Help Quincy, California end up being the Coolest little Town in America because that 2013

February 11, 2013 by: Sharon Roberts

We room in the last couple of days the the 8th yearly Coolest tiny Town challenge held by spending plan Travel. This year has actually been the biggest contest to date. There have been 924 nominations and 96,605 votes placed to select the peak 15 towns. Now budget plan Travel is narrowing it down to the people’s choice of the top 10 Coolest communities in America. Poll will end Friday night February 15th in ~ midnight EST. You are enabled to vote as soon as per work for your favorite little town in America.To be part of this contest the Coolest small Town must have actually a populace below 10,000 and also have “an edge and a heart”. Budget Travel is looking for little towns throughout America that have actually that indescribable something like; independent shops, a sense of energy, an epic backyard, society and of food delicious coffee.

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Quincy, California is a great small town and fits the invoice perfectly. Population stands in ~ 5,500 and also Quincy serves together the county seat for the huge and diversified County that Plumas. Plumas County and Quincy sit in a exorbitant hidden part of north California, 1 1/2 hours from Reno, NV and 2 hours from Tahoe. Downtown Quincy is consisted of of a selection of elevation shops, with merchants that reap sharing their knowledge of the area. Main Street Quincy is decorated by a team of dedicated local merchants; in the summer beautiful hanging flower baskets, and during the holiday season decorated wreaths line the street. A leisurely walking tourism starts at the Plumas county Museum and wanders with town featuring murals and also historic buildings.

Quincy has a solid art neighborhood with Plumas Arts, the historic Town hall Theatre and also the newly opened West finish Theatre.

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When visiting Quincy you have the right to start your day turn off with great coffee at among the coffee point out in town, having lunch at the Court residence Cafe and also dinner in ~ Moon’s. Cocktails and also entertainment at main Street sports Bar and also Lounge. Several of the distinct shops in Quincy include; Emily’s Garden, Carey candy Company, to name a few.When girlfriend are ready to obtain out and explore the epic outdoors neighboring Quincy you might want to think about Lake Almanor Kayak Rentals or the Sierra Touring Company. Plumas ar is residence to end 100 lakes, 1,000 mile of streams and also numeroues waterfalls,and over 2,618 square miles of national Forest. The Pacific crest Trail runs close come Quincy and Lassen Volcanic nationwide Park is a quick drive north of Quincy. Several of the best Fall color in California have the right to be discovered in Quincy and the neighboring area and also a good Barn Quilt Trail.If you would certainly like an ext information top top the diversity the geography, attractions, lodging or background of the area you re welcome visit PlumasCounty.org. Check the 65 comments post by locals and also visitors that Quincy make in support of Quincy, Ca being worthy the Coolest little Town in America because that 2013.If you have not voted please execute so now. We room looking front to share our corner of the people with you.Just come let you know these room the other towns contending with Quincy ; bay St. Louis, Mississippi; Camden, Maine; Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin; Flagler Beach, Florida; Glenwood Springs, Colorado; Greenville, Kentucky; Gulf Shores, Alabama; Lititz, Pennsylvania; Put-in-Bay, Ohio; Shepherdstown, West Virginia; Travelers Rest, south Carolina and Watkins Glen, brand-new York.

I love Quincy due to the fact that it’s among the last little towns that hasn’t to be “citified”. That is surrounded by pristine forest, secluded mountain lakes, 1000’s of mile of streams, through clean air, pure water, organic ranches & ranches and also you can still check out the stars in ~ night. – Emily Webb

Charming town in a gorgeous organic setting. Every the outdoor tasks your love desires to add a colorful arts community – galleries, live music, neighborhood theater – and also every summer a human being class music festival. Excellent locally owned eateries. Best of all, a diverse population of neighborly, welcoming human being who job-related together to maintain the uniqueness of your beloved hometown. – Libbie Coleman