Corey Feldman returned to the Today show Thursday morning to talk about his last, headline-making visit and also to perform one more song off his recent album, Angelic 2 the Core.

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This time around, the 45-year-old actor, ideal known for his work-related in numerous, memorable ‘80s films, was dressed in white and gold — critical time that was every black. That was when again surrounding by his all-female band, dressed together angels, called Corey’s Angels.

Last time he to be on the show, Sept. 16, Feldman went viral v his singing and dancing power of “Go 4 It.”

“We’re law something brand-new that hasn’t been done before,” Feldman called Today‘s Tamron hall on Thursday. “But it’s all about innovation and also being one artist, and also we can’t be fear to share ours art.” He then proceeded to sing “Take a Stand.” and also yes, there to be dancing once again.

Before the began, Feldman claimed he to be upset around the an unfavorable feedback he got from his last appearance ~ above Todaybut was lifted through compliments from Pink, Miley Cyrus and Michael Jackson’s daughter, Paris.

As he did in the “Go 4 It” performance, Feldman melted a few layers of apparel and, at one point, waved a miniAmerican flag.

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Watch Feldman’s recent appearancebelow:

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Corey Feldman it is intended Bizarre Singing, Dancing power on the 'Today' display

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