Tina Gonzalez"s former boss dubbed for her to gain the best sentence of three years and also eight months in prison.Fresno county Sheriff"s Office
A mrs California correction officer v a “depraved mind” has actually been jailed because that reportedly having actually sex v an inmate — in complete view that 11 other jailbirds.

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Tina Gonzalez, 26, even cut a feet in she uniform pants — to do it simpler to have sex in Fresno ar Jail, her sentencing hearing to be told on Tuesday, according to The Fresno Bee.

Her previous boss, Assistant Sheriff Steve McComas, told the court that he had actually witnessed numerous “pretty venomous things” during his 26-years top top the project — yet nothing together shocking as hearing that Gonzalez’s sex conference in complete view of various other inmates.

“That is something just a depraved mind have the right to come increase with,” McComas told the court, according to the local paper.

Gonzalez — that quit after being arrested in might last year — additionally supplied the exact same inmate through razors, a cell phone and development warnings when his cell was going to be searched, the reports said.

“She took an oath which she betrayed and also in law so intimidated her coworkers’ lives,” McComas said.

“But she has shown no remorse. She continually calls and has sexually explicit conversations with the inmate in question and also boasts about the crimes she lugged out,” he told the court, according to the Bee.

Gonzalez pleaded no dispute in April come sexual activity by a detention basic employee through a consenting inmate, as well as possessing drugs or alcohol, and also a mobile to provide to an inmate, the outlet said.

Tina Gonzalez even cut a hole in she uniform pants to do it less complicated to have actually sex in Fresno county Jail.Google Maps

Her previous boss referred to as for her to gain the best sentence of 3 years and eight month in prison.

But referee Michael Idiart detailed her early plea and also lack that criminal history as that sentenced her Tuesday to seven months in the county jail adhered to by 2 years that probation.

“I think what friend did was terrible, stupid and also you have damaged your career,” Idiart told Gonzalez.

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“But I likewise believe that human being can redeem themselves and you have actually the remainder of her life to perform that. Good luck,” the referee told her.