Is the story a appropriate wing attempt to take out the popular single Democrat by claiming he's gay?

Then-Newark mayor Cory Booker spoke at the Russ Berrie Awards because that Making A difference Celebration on might 3, 2011 at Ramapo College. Booker currently serves together a united state Senator representing brand-new Jersey.Photo: Shutterstock

Democratic senator Cory Booker, a potential presidential candidate in 2020, has actually been accused that sexual assault by an cotton gay man on Twitter. However is the allegation true or a appropriate wing smear project targeting a solitary popular politician?

With Russian bots fostering fake news regularly around Democratic politicians and also right soup activists deliberately making up stories in an effort to take the end Democrats, many are expressing skepticism around the source of the allegation against Booker.

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But that hasn’t stopped Republicans like Donald trump card Jr. From pushing the story in an effort to take under a potential rival to president Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign. Many of the Republicans advertise the story save tying it to the controversial nomination that Brett Kavanaugh to the supreme Court.

The anonymous guy says he is a liberal, however “no longer take into consideration myself a Democrat.” the insinuates that voted because that Donald trumped in the 2016 election, but says Booker was “a hero” to him.

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He likewise compares his allegation to the multiple accusations of sex-related misconduct leveled in ~ then-Supreme Court nominee (now Justice) Brett Kavanaugh. Russian bots frequently supported outrageous stories and also conspiracy theories meant to protect the controversial nominee.

In a summary that reads choose a dime keep novel, the man alleges that Booker groped him in a public bathroom and also tried to gain the man to perform dental sex top top him. Booker was supposedly visiting the man’s rectal at the time.

The guy says that ran into Booker in the bathroom and also the 2 chatted in the doorway prior to Booker propelled him up against a wall surface and groped him versus his will.

“He then put his left hand on my groin, end my jeans, and also began come rub. Ns seem come remember saying something prefer ‘What is happening?’ It was a little bit like having actually vertigo,” the anonymous Twitter user wrote. “He then supplied his other hand come grab mine left hand with his right and also pulled it over to touch him.”

“At the very same time, the disengaged indigenous rubbing me and used his left hand to push me come my knees from mine shoulder because that what was plainly a relocate to have actually me perform dental sex on him. At the point, i pulled away rather violently and also told that I had to go. Ns did not view him again before he left.”

The guy says he has actually retained the solutions of lawyer Harmeet Dhillon. Dhillon is the previous vice chairman of the California Republican Party and the nationwide Committeewoman that the Republican nationwide Committee for California.

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“I told her my story; discover my actual name and the details of mine case,” that wrote. “This consisted of the specific date, location, some corroborating photographic evidence and also two possible hearsay witnesses that I had told mine story to subsequent to the incident. The was, in ~ the really least, much much more probative evidence than what was brought forth throughout the Kavanaugh debacle.”

“Ms. Dhillon responded to me with respectful immediacy, providing candid advice and compassion tempered v pragmatism.”

The over-the-top prayer for Republican operatives and also castigation that Democrats merged with with a story bound to balloon up anti-gay stereotypes about the single and famous politician have countless LGBTQ civilization doubting the authenticity of the allegation.

As the story sweeps the appropriate wing media, city council Booker has actually not commented on the matter.

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CoryBooker’s rules when it comes to due procedure for accused sexual assaulters, we must assume he’s guilty until he proves otherwise by calling because that an FBI investigation right into himself. I assume he i will not ~ be to run for president until that investigation is complete.

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In a trial, yes, the deserves the presumption. Yet what if we check out this together a job interview, to see if



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