen fills up with confetti? Well, the impacts don't stop there! over there are numerous text impacts within the message app. Here are just a few of the many:

How to produce bubble impacts with iPhone

Slam, loud, gentle, and also invisible ink effects

Bubble results are some of the simpler and an extremely self-explanatory effects that impact the message bubble itself. When the message bubble mister in ~ above the various other person's article thread, lock will see it slam, gently swell, or will need to erase away the sparkling photo to disclose the message.

To use among these effects, you:- type your message. - Press and hold the arrowhead used to send the message- pick from one of the bubble impacts above.

How to develop screen effects with iPhone

echo, spotlight, balloons, confetti, love, lasers, fireworks, and celebration

Screen impacts fill the whole iPhone display screen and, depending on the effect, can impact the bubble together well, choose the congrats effect mentioned above.

To use among these effects:

Type your message. Press and hold the arrow used come send the post Click the screen alternative at the top of the screen.

After picking your preferred effect, you will then click the send arrowhead again.

Phrases that produce Effects top top iPhone

Pew Pew root cause the spotlight effect.Congrats and Congratulations create the confetti effect.Happy Birthday root cause the balloons effect.Happy Chinese new Year root cause the celebration event effect.Happy brand-new Year cause the fireworks effect.

During the Pandemic, we have all become an ext cautious than ever around handwashing. Through kids, it have the right to be challenging for them to know how long they really need to be washing your hands. This attribute is great, due to the fact that it will play music native Apple Music for the time identical that's been recommended (20 seconds) and makes handwashing a bit an ext fun.

How to set up the timed hand washing function on iPhone

To collection this attribute up, go to Shortcuts and click the Washing hands Music shortcut.

It virtually sets chin up. Friend only have actually to add the faster way and allow it to usage the to apologize Music app. As soon as the time comes is asking Siri to "Play Washing hands Music," so the you continue to be hands-free.

In stimulate to usage this Shortcut, girlfriend must have the Shortcuts app. If you have offloaded it, you can just redownload that in the application Store.
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While this isn't crucial for everyone, some world prefer to walk by a name other than the one the is noted for your Apple ID. Due to the fact that Siri supplies your apologize ID and contact information to refer to you through name, Siri will constantly call you by the name shown there uneven you adjust it or create a nickname. Probably you have gone by another name your whole life, or just don't favor your provided name.

Either way, this trick enables you to readjust the surname Siri will describe you by, making it much much more personalized.

After girlfriend say, "Hey Siri," just tell Siri "Call me through a nickname." Siri will certainly then ask girlfriend what you would choose to be called, and also you have the right to state the nickname. Siri will certainly confirm the pronunciation, and also then girlfriend are great to go!

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For those that love come customize their iPhones, this function has been hiding in wait because that you within her Sounds and Haptics settings. Similar to having customizable ringtones, girlfriend can also customize her vibrations. What's also better, you deserve to actually create the to win of the vibration to enhance your favorite track or rhythm. Mine is mine favorite track by The Lumineers.

How to develop a practice vibration on her iPhone

To produce a tradition vibration:

Go to settingsSelect sounds & haptics choose which use you want to vibration because that (ringtone, message tone, alerts, etc) Click vibration scroll down and also click create brand-new vibration

You will then tap her pattern top top the screen. If you desire to testimonial it, you have the right to play it to review, and then click save.

By far, my favorite iPhone pointer is making use of Siri to gain to my app-specific settings.

Imagine you are in the middle of playing one of those completely awesome free mobile games, and you realize that you should turn your cellular data on to keep playing the game, or you room in the application Store and want to revolve on application Updates so her apps instantly update for you. Friend can quickly get to the app-specific settings from within the application without having to go to the residence screen and also search because that the settings app, scroll until you find that app, change the setting, departure settings, and go ago to the previous app. After all, one of the perks of owning an iphone is convenience, right?

Here's just how to carry out it: through the app still open, press the home button if you have actually one, or speak "Hey Siri," and when Siri mr up, say "Settings."

Siri will take you to the settings for that specific app. You have the right to then adjust the setting you essential to change and go back to whatever you to be doing before. Quick, simple, and also time-saving!

I have substantial collection of snapshot frames and also a collage of lock behind mine couch. About a year ago, ns moved and I had no tools to hang up my pictures. No hammer. No level. Simply the frames, pictures, and the pond I initially hung castle with.

After gaining very an imaginative with what to use for a hammer, I supplied my iphone phone to make sure all of my photos were level. When you space trying to placed a arsenal of picture or art, in one place, it's likewise nice to usage the Measurement app to measure each photograph or article so that you can room them properly.

How come level points with her iPhone

Don't have a level, no problem! just use your iPhone. It have the right to be supplied as both a level and also a measurement tool for your pictures, tables, and décor.

To make sure a photograph is level, open the measure up app, click level in ~ the bottom of the screen, and collection the phone horizontally on your photo. If the can't be set on peak of the photo, align the white heat at the top of the screen with the height of your photo.

How come measure with your iPhone

To measure, open the Measurement app > click measure > and also follow the measure up from edge to corner to get specific measurement that the item.

This function has been about for as lengthy as I can remember, but it's frequently missed in ~ the depth of the iPhone's settings. While most civilization use a passcode and also that defense is a great way come prevent human being from gaining into your iPhone's private data. You have the right to take various other precautions if you space hyper-aware the your defense or have an extremely sensitive data on her phone.

This feature permits your phone to erase chin after ten fail passcode attempts. What ns like around it is, exterior of it protecting your data, the just correct means to unlock an iphone after you've forgotten her passcode is to erase it, gain back it from backup, and create a brand-new passcode. With this attribute turned on, also if it's you who is start the dorn passcode, you can save you yourself the time-consuming job of restoring v iTunes.

How to revolve on "Erase Data" ~ failed login make the efforts on iPhone

Go to SettingsScroll down and find the *Erase Data toggle to rotate this on and also off
also if girlfriend don't think you have private information on her phone, you probably have an ext than friend think. Something from saved passwords in keychain to credit transaction cards in the application Store is private info that you have to keep secure.

We all know sometimes Siri it s okay pronunciation wrong. It's bound to take place with the wide variety of names, languages, and spellings of those names. That periodically leads to a very literal joint of a word or name the is both silly and a bit annoying.

To solve it, just use "Hey Siri," or usage your home button if you have one, and also say "You're speak my surname wrong" or "You're express my surname wrong."

Siri will certainly then politely apologize and ask you come teach it how to say your name (i.e. "Okay, exactly how do you say Christina?") once you have actually pronounced the name for Siri, you will be provided a few pronunciations to chose from and also can beat them ago to select the finest one.

Once you have actually made her decision click select come the best of the ideal pronunciation, and Siri will certainly confirm the the change has to be made.

Did you understand you could scan papers with your iPhone? perhaps you don't have actually a scanner or are out and around and must scan a record for job-related or school. Either way, the Notes application is a an excellent way to scan papers in a hurry. I've also used the scanning function to scan mine passport.

How come scan a paper on your iPhone

To scan a file on your iPhone:

Open the notes appCreate a brand-new note Click the camera icon above the keyboardClick Scan Documents

The Notes application then opens up your rear-facing camera and you deserve to position the file within view.

The phone will scan the document by outlining that in yellow, and you deserve to resize the edges of the scan to obtain a perfect fit. As soon as you push down to execute this, the phone will zoom in to that corner or leaf so you are getting as close together possible. When you are done, click save.

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note that to obtain the best results possible you desire to make certain the record is flat, not wrinkled, and that friend have an excellent lighting. It is additionally recommended to have a level background there is no other records or patterns. I usually use mine desk, and also it works great.