We all crave a nice, refreshing party of beer from time to time, despite a party opener might not constantly be easily available. Whether your churchkey is misplaced or broken, there are luckily countless options using constant household items. From home keys come wedding rings, here are 7 foolproof means to open a party of beer that don’t indicate removing the cap with a timeless bottle opener.

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1. Twisted It Out with a Key

This is the following best method of opened a beer bottle, with the finest, sharpest tricks securing the best results. Remainder the crucial tooth under the grooves that the cap, and also continue come pry and poke. Once the lid is loosened, save twisting the crucial upward or rotate the party itself. If successful, the cap will fly ideal off.


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2. Apply Lip Balm

The lip balm an approach is simply as efficient as making use of a lighter to open a beer party (without the risk of exploding lighter fluid). Using slight pressure, hold the neck of the bottle v your hands. Location the lip balm in between your table of contents finger and also the bottom the the cap. V the lip balm currently acting as a lever, elevator slightly approximately the peak of the beer and also you’re set.


3. The Highlighter Method

This quintessential office supply doubles together a bottle opener, similar to the lip balm and also lighter methods. You’re walking to produce a fulcrum through your hand while resting the highlighter against the lip that the beer. Simply lift the highlighter and watch the cap cleanly detach.


4. Usage Some Scissors

Dealing v scissors can be dangerous, but the device is an ideal replacement for a party opener if done correctly. Begin by opened the scissors and also placing them on the bottle’s lips (between the cap and the neck) come act together a lever. Holding her hand against the bottom that the cap, lift the scissors upward till the lid comes off. This is most likely a job for the soberest human in the room.


5. The Folded document Method

Any object hard and also dense enough can be used to open up a beer bottle — also paper. Begin by urgently a piece of printer record (or also a dissension bill) over till it’s thick and sturdy. Ar the folded record underneath the grooves the the cap, and also pop the up.


6. Put a Ring on It

There’s additionally a method to open a beer v your wedding ring (best if it’s titanium or gold). Start by placing her hand over the bottle and also the ring finger under the grooves of the cap. Tilting the bottle 45 degrees, location pressure ~ above the top and also pull back.

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7. The classic Countertop

Perhaps the oldest trick in the book is the countertop method, though any surface v a characterized edge will do. Exercise the bottle so the the leaf of the respond to is underneath the cap. Utilizing your hand or any kind of hard object, whack the lid in a downward motion until that releases.