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Daniel Silva has broken his quiet on the fatality of Corey La Barrie. In a 9-minute video clip posted ~ above YouTube ~ above Tuesday, the Ink master star spoke out on the car crash that eliminated La Barrie on his 25th date of birth last May.

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Silva was arrested because that murder after the car he was driving crashed, v La Barrie in the passenger seat. Both he and also La Barrie were transported come a neighborhood hospital complying with the crash, whereby La Barrie succumbed to his injuries.

Silva to be charged v one counting of second-degree killing days later, come which he pleaded not guilty. In July, Silva took a plea deal and also entered a no dispute plea come one counting of felony gross vehicular manslaughter.

In August, Silva to be sentenced to 4 years in state prison, which to be suspended. The was likewise sentenced to 365 days behind bars in county jail, through credit because that 216 days already served. Silva was additionally given five years that probation and also 250 hrs of community service.

In his video clip on Tuesday, Silva search forgiveness indigenous La Barrie"s family, friends and fans.

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"It"s virtually impossible to discover the best words for something choose this," Silva said. "At the moment I"m quiet processing every one of these emotions the I"m walking through, and also just being forced to face the truth that this accident led to the fatality of among my best friends."

The previous reality star also read a letter allegedly sent out on behalf of La Barrie"s household to the judge presiding end the case, in which they asked for the dismissal the the second-degree murder fee in favor of manslaughter.

"It"s hard to put right into words exactly how truly thankful I am because that the family members to send a letter prefer this in such a an overwhelming time," that shared. "The reality that they even showed me an oz of empathy and also were able to look past the misinformation rather of seek vengeance shows how compassionate and also understanding they really are."


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