(elafilador.net)Authorities exit body-worn camera clip that shows an officer making a split-second decision come fire a single shot that eliminated 13-year-old Adam Toledo after ~ the boy is viewed holding a handgun at the end of a foot chase, according to police.

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Police say what remained in Toledo"s hand is a gun that was later recovered native behind the fence whereby the follow ended.
Prosecutors, in charging a 21-year-old male who was v Toledo at the start of the police encounter in the early morning hours of in march 29, said the gun recovered a few feet native the boy"s body matched shell casings located where police to be summoned moments earlier, and that Toledo"s hand and gloves dropped by the larger man had tested positive for gunshot residue.
Body-worn camera videos were released through Chicago"s Civilian Office of Police Accountability, the police oversight firm that reviews occurrences in i beg your pardon an officer fires a room issued handgun. Documents released by COPA determine the officer that fired his weapon together Eric Stillman, that is 34 year old. The Chicago Police Department likewise released a video compilation of monitoring footage indigenous a adjacent school and also church.



"I don"t desire to get into the genuine substance of this due to the fact that the independent investigation is going on, however I"ve viewed no evidence whatsoever that Adam Toledo shot in ~ the police," Lightfoot said.
The department"s use of pressure guidelines do not specify that police officers must an initial face gunfire before deadly pressure is authorized. The order claims deadly force "objectively reasonable, necessary, and also proportional come the threat, actions, and also level the resistance readily available by a person, under the totality the the circumstances."
A report perfect by a police room supervisor, required when one officer provides force, provided Toledo didn"t follow verbal direction, fled, to be an impending threat the battery through a weapon and also used force likely to cause death or an excellent bodily harm. The report provided he was armed with a semi-automatic pistol.

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Toledo"s family members saw the video clip on Tuesday and asked that the video clip and other proof not be instantly released come the public, follow to a statement this week native the Civilian Office of Police Accountability, but then agreed to a relax of video clip and other product alongside the police department"s slowed-down variation of the video. COPA"s policy commonly dictates relax of camera footage, audio and other reports in ~ sixty days.
"COPA has remained perceptible to the family"s grief and also is transferring out this relax in accordance v the City"s video Release Policy," it claimed in a declare Wednesday. "COPA"s core values of integrity and transparency are essential to structure public trust, an especially in events related to an officer associated shooting, and we space unwavering in ours commitment to uphold these values."
Clarification: An previously version that this article should have attributed come Chicago police the body-worn camera footage released through authorities shows that much less than a second passed from as soon as a 13-year-old boy is checked out holding a handgun and an officer fires a single, deadly shot that hits him in the chest.