Surf’s up, NYPD! Looks like the farming trend that dousing brand-new York Police Department police officers with buckets the water isn’t going away anytime soon.

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A fourth water-throwing event in new York City to be reported top top July 25 and also now human being are becoming much more and more divided when it concerns this brand-new trend. While countless have uncovered these instances come be past disrespectful come the guys in blue, others discover the furious solution a tad end the top – it’s summer, after all, and cops room trained to be unaffected through provocation.


— NYC Scanner (
NYScanner) July 22, 2019

The an initial water bucket dousing was recorded on camera on July 22, reflecting multiple civilization splashing officers during an arrest, climate throwing an north bucket at one of the officers’ heads, and it solicited some very strong reactions from new York City lawmakers. 

New York City market Bill de Blasio responded immediately to the dousing, call the actions “unacceptable” on Twitter and announced that the NYPD is investigating the incident. Public advocate Jumaane Williams referred to as the water-throwing “dangerous” and thanked officers for the restraint. Job later, he echoed his original sentiments – while additionally calling attention to NYPD Officer Daniel Pantaleo’s salary rise over the past five years. Police Commissioner James O’Neill praised the NYPD officers’ capacity to work-related in hostile conditions and also condemned the water-throwing. Twenty-seven black color lawmakers – including Brooklyn Borough president Eric Adams, a 2021 mayoral candidate – composed a letter come condemn the deluge of water-throwing, published in The brand-new York Times. Even President Donald trump card chimed in, phone call on de Blasio to stand up for the officers targeted.

Three guys were taken into custody on July 24 for their participation in the drenching the the officers, but so far only one person, Courtney Thompson, has actually been charged – v disorderly conduct, harassment, criminal nuisance and also obstructing government administration, CNN reports. However that there is no stopped an ext people from throwing water in ~ cops.

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A 2nd incident caught on tape mirrors two cops walking across the street gaining soaked as buckets of water room splashed in ~ them and also dumped over their heads. The third video to surface mirrors two female policemans being inundated through buckets that water and also super at sight Soakers. 

With tiny insight regarding why this watch benign, albeit disrespectful, prank began, a few media outlets have compiled their own insights and evaluation on the increase of drenching on-duty officers.

Taking a dramatic approach, the Daily News’ Leonard Greene suggests that these dousings could ultimately result in the death of one officer: “And when these police officers survived the ordeal, and lived to tell around the indignity they suffered at the hand of lawless louts, we understand all also well that this kind of insolence regularly ends through a flag-draped coffin and also the mayor providing a eulogy for another dead cop.”

The Times, meanwhile, no think the drenchings space such a big deal, comparing Thompson’s charges v the nonexistent punishment confronted by NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo, who chokehold brought about the death of Eric Garner. “While couple of would argue that throwing water in ~ a police officer is other that must pass there is no consequence,” Ginia Bellafante the the time writes, “the truth is the Mr. Thompson is currently facing more severe punishment than Daniel Pantaleo, the police officer whose chokehold brought about the fatality of Eric Garner 5 years ago.”