● 85% Polyester, 15% Spandex● Imported● traction On closure● maker Wash● every package has 1 washable confront cover scarf design to give you peace of mind.● Guardwell challenge cover gives protection through copper and also anti-odor technology.● moisture wicking and also fast drying to save you comfortable in all weather conditions.● UPF 30 sun protection protects neck and face.● Patented smart technology fabric keeps girlfriend comfortable and cool while maintaining you defended from airborne germs.

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Copper fit mask as seen on tv 2021 challenge Cover. So, this Protector is draft to assist bring you tranquility of mind. So, Non-slip architecture to provide 30 UPF security in a breathable thermal-regulating Smart modern technology fabric the helps store you cool & dry, and Copper-infused to assist reduce bacteria that cause odors.
So, Doesn’t cause near as much sweating or fogging of her glasses, as other masks I have worn. … Movies, TV
In fact, this product is Reusable, Machine-Washable Infused with the Copper, aid Create the safety Barrier, Breathable and also it is Easy-to undertake , Adjustable, 1 dimension Fits Most, Order now Online. As watched on TV. Copper fit confront Mask …

Copper to the right mask Protector is designed, so to aid bring you peace of mind, choose The non-slip style provides 30 UPF protection, in a breathable thermal-regulating, Smart modern technology fabric, that helps keep you cool and also dry. Copper-infused, for this reason to aid reduce bacteria that reason odors.

5-fit, non-slip, light-weight design for all-day comfort; Thermal-regulated clever Technology, to assist keep you cool; 30 UPF help protect versus harsh elements; Copper-infused, to alleviate bacteria that cause odors; Washable, reusable, unisex style

Features & Benefits:

Sure-fit, non-slip. So, light-weight design for all-day comfort 

Thermal-regulated smart Technology, for this reason to assist keep friend cool

30 UPF helps, for this reason protect versus harsh elements

Copper-infused to alleviate bacteria that reason odors

Washable, therefore reusable, unisex style

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Buy Copper undertake Fashion challenge Mask, presented to have actually protective properties; copper wove right into the mask’s yarn to … together an asthmatic, I have actually searched because that a mask together as shown on TV; it is organized …

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