Copo vs Cobra Showdown, the duel that the giants In CSR2 Season 97 the Drag strip Giants contend in a showdown event. In the eternal list of the fastest CSR2 cars, the adversaries are almost equal. The COPO runs the 1/2 mile in an impressive 6.982 seconds. The Cobra is also a blink of an eye much faster on paper, perfect the 1/2 mile in 6.943 seconds.

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Here, driving an abilities are decisive. Well, in the finish the normal assholes room on top of the leaderboard again. Many thanks to AutoTap and also other unfair assistance they will, together always, conquer this showdown as well. Actually, NM should lastly do something about that.

Let’s no let the fun be spoiled and also fight for the areas that can still be got to with sportive ambitious in an ethical way.

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Prepare because that the COPO vs Cobra Showdown


50th Anniversary 2019 Chevrolet COPO Camaro

Best tuning because that this COPO isNOS 473 / 4.0,Transmission 2.15andTires 0 / 100. The wining transition pattern appears to be: begin at 4950rpm, 9200rpm 2nd, 7800rpm NOS, 9200rpm 3rd

COPO in detail

Practice, practice, exercise for the Showdown

Practising is more than likely the only real tip to gain to the top of this showdown. The start and the best shifting times space decisive because that both cars. So if you want to be up front, practice until your fingers space smoking. Fountain of seconds decide whether you victory or lose, it’s up to you. Ultimately a duel with virtually equal opponents.

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