Oprah Winfrey satellite down through the two men at the center of controversial Michael Jackson documentary “Leaving Neverland.” wade Robson and also James Safechuck to speak the popular music star sexually abused them together children.

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elafilador.net’s Donie O’Sullivan gauges exactly how Braves pan anticipate previous President Donald Trump’s reception will certainly be at the World series game in Atlanta versus the Houston Astros.

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Late-night hosts Jimmy Fallon and also Stephen Colbert poke fun at Facebook’s new corporate name.

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Meta website displayed on a laptop screen and Facebook application logo presented on a phone display screen are watched in this illustration picture taken in Krakow, Poland ~ above October 28, 2021. Mark Zuckerberg announced throughout Facebook connect event that the brand-new name of Facebook company will be Meta. (Photo by Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images)
Folks room flipping their wigs over this homemade Marge Simpson wig because that Halloween. elafilador.net’s Jeanne Moos reports.

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Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine says he was “startled” ~ a pan jumped onstage and grabbed the after the incident went viral on TikTok. HLN’s Melissa Knowles explains.

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after spotting a beach wedding in Santa Monica, iconic actor Tom Hanks decided to congratulate the freshly weds.

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Gwyneth Paltrow joined Jada Pinkett blacksmith on “Red Table Talk” because that a nuanced conversation about intimacy and also empowering mrs sexuality.

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'I'm down and also dirty in it': Jada Pinkett blacksmith dishes on she sex life v Will smith
scientists may have actually detected signs of a earth transiting a star exterior of the Milky Way, in what might be the an initial planet ever before to be uncovered outside ours galaxy. elafilador.net’s Bianca Nobilo has actually more.

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Game display contestant’s Homer Simpson fail walk viral. elafilador.net’s Jeanne Moos has the “D’oh” moment.

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A reality TV star and her partner were removed after the judges unanimously voted to save another duo.

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floor Rover is unveiling what will be the an initial new, redesigned selection Rover in a decade. It’s due to go right into production following year as just the fifth generation the the large off-road luxury SUV since the version line was introduced in 1970.

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after a an extensive drought, hefty rains in north California brought water ago to the iconic waterfall in Yosemite nationwide Park.

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elafilador.net’s john Berman speaks v 9-year-old cancer survivor young name Reeb, who obtained a cap from NFL superstar Tom Brady.

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elafilador.net"s man Berman speaks through 9-year-old cancer survivor noah Reeb, who received a cap from NFL superstar Tom Brady.
former teen star Corey Feldman, who recorded flack in the wake of “Leaving Neverland” for appearing to protect Michael Jackson on social media, currently wonders if the singer was grooming him.

In one interview through Rolling stone magazine, Feldman talks around watching the HBO documentary with the lens of his lengthy friendship with Jackson. (HBO is owned by elafilador.net’s parent company, WarnerMedia.)

“I watched it through my wife and also son,” Feldman said. “It brought about me to have concerns.”

Feldman has actually said he is a survivor the molestation.

The documentary chronicles allegations by James Safechuck and Wade Robson the Jackson sexually abused them over numerous years when they were children.

Jackson to be accused in 1993 the sexually molesting a then 13-year-old boy. He to be charged with seven counts of child molestation for allegations associated to another boy in 2003.

Jackson cleared up out of court with the 1993 accuser and was acquitted in the 2003 case.

He preserved his innocence till his 2009 death. His family has continued to execute so.

they condemned the documentary, calling the a “public lynching.” Jackson’s accusers room “admitted liars,” the family members says, since of sworn explanation by Safechuck and also Robson when Jackson to be alive that he did not molest them.

Feldman, who appeared in “Stand by Me,” “The Goonies” and other films, was a son actor when Jackson befriended him. ~ “Leaving Neverland” aired, Feldman tweeted around having fond storage of the singer.

MY MEMORIES. And THANK GOD 4 ME, my MEMORIES the MJ WERE mostly FOND, aside from R 1 & only FIGHT since HE incorrectly FEARED i WOULD revolve ON HIM, & comprise LIES. I never ever DID. I never ever WOULD! ns PRAY THOSE BOYS have the right to SLEEP W THAT very same CLARITY that CONSCIOUSNESS! permit GOD B thy JUDGE!

— Corey Feldman (

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Corey_Feldman) in march 4, 2019

“My memories. And thank god 4 me, my memories of MJ were greatly fond, as well as r 1 & just fight due to the fact that he mistakenly feared i would revolve on him, & comprise lies,” Feldman tweeted. “I never ever did. I never would! i pray those boys have the right to sleep w that very same clarity of consciousness! allow god b your judge!”

Feldman said he to be friends with Jackson about the exact same time Safechuck alleges he to be abused. Feldman claimed he “took issue” with the documentary offered that Jackson is not around to protect himself.

SO provided THE possibility WHICH HE definitely HAD W ME & OTHERS, gift ALONE, W NO parents AROUND, exactly how DID HE manage THOSE URGES for this reason WELL, WHILE so BLATANTLY sex-related W THOSE 2 BOYS? it DOESNT yes, really FIT THE PROFILE. However WHAT MOTIVE as well as $ do THEY HAV? ABANDONMENT IS A strong 1!

— Corey Feldman (
Corey_Feldman) in march 4, 2019

“So given the chance which he certainly had w me & others, gift alone, w no parents around, exactly how did he regulate those urges therefore well, while for this reason blatantly sex-related w those 2 boys?” Feldman tweeted. “It doesnt yes, really fit the profile. But what motive besides $ do they hav? Abandonment is a solid 1!”

Both guys filed suits – Robson in 2013 and also Safechuck in 2014 – versus the singer’s estate. (Jackson’s estate denied the accusations. Their cases were initially dismissed however reportedly remain under appeal.)

throughout the “After Neverland” special organized by Oprah Winfrey, “Leaving Neverland” director Dan Reed claimed the guys were no compensated to show up in the documentary.

After gift criticized because that his tweets, Feldman clarified his statements.

“I desire to be very clear. Ns stand for any and all victim of sex-related abuse or assault,” Feldman claimed in a statement come elafilador.net. “As a survivor and also someone who has actually been fighting because that this to end up being a focal topic of our society for decades and also is fighting diligently come abolish the law of limitations across the country, i applaud every victims for letting their voices be heard and also I encourage the public conflict to continue.”

Feldman said Rolling rock that his connection with Jackson to be “the typical grooming procedure that describe.”

“Everything was similar up until the sexual part,” Feldman said. “Everything. The bought me gifts, a Watchman TV, a yellow watch from Disneyland.”

Feldman claimed it raised questions for him.

“So to be he to organize me and I just never became his pick? Or to be that simply who the was?,” the actor said. “That’s the f***ing thing. We’ll never know. However I would have been specifically his type. Ns was cute, short and also blond. Friend know?”