A BRAVE cop that arrested El Chapo’s kid – sparking a bloody cartel firefight – has actually been shoot 155 time in a brutal car park execution.

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Video footage reflects the minute a red car, propelled by gangsters, adheres to a white car into a shopping centre in Mexico, before two gunmen ambush the officer.

The cop, established by his first name only, Eduardo, was shot while within this white vehicleCredit: main European News

He had been connected in the short-term arrest of El Chapo's son, Ovidio

On Twitter, police bosses claimed they “regret the death” the state policeman Eduardo, “who shed his life top top Wednesday in the capital of Sinaloa.”

Eduardo, 32, joined the pressure six years ago.

It is uncertain if the cop was on duty at the time of the strike although he was apparently carrying a gun with him.

But follow to local media, the murdered guy was a member that the operation released by the Culiacan authorities to arrest El Chapo's son and also extradite him to America.

Eduardo to be a great person, an excellent son, great father and also husband, hardworking.

Tribute to killed cop

Info Bae reports that 155 bullet casings were discovered surrounding the eliminated officer.

It adds that his body to be left within a white Nissan in the automobile park of a commercial plaza in las Moras.

On the Sinaloa publicly Security’s on facebook page, tributes were paid come the slaughtered man, through one woman saying that he was a “good person, an excellent son, an excellent father and husband, hardworking.”

One grieving family member added: “We will always remember you as a good cousin.”

Public security secretary Cristobal Castaneda Camarillo and also his undersecretary Hernandez Leyva both verified up at the crime step to supervise the investigation.

video clip footage mirrors the moment gunmen ambush the cop in the to buy centre car parkCredit: central European News

security officials in Sinaloa verified 'solidarity' through the slayed cop, posting about his brutal fatality on Facebook

The regional authorities are investigating the murder, and whether a criminal corridor was behind the alleged assassination.

His brutal slaying comes days after the botched attempt to capture Ovidio Guzman Lopez - one of El Chapo's sons, likewise known as "Little Chapo".

Outgunned mexico security pressures were compelled to abort your arrest top top October 17 when cartel henchmen fought earlier in Culiacan, the stronghold the the Sinaloa cartel, transforming the streets right into a battle zone.


Ovidio was freed as cops to be outgunned by heavily equipped cartel gangsters, that left bodies strewn in streets and also torched vehicles burning as frightened citizens ran for their lives.

According come The Guardian, prominent drug trafficker small Chapo is the fifth most wanted fugitive in the world, behind the likes the Boko Haram leader, militant Abubakar Shekau, and also Ibrahim Dawood, called as the mastermind the bombings in Mumbai in 1993, killing an ext than 250 people.

El Chapo's 28-year-old kid Ovidio is accused of drug trafficking in the US.

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His notorious dad is serving a life sentence in America after being convicted last February the industrial-scale medicine trafficking.


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