The 41-year-old Dancing v the Stars alum announced the news top top Wednesday, December 18, via Instagram.

“#BabySmirnoff coming in 2020! and since that the vacation season, that the perfect time to give back! i’m happily going come donate $5K come

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ResolveOrg to assistance all couples and families top top their pregnant journeys. Everyone have a an excellent holiday!” Smirnoff captioned a selfie of it s her holding a optimistic pregnancy test.

FirstResponsePregnancy for confirming that ns will have actually a tiny one to train top top the run floor! #BabySmirnoff coming in 2020! and also since it"s the vacation season, it"s the perfect time to provide back! ns happily going to donate $5K to
ResolveOrg to assistance all couples and also families on their pregnant journeys. Everyone have actually a great holiday! #Ad #BabyBabyBaby #2MeansYes #FirstResponse #6DaysSooner #FirstAndOnlyResponse #happyholidays

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The professional dancer’s former DWTS partner Gavin DeGraw, whom she competed with on season 14, was among the very first people come congratulate Smirnoff ~ above her large news.

“Yay! Congrats