Welcome to our second-annual list of the 50 top-rated destinations! this beloved finest vacation spots were liked by showed elafilador.net reviewers throughout 2017 and also rose to the optimal of end 4,600 the review cities. New places grace the list this year, but tried-and-true winners do their returns, too. Each of these cities obtained at the very least 600 reviews and are provided in bespeak of highest-reviewed the end of 5—the top ranging native 4.55 to 4.02 stars.

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Find your favorites or get inspired to walk somewhere new, here’s our perform of the top destinations in north America.

1. Wailea, Hawaii

What is the best North American island vacation? Well, that a city for this reason nice, you made decision it twice. Wailea, apparently, is never the bridesmaid, constantly the bride. Blessed with five stunning crescent-shaped beaches, luxuriously stylish resorts, and adjacent Ahihi-Kinau herbal Area Reserve, this location pampers travelers’ senses with world-class food, beautiful sights, fresh ocean scents, and also inviting weather.

2. Cambria, California

Sitting on may be the prettiest big of seaside land in California, Cambria is an idyllic tiny town among immense beauty. Showing such merits, that hopped indigenous No. 6 to No. 2 this year. Walk the Moonstone coast Boardwalk come spot sea life, or take a horseback tour through the mountains with Covell’s California Clydesdales. Regularly serving as home base for those travel to Hearst Castle, Cambria has plenty the its own charms come explore!

3. Springdale, Utah

Staying solidly in the No. 3 spot, Springdale attracts visitors who like adventure, beauty, and also the an excellent outdoors. This is the ar to continue to be when trying out Zion nationwide Park to capture sight the the blushing hues that sandstone cliffs. The town is a favorite for that village-like charm, southerly Utah landscape, and also friendly community.

4. Quebec City, Quebec

One the the most beautiful urban in the world, Quebec City beckons travelers with historic sites, captivating views, and rich cultural features. Walk follow me Dufferin Terrace come ogle Château Frontenac and also historic battlefields. Style and history buffs will love ar Royale, the spot where the city to be founded. Have actually a quiet moment at Jardin Jeanne d’Arc, a lush park v pristine gardens.

5. Ashland, Oregon

In nearby proximity to the Rogue River—and hosting world-class theater and also the phenomenal Shakespeare Festival—Ashland appeals to art lovers and also outdoor enthusiasm alike. Round the end a day of trail running, river rafting, or skiing v asparagus dumpling soup or smoked brisket through chili sauce at Tot. Or, spend the day shopping neighborhood boutiques, then treat you yourself to a relaxing evening with the Rogue sink Symphony.

6. Calgary, Alberta

Travelers flock to Calgary for its annual events favor the Calgary Stampede, referred to as “The best Outdoor display on Earth.” every little thing your tastes, Calgary has actually something tremendous for you—from the Calgary people Music Festival come The huge Taste. Nature is ever-present, too, in the plenty of city parks and, that course, surrounding national park superstar, Banff.

7. Victoria, brother Columbia

Victoria is a feast the good. The restaurants offer up diverse and delicious choices, the art galleries are filled with amazing works, and the festivals are plentiful and also entertaining. Include in easy accessibility to world-renowned Butchart Gardens, and many beaches, lakes, and local parks, and also you have a city produced multiple visits. That comes together no surprise it’s rated one of the ideal cities in north America.

8. Sedona, Arizona

Sedona is an fascinating place, but it took no fairy dust come jet it up from No. 20 this year. V its out beauty, calming retreats and also spas, and highly walkable downtown, the very nice one is undeniable. Unreal starry skies are the factor for a night hike top top Baldwin Trailhead, and Gallery row is the spot because that an afternoon that culture.

9. Cambridge, Massachusetts

A city that neighborhoods, Cambridge invites friend to choose your favourite flavor. Harvard Square is the many compact and will it is in favored by book lovers, but main Square package a lot into a tiny space, and also is suitable area to check out the eclectic spices of the city. Head to eastern Cambridge for surprise gems, or super-cute Inman Square for thrift shopping and also beer sipping.

10. Minneapolis, Minnesota

Up 2 slots this year, Minneapolis rounds the end our top 10 holidays spots in north America, and also continues to obtain popularity. In the history underestimated, this Minnesota city has been catching attention because that its trusted people, worldwide and regional foods (we’ll take a Jucy Lucy, please), beautiful natural surroundings, and entertainment options. Sports enthusiasts will find plenty come love, as the city boasts five pro teams.

11. Paso Robles, California

Widely well-known for wine, Paso Robles excels at much more than reds and also whites. The area has actually seen a increase in cideries, distilleries, and breweries. Pair her perfect beverage v an equally good meal in ~ eateries roughly town. Take it your choose of flavors, native California coast-meets-Mexico in ~ Fish Gaucho to local delights at thomas Hill Organics.

12. Solvang, California

What’s not to like about this charming town? situated in the Santa Ynez Valley along California’s main coast, this Danish village is surrounding by points to do. Alcohol tasting, horseback riding, theatre going, hiking, pastry nibbling—the list is endless. Excellent the architecture, windmills, and tiny Mermaid sculpture, and also if girlfriend love festivities, come for occasions like Solvang Danish job or Taste that Solvang.

13. Bar Harbor, Maine

New come the peak 50 this year, Bar Harbor’s happy number is plainly 13. What could have catapulted the city top top the list of best places to vacation? Well, Cadillac Mountain and Acadia nationwide Park might have a little something to do with it, however museums, lighthouses, breweries, and also music festivals (to name a few), appeal to curious visitors and also keep them coming back.

14. Key West, Florida

Key West has been a perennial favorite and also beloved holidays spot for its array of appealing attractions. SCUBA and also snorkeling, famous bars prefer Sloppy Joe’s, parks, ecotours, beaches, celebrated pie, and also daily sunset festivals greet happy travelers. Warmth winter temperatures store it a go-to because that escaping frosty weather.

15. Sanibel, Florida

Not to be as well outdone by its southerly state-mate, Sanibel clinches the No. 15 spot in its an initial appearance. Visitors fall in love through the location for plenty of reasons. Walk shelling on the beach, fill up on fresh seafood in ~ joints favor the super-fun balloon Room, and spend tranquil time at J.N. Ding Darling nationwide Wildlife Refuge.

16. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh continues to increase in estimation, providing visitors gems choose the Andy Warhol Museum, the Butterfly Garden in ~ Phipps Conservatory, foodie tours, thrilling sports teams, and also many remarkable communities to explore. Together a riverfront city, Pittsburgh provides scenic paths, trails, and also opportunities to get on the water. Who knew Pittsburgh was one of the finest places to vacation? our reviewers did!

17. Washington, D.C.

Attend a march or examine the country history—D.C. These days is among the best places to take trip for both. Come watch the cherry blossoms and dream the sunnier times. Or inspect out the vivid nightlife and also blow off some steam. Many cost-free museums, memorials, events, and activities will fill her days there is no emptying her pockets.

18. Charleston, southern Carolina

Charleston ends up ~ above so numerous favorites lists, that should gain its own brand deal. Art, culture, recreation, relaxation—this city excels at each. Walk on a walking tour to take it it all in, or choose from five area beaches to explore. Food is an essential facet the city culture, and also South Carolina’s got the goods, so come hungry.

19. Rosemont, Illinois

Via Flickr/Doug Kerr

Travelers love to remain in Rosemont, a welcoming village just outside of Chicago. Jumping 2 spots this year, it continues to be a high-rated location. Perhaps it’s the familiar residents, possibly enthusiastic Wolves fans are spreading their votes, or perhaps it’s simply the perfect location to to escape city crowds. Whatever the reason, civilization are crushing ~ above Rosemont.

20. Montreal, Quebec

Montreal knows how to rack increase the accolades, and also its honors include being called a UNESCO City of Design. Endure the products first-hand when you float the streets—from historical structures like the Chalet du Mont royal to modernist Mies valve der Rohe structures. If you’re yearn some environment-friendly space, take it a breather in the beautiful Mount imperial Park.

21. Durango, Colorado

Up indigenous the 40th slot critical year, Durango impressed 2017 travelers with awe-inspiring nature, laid-back locals, Old West vibes, and also plenty of social pursuits. Visit one of the many galleries or museums, favor the Animas Museum, i beg your pardon highlights Durango history. The outdoors tempts explorers through all the points to see and do in the mountain Juan national Forest and also beyond.

22. Vancouver, british Columbia

One that the more famous tourist places in north America, Vancouver is a city so exciting it bring away the amazing majesty of nearby Whistler and also Vancouver Island come tempt human being away. Nature aside, metropolitan experiences in ~ Vancouver are some of the finest in the world, including the food, art, nightlife, and also attractions. Treat you yourself at Boulevard Kitchen & Oyster Bar for your an initial taste, and also you’ll view what we mean by world-class.

23. Kihei, Hawaii

Hawaiian nobility of yore decided to vacation in Kihei, and also with its clear weather and also beautiful beach views, you understand those royals had actually the best idea. The normal beachy suspects—swimming, snorkeling, surfing—shine a little brighter in this southern Maui city, and also come winter, you may spot a humpback whale indigenous shore.

24. Lahaina, Hawaii

Life is truly rainbows and sunbeams in Lahaina. Situated near the West Maui mountains, the city look at a near-daily “5 o’clock rainbow” the stretches throughout the valley. Visit the largest banyan tree in the U.S., indulge in the finest nightlife ~ above Maui, and also peruse the galleries along Front Street; your time in Lahaina can be together eclectic together the rainbows room colorful.

25. Lihue, Hawaii

The Hawaii love-fest continues for Lihue. Maybe the nectars at Koloa Rum company have wonder properties, or the beauty, beauty of Wailua drops casts a potent spell; everything sorcery graces Lihue, we’re all in. If you have the right to tear yourself away from the beach, go to the Kauai Museum to learn around the background and development of this bewitching island.

26. Chicago, Illinois

27. Asheville, phibìc Carolina

28. Moab, Utah

29. Seattle, Washington

30. Chandler, Arizona

31. Boston, Massachusetts

32. Cleveland, Ohio

33. Brand-new Orleans, Louisiana

34. Sweetheart Island, Florida

35. Park City, Utah

36. Fargo, phibìc Dakota

37. Henderson, Nevada

38. Garden Grove, California

39. Scottsdale, Arizona

40. Estes Park, Colorado

41. Santa Fe, brand-new Mexico

42. Arlington, Virginia

43. Laguna Beach, California

44. Newport, Rhode Island

45. Palm Desert, California

46. Avalon, California

47. Bozeman, Montana

48. La Jolla, California

49. Portland, Maine

50. Biloxi, Mississippi

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When it comes to living your finest life, why no reach because that the top? Traveling is one of the really best methods to live big, and we’ve compiled a perform of north American destinations that have proven your A-list standing to travelers.

These visitors expressed their impressions through verified elafilador.net evaluate throughout 2016. Scoring the greatest star ratings native 3.9 come 4.5 the end of 5, in categories because that friendliness, cleanliness, comfort, and also overall quality, these places curry donate by letting guests know they’ll be cure well and rewarded richly.

This list contains cities through 600+ reviews, scaled down from end 4,600 urban that met the criteria, and ranked in order from highest possible to shortest of the 50 best. Indigenous hotels the pull out all the stops to attractions that leave girlfriend speechless, the charms of these places load a big punch, providing hospitality worthy the a prize. Below are the top-rated vacation destinations.

1. Wailea, Hawaii

Via Flickr/belindah

Hawaii understands dream-worthy vacations, and Wailea takes height tier in the eye of our reviewers. Dive right into your visit through fresh air, clear water, and pristine seaside views as you find out to navigate a standup paddle or surfboard in ~ a lesson through Maui wave Riders, 5 miles north. Because that a post-surf refresher, the cocktails in ~ Gannon’s will certainly leave you v the warm fuzzies together you capture a fiery sunset native the ideal vantage allude on Maui. Continue to be for dinner, or head come Morimoto Maui, where the cook is a celeb, the step is serene, and also the food is next-level. ~ an endure of the caliber, tawdry digs will not do. Rest easy—the four Seasons will Maui at Wailea goes above and beyond in beauty, comfort, and also hospitality.

2. Quebec City, Quebec

As among the earliest European negotiations in north America, Quebec City set the standard for aging gracefully. Take Hotel Le Germain, because that instance. The building is 100 year old, yet the interiors space sleek, modern, and stylish. The bustling Old Port sector is less than half a mile west, and also freshness is a virtue here, from just-picked create to breads directly from the oven. Don’t let the surname Old Quebec litter you off—while this 400-year-old ar is the historic heart the the city, it stays vibrantly alive through art, culture, and activities. Discover the grounds that Citadelle that Quebec, then let background carry you far on a horse-drawn carriage ride with Caleches Quebec. Quench her thirst with a barrel-aged sanctuaire in ~ Le Castor, one of the best microbreweries in the city. Old civilization meets brand-new in the culinary innovations at cafe Saint-Malo, whereby authentic French plates will certainly renew your appreciation that perfection.

3. Springdale, Utah

Via Yelp/Jak Leroy D.

Unwavering organic beauty surrounds this small town, where you will certainly be transported to your very own “Westworld” (albeit a much much more peaceful one). Begin your adventure by checking right into Pioneer Lodge, wherein the Old West façade and rustic woodsy details recall an additional time. Never fear, the pool and spa, on-site restaurant, and comfortable bed will keep you grounded in modern amenities. Beyond the hotel, the human being stretches wide. Don’t let the large desert and also awe-inspiring landscape overwhelm you. Zion Rock and Mountain guides are specialists in this field and will ensure the endure of a lifetime. Stay in the moment and let someone else paper your time once you endeavor out with Zion Adventure Company. They work-related with Enlighten Photography to catch the day, when you focus on keeping your adrenaline levels in check. After ~ a job of canyoneering, refuel at bit & Spur Restaurant & Saloon.

4. Victoria, british Columbia

If this to be a beauty beauty contest, these various other cities might be in trouble. Though, judging on merit, Victoria quiet lands in the top five, for this reason it’s clear a city to it is in reckoned through from any kind of angle. Stately splendor is on display at Hatley Castle, wherein the gardens, which feature statues, pavilions, hedges, and also fragrant blooms, rival the home in loveliness. Live choose royalty at Chateau Victoria Hotel & Suites. Book in-room spa treatments, take it a dip in the at home pool, and also sip a nightcap in ~ Clive’s classic Lounge. Refreshed because that a day of exploring, spend high quality time through the tremendous exhibits in ~ the imperial British Columbia Museum. Take it a walking tourism of the untoward in Victoria’s Forbidden City, and also learn about the underground activities that provided life come the zig-zagging alleyways and hidden courtyards the Canada’s earliest Chinatown. For eye candy the you can eat, the standard French dishes in ~ Brasserie together ‘Ecole fulfill visual and literal hunger.

5. Calgary, Alberta

Via Yelp/Fairmont Palliser

Sunshine might not be very first on her lips when you cite Calgary, yet with nearly 2,400 hrs of clear skies per year, Calgary is Canada’s sunniest major city, and one that its top-rated vacations. Soak up some of those rays at Heritage Park, a living history museum set on 127 acre of land. Taste the bounties of the sun as soon as you sample fresh create at the Calgary farmer Market, whereby you can additionally find every little thing from flavors to herbal soaps and also soy candles. Keep your remain super walkable by booking a room at the Fairmont Palliser, from where you’ll it is in shopping Stephen way Walk and perusing the collections at Glenbow Museum in much less time than it takes to examine in. Also a stone’s litter from your new digs is Saltlik Steakhouse, where nothing but the finest Certified Angus Beef will certainly pass your lips

6. Cambria, California

Via Flickr/martin_vmorris

This tiny village embodies quaint seaside living, wherein you can slow down and give the finer points in life the attention they deserve. Take in this gorgeous edge of the west as you stroll along the mile-long boardwalk at Moonstone Beach. Dolphins and also otters have actually been well-known to visit, and if the isn’t magical enough, girlfriend may additionally find one of the moonstones amongst the rocks that gave this coast its name. If liquid gold is an ext to your liking, go to 927 Beer Company, the finest (and only) brewery in town. Savor regional specialties choose abalone through grapefruit vanilla beurre and sea salt in ~ The black color Cat Bistro. Then fall asleep come the sounds of the waves at the Fog Catcher Inn and also awake refreshed for a day of awe and also exploration in ~ the famed adjacent Hearst Castle

7. Paso Robles, California

Via Yelp/River Oaks hot Springs Spa

Paso Robles is the location to relax and breathe—body, mind, and soul. This southern California town is renowned for its thermal aquifers, and also there is no finer means to unwind 보다 soaking in warm, soft waters. Flow Oaks warm Springs Spa deserve to sort you the end with exclusive indoor and also outdoor mineral spas in scenic settings. Publication a facial or massage, then let the whirling water bring your care away. Nourish your mind at Studios on the Park, an open-studio center with on-site galleries and also working artists. The space holds regular events and also classes, supplying visitors an enriching experience. Hemingway said it finest when he detailed that alcohol brings much more enjoyment than “any other purely sensory thing,” and this an ar excels at this moving liquid. Rabbit Ridge Winery & Vineyards is a charming, family-run option, where you’ll additionally find award-winning olive oils. As soon as the wine has actually won you over, La Bellasera Hotel and also Suites will certainly seal the address its advanced comfort and inviting Enoteca Restaurant & Bar.

8. Cambridge, Massachusetts

As residence to one of the most prestigious colleges in the country, Cambridge knows a point or two about smarts. And what’s the wisest thing you could do yet to head to this top-rated city? Don your reasoning cap in ~ the Harvard arts Museums and also commune with masters of the visual arts. Discover from the locals, and also get yourself to Harvard Square, whereby a work of shopping, entertainment, and also people the town hall is sure to teach you about the area. Augment your an individual library through a couple of treasures native Bryn Mawr college Bookshop, then cozy up through one at Porter Square Hotel. The smartest thing you’ll do all day, however, is going to Bondir Cambridge, where you will be treated to a masterclass in top quality eating.

9. Ashland, Oregon

Shall us compare Ashland come a summer’s day? v so much natural beauty and relaxed atmosphere, the city is the perfect location to spend a summer’s day, at any rate. Start your morning at Noble Coffee Roasting, wherein the ideal organic coffee will have you penning sonnets in the name. Next, do a day with Lithia Park. There, meandering Ashland Creek, a manicured Japanese garden, and also sprawling woodlands collection the scene for an enchanted afternoon. If boldness be your friend, take it a journey through Indigo Creek Outfitters, during which friend can challenge the raging waters that Hell’s Corner. When it’s time to hang up your paddle, in the Garden Suite at Lithia Springs Resort, you’ll nestle near the flower of center summer. Oh, did you understand Ashland is house to the renowned Oregon Shakespeare Festival? currently you do, and you understand what the Bard says, “Knowledge is the soup wherewith us fly come heaven.”

10. Charleston, south Carolina

Charleston’s gained charm, and there’s no denying it. Earning every customs of its top-ten status, this city’s finest things to see and also do rival those of any type of destination the note. Let that woo you together you stroll with the historic district ~ above a wade tour through Charleston Footprints. You’ll view the sophisticated architecture, 18th-century ironwork, and detailed entrance the city is famous for. If the community sweeps you off your feet, stay at HarbourView Inn, which, true to its name, supplies one the the best vantage clues in town. When you’ve rested up, take it a brief walk come Charleston City Market, where you could spend a entirety day gaining lost in art, food, and also culture. Pick up a sweetgrass basket if you’re there—handwoven from native bulrush, castle quintessential Charleston. Saving the best for last, make reservation a table in ~ Husk Restaurant for an heirloom meal steeped in low nation roots.

11. Montreal, Quebec

Montreal displayed the je ne sais quoi, earning visitors’ affections through landmarks together stunning as Notre-Dame Basilica the Montreal and areas together charming as Old Montreal. Continue to be in the latter at LHotel Montreal, where eclectic arts adorns colorful walls in a made-over 1870 building. If the piques her interest, hold onto her feather-trimmed hat, because this city blends the fresh with the historical with poise and also finesse. Taste that delights on the Mile finish Local Montreal Food Tours. The culture-rich community has the most artists every capita in phibìc America, so make a protect against in one of its galleries. Galerie d’Avignon i will not ~ disappoint. For a meal the will store you guessing, walk to Provisions Restaurant, wherein there is no menu. The ever-evolving plates room bright, fresh, and worthy the a snapshot that could hang in any type of gallery.

12. Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis is top top fire, and, no, us don’t mean literally. This Minnesota city renders best-ofs left and also right, native foodie perform to most bikeable mentions. With plenty that quirky watering holes, world-class art, fine hotels, and also winning restaurants, it’s basic to view why this city’s got you so crazy best now. Include Hewing Hotel to your plans. It will strike your an elaborate with i know good woodsy details, a rooftop Finnish sauna and spa pool, and attention come guests’ comfort at every turn. Get to recognize the city (and among its favourite things) top top a bitterness Minnesota Brewery Tour. Satisfy locals and also taste local brews together you’re guided to handmade breweries transparent the city. Because that a taste of something important of the region, walk to Matt’s Bar & Grill for a Jucy Lucy. This Minnesota college is the original house of the burger through a molten secret—the beef patty is filled with melty cheese! If you’re emotion refined, the exhibits at Minneapolis institute of Art space a satisfying method to invest an afternoon, and also dinner in ~ Spoon and Stable should round the end your evening just fine.

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13. Whistler, british Columbia

If you’ve to be to Whistler, you recognize its high marks. This location is the perfect point out to feeling a world away when enjoying every the biology comforts. Start by staying at The Fairmont Chateau Whistler, taken into consideration by numerous to be the finest hotel in town. Spacious rooms decorated in clean present scream quality, while the ski-in ski-out feature wastes no time in transferring you right to nature. Whistler Olympic Park has seen athletes earn height accolades, and also you might feel favor you’ve won gold once you take your revolve baseboarding or ski jumping. Readjust out of her gear and also enjoy every the shops and also restaurants that Whistler Village, yet make sure to avoid at Bearfoot Bistro, whereby you’re promised an ext than a meal. Suit up in a parka and sip vodka in the ice cream room, or find out to saber a Champagne party in the underground cellar…oh, and enjoy some of the finest food in Whistler when you’re in ~ it.