Enjoy Corn top top the Cob With much less Mess and Keep All the Yummy Melted Butter whereby It Belongs...on the Cob
Sweet corn is an important part of any type of backyard BBQ. Us love the boiled or grilled in its husks, arising from the embers blackened top top the outside and also perfectly steam in the middle. What us don"t love is once the melted butter runs anywhere our dinner plate! This clever corn food does twin duty: it not just keeps the butter with the corn, but the ingenious kernel pattern helps spread the butter evenly over the corn, for this reason you obtain plenty of melted butter in every bite.

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Keeps melted butter through your sweet cornDurable glazed porcelainKernel pattern helps spread out butter evenlyChip-, crack-, and stain-resistantDishwasher- and also microwave-safeEach food is around 9" longSet the 2Imported

Made native PorcelainImported9" long
Dishwasher, microwave, and also refrigerator-safe
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