IN at an early stage 2019, 2 POWERHOUSE NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS merged TO combine THEIR EFFORTS and work together one group toward their typical goals of to reduce homelessness and expanding Oakland County’s affordable housing stock.

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WHAT supplied TO be SOUTH OAKLAND SHELTER and LIGHTHOUSE that OAKLAND COUNTY is now simply known as Lighthouse, and also their merging of personnel, operations, and also missions has only make them stronger.

Shortly ~ the merger, Lighthouse announced that it cleared a significant hurdle in bringing an affordable housing development to Oak Park top top Coolidge Hwy between Eight Mile Rd and Nine Mile Rd. A year and also a half later, what is now recognized as the Coolidge Place development is nearly complete.

Coolidge location is one affordable real estate project on a 4.5-acre website that is happen 64 townhouse and also ranch-style apartments come Oak Park, and green spaces and also a community center for occupants of the complicated to enjoy.

“It is extremely daunting for low-income family members to climb out of poverty once housing prices consume many of your income,” said Ryan Hertz, president and CEO that Lighthouse. “We expect Coolidge ar paves the way for much more developments that help level the playing field in regards to equitable accessibility to lower-cost, high-quality housing due to the fact that everyone deserves a location to speak to home.”

A $15 million project in total, Coolidge location was made feasible in component by the Michigan State Housing development Authority (MSHDA) via a $1.3 million Low-Income real estate Tax Credit. This taxes credit is supposed to carry out roughly $12.5 million in equity toward the complete cost of the project, a major financial boost during a time when finding financing can be difficult.

THE require FOR AFFORDABLE HOUSING advances IN OAKLAND COUNTY has actually been clear because that a lengthy time. Neighborhoods like imperial Oak, Ferndale, Birmingham, and others that provide good neighborhoods and bustling commercial districts room often far too i have lot of money for many civilization to afford. This leaves lower and middle-income world out that the conversation when speak arise of cultivation the County’s population and making the a welcoming ar for all. As shown in a 2018 report native the Urban Institute, fewer than 50 affordable systems are easily accessible in Oakland County because that every 100 low-income households. This is precisely the void that Lighthouse seeks to aid close, as their mission is come make sure that everyone, regardless of revenue level, is able to discover a quality, affordable residence in Oakland County.

“Unfortunately, for all of our wealth, our county is amongst the worst in the state once it involves providing easily accessible and affordable rental units. We should do far far better for ours community,” said Hertz. “Coolidge location will aid us start to chip far at this barrier to financial stability because that working households by building dozens the beautiful and also affordable apartments for our neighbors.”

With assistance from City staff and officials, Lighthouse is arising Coolidge location through the wholly-owned subsidiary, Spero real estate Group, in partnership with Southwest housing Solutions in Detroit. Fusco, Shaffer & Pappas Inc.

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is the architect top top the project and O’Brien building Co. Is serving as basic contractor v Ethos advancement Partners as the advance consultant.

“This is vital point over time for our city,” stated Oak Park City Manager Erik Tungate. “This job will assist spark new development in the immediate area and will transition an otherwise obsolete stretch the property right into a vibrant corridor.”

Rents are expected to selection from $389/month come $824/month for one, two and also three-bedroom units. An ext information top top the Coolidge Place advancement can be found here: