Cops throughout America are challenging each various other to sing and also dance to popular music songs, such as "Thriller" and "Ice ice Baby." right here are the best.

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Daniel Hampton, Staff


NEW YORK, NY — Police officers have a challenging job. They"re asked to operation toward risk while the rest of us look for safety. They"re asked to do split-second decisions in impossibly complicated situations, frequently while being tape-recorded through a video clip camera on their chest. And also they"re asked to sing and dance better than police officers in neighboring and also rival departments.

Wait, what? No, you check out that right.

Officers throughout the nation are taking part in the so-called lip-sync battle, wherein cops sing and also dance to famous pop songs such as Michael Jackson"s "Thriller," Marvin Gaye"s "Let"s gain It On," and also TLC"s "No Scrubs."

And while we respect it"s a difficult task, some policemans are just far better at this than others. For this reason in the spirit, we"ve chose to highlight the cream that the cops. Here are the 10 best police lip sync videos, in no details order.

10. Blytheville Police Department singing TLC"s "No Scrubs."

This sassy video, viewed an ext than 213,000 times, is pretty intricately choreographed. Each officer"s sync time is virtually perfect and they even chose to bag a tiny fun in ~ a other officer who was hanging the end the next of a cruiser. Beautiful executed.

9. Fort smith Police Department to sing Chamillionaire"s "Ridin" Dirty" and also Justin Timberlake"s "SexyBack."

This one will be near and dear to any kind of "90s son as both songs came out in the mid-2000s. In the start of the video, one detective in camouflage and also shades sings "Ridin" Dirty" and pulls up next to two uniformed officers sitting in a police SUV. Castle laugh at the detective and also subsequently an episode into their very own song and also dance to "SexyBack." Points turn off for doing the in gas masks though, together we can"t see the singing.

8. Dakota county Sheriff"s Office singing Flo Rida"s "Good Feeling."

The amount of planning that entered this is astounding. The sheriff"s office launches instantly into a comedy skit, pretending to take a call about the lip-sync challenge. ~ riffing about their challenger"s video clip — which, incidentally, functions a really cute porcupine — one deputy jumps out of a aircraft and sings 2 Unlimited"s fight "Get ready For This." but that"s only to accept the challenge. The office then launches right into a song and also dance of Flo Rida"s smash fight "Good Feeling." The video clip features cops ~ above bikes, cops ~ above ATVs, one old cruiser and also even a tactical vehicle. Oh, McGruff the crime dog provides an appearance together well.

7. Seattle Police Department performing "Downtown" by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.

These officers have some slick moves and also probably weren"t the kids who stood turn off to the next at the eighth-grade formal. Decked the end in complete black uniforms, the officers pop wheelies on bikes, shop for scooters, and also bust move anywhere and everywhere castle can. Top top a building. ~ above a bus. In a gondola. Also In prior of a chopper v a moose head. It"s all here. Superb camera work, to boot.

6. The Charleston Police Department singing One Direction"s "What renders You Beautiful."

Once again, superb camera work is obvious throughout the video. The looks professionally done. The officers set the phase beautifully by acting the end a skit, pretending a police cruiser to be stolen. They then launch into a song and dance program of One Direction"s hit song "What renders You Beautiful." The officer"s examine their pride at the door and rock out with a cow mascot in a cape inside a mall. Fine done, officers.

5. The Dover Police Department to sing Taylor Swift"s "Shake that Off."

This one renders the list because it"s funny. It"s not specifically lip-synced well and also there"s not a many of imagination put right into it. But trust united state — the an initial time the officer jigs his head ago and forth you"ll need to laugh.

4. The Longview Police Department singing Miley Cyrus" "Wrecking Ball."

It"s not frequently you view someone autumn in love with a battering ram. It"s also less common to watch a police officer smash with a door through said damaging ram together "Wrecking Ball" plays in the background. It"s hilarious. However it gets better. Our love-struck officer rocks out v other officers to "again," and of course NSYNC"s jam "Bye farewell Bye."

3. The Las Cruces Police Department to sing Toby Keith"s "Should"ve been A Cowboy."

These policemans are sure to steal young hearts v a well-choreographed rendition of Toby Keith"s "Should"ve to be A Cowboy." The video clip starts off v a humorous skit. One big-wig even jokes about how they"re late to the lip-sync game and the chief go through numerous "possible" skits, including one v a "bad guy" in the ago of a cruiser together two officers sing "I fought the Law," by the The Clash. Eventually the department sticks come its country roots. And the results is pure fire. Points for consisting of a horse and also doing what shows up to be some type of nation line dance.

2. The Indianapolis metropolitan Police Department singing Justin Timberlake"s "Can"t avoid the Feeling."

This feel-good video has that all. Creativity. Humor. Dancing. The starts off through an officer walking approximately the chief and also asking that to clock a video clip of your lip-sync challenge. Really meta. The step then cut to shots the various human being — cops and also community members alike — singing and also dancing come Justin Timberlake"s "Can"t protect against the Feeling." anyone puts your heart and also soul right into the video, v near-seamless lip-syncing. It clearly took a lengthy time to put together. When officer also uses a shopping cart full of food items as a prop while he dances with a grocery store. The youngsters aren"t also shabby either.

1. The Apple sink Police Department singing "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" by The Tokens.

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Cops. Animals. And also that one really well known song about lions the most world under 40 have no idea that sings. Kudos to the Apple valley police policemans who perform their finest to song the lyrics "A-weema-weh, a-weema-weh, a-weema-weh, a-weema-weh," in "The Lion Sleeps Tonight." One officer rides a camel. A gigantic sloth provides it right into the video, as does a 10-foot lengthy snake. And a handsome porcupine renders a cameo. Is the dancing and choreography an especially well-done? By most standards, no. Do the animals and also song an option elevate the video clip to all-time status? Let"s simply say you"ll be to sing "a-weema-weh, a-weema-weh, a-weema-weh, a-weema-weh" in your head the rest of the day.