Florida police officer Andrew Johnson to be fired this month after ~ a concerned citizen reported him because that posting racism memes and mocking the black Lives matter (BLM) movement.

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The Kissimmee Police department (KPD) terminated officer Johnson after the verified more than 30 screenshots of articles Johnson made. In the posts, Johnson sustained the Capitol riot, slammed the BLM movement, and also posted racialism memes.

A came to citizen reported Johnson to the KPD in an email obtained by NBC News.

“This officer is a very huge problem. Not only is the a very large supporter that what happened recently in DC, but as you’ll see by the enclosed screenshots has posted some really inappropriate things overtime, and in having actually conversations challenge to confront with this man, has said some massively worrying things as well,” the email said.

NBC News reported Johnson’s web page is no longer on Facebook but according come the screenshots that were verified, Johnson also has controversial views on abortion, total rights, and also athletes kneeling because that the nationwide Anthem.

Johnson also used trump card 2020 as his profile photo and in response to the Capitol riot, he composed “The silent majority will rise!! Day among the Revolutionary War!! hang on, that only just begun.”

Johnson additionally shared a picture on his Facebook web page titled “BLM Activists in Wisconsin repaint street mural in assistance of Jacob Blake,” beside a photo of a handicap parking spot. Blake to be shot 7 times and paralyzed by Kenosha, Wisconsin, police officer Rusten Sheskey in respectable 2020. The shooting brought about protests and riots where Kyle Rittenhouse shot three civilization killing two.

Johnson to be relieved that duty ~ above Jan. 12 and also officially terminated on Jan. 14, follow to Fox News. Kissimmee Police chef Jerry O’Dell claimed he make the decision come fire Johnson due to the fact that his short articles “do not align with our core values below at the Kissimmee Police Department.”

Many military members and police police officers were associated in the Capitol riot and also 12 nationwide Guard members were eliminated from the 25,000 troops that descended on Washington D.C. For President Biden’s inauguration.

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