Never forgotten. Gleeks anywhere were dazzling when Lea Michele and Cory Monteith — a.k.a. Rachel Berry and Finn Hudson — took their partnership offscreen. The Glee costars walk public through their romance in 2012 and were tho dating when the Monte Carlo actor tragically died of one overdose in July 2013 in ~ the age of 31.

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During your time together, the Broadway star and the Calgary native seemed certain smitten v each other. So lot so, Lea and Cory had plans for their future together. “We talked about a many things,” she said Glamour UK in 2014. “We talked about children and also what we would certainly look like once we prospered old, and also who would certainly be fat and how we would remain thin. Us talked around where we wanted to go and what we wanted to do. Us were done. We were it.”


“When you’re at that ar in her life v someone, friend talk around everything. However today ns feel like I was offered the best part of Cory, and I’m thankful because that that,” she added.

Lea has never shied away from talking around the special link she mutual with her then-boyfriend. Months prior to he tragically passed, she gushed around the influence Cory had on her life.

“No one knows me far better than Cory,” the brunette beauty told Marie Claire because that its January 2013 issue. “No one knows what that been choose to go v this an ext than he does. Feeling favor you have that network underneath you permits you to jump higher and walk farther. He renders me feel prefer I can do anything. For the first time in my life, ns feel really, really resolved and happy. I feel favor the luckiest girl in the world.”

Though the is no much longer physically around, Cory still impacts Lea in plenty of ways. “You don’t recognize how strong you space until you need to be,” she said in 2014. “I shed my grand a pair of years ago and I always feel that he’s watching end me. Ns feel the precise same means about Cory. Every day as soon as I walk running, i feel prefer he’s pushing me to run harder.”


Lea, who is now married come Zandy Reich and expecting baby No. 1 v him, still makes sure to pay tribute to Cory annually on the anniversary the his death.

Keep scrolling to see Lea and also Cory’s full relationship timeline.



Lea and also Cory first met top top the collection of the hit music show. Even early on on, romantic rumors swirled around the 2 leads. The starlet denied anything to be going on v Cory because she remained in a partnership with Theo Stockman at the time.



The costars ongoing to adamantly deny rumors they to be together. Lea was also asked if Theo to be “jealous” of her noticeable chemistry with Cory throughout an interview with Teen Vogue. “My boyfriend is an actor as well. So he understands,” she responded. She and the Broadway stud dated for almost a year but separation shortly after season 3 of Glee premiered. 

August 2012

Lea’s solitary status in 2011 made pan speculate even harder she and also Cory to be together. Castle *finally* made your red carpet debut as a pair in respectable 2012.

November 2012

Cory common an adorable photo of Lea while they were on a snowboarding trip, solidifying your bond. 

December 2012

Head over heels. The Spring Awakening star gushed end her connection with Cory throughout an interview with Marie Claire. “I don’t also remember a time once he no my boyfriend,” she dished in ~ the time. 

March 2013

Cory sadly had a long background of drug abuse prior to his death. After he confirm himself into rehab because that substance addiction, Lea promised to “stand by” she beau. “I to be grateful and proud that made this decision,” she told People.

June 2013

The Chrysalis Butterfly ball was the critical public figure the 2 made. Later that month, Lea mutual a picture with her “two favorite boys” Cory and her BFF Jonathan Groff. 

July 2013

On July 13, 2013, Cory passed away at Hotel Fairmont Pacific rim in Vancouver, Canada. An autopsy would later on reveal his cause of fatality was linked drug intoxication the heroin and alcohol. “Thank you all for helping me v this time through your huge love and support. Cory will forever be in mine heart,” Lea wrote on Instagram a couple of weeks after his untimely death.

January 2014

Gone yet not forgotten. “I somehow feel the insane love Cory and I had actually for each other morphed right into this stamin that I have actually right now,” Lea explained to Teen Vogue about the after-effects of Cory’s death. “There’s just something around knowing he’s watching every little thing I’m doing and feeling choose I need to do whatever now not simply for me but for him. I also have a security net below me — if I loss or if it’s also much, mine friends and family will certainly be over there to catch me.”

July 2015

Lea mutual a sweet tribute ~ above Instagram ~ above the two-year anniversary that Cory’s passing. “I recognize you would certainly want us all laughing and also smiling today. So, we think that you and also remember all the laughter and also joy we shared together,” the actress wrote. “I host you in my heart always and love and miss girlfriend so.”

April 2016

The Ragtime star made Cory’s storage a permanent mark on she body. She debuted a “5” tattoo in memory of “ quarterback.” The number 5 to be Finn’s football number on Glee. 

July 2016

On the three-year anniversary of she late beau’s death, Lea stated their “memories” together are “the best of my life,” in a sweet Instagram post. 

July 2017

The following year, she describe a black-and-white picture of the pair hugging. “ years and it still feels prefer yesterday … Love you more, C,” she wrote.Lea’s sentiment was especially powerful because she honored the last conversation the two ever before had in the song “If You speak So” on she alum enlarge in 2014. “Was simply a main ago, friend said, ‘I love you, girl’ / i said, ‘I love friend more’ / and a breath, a stop / you said, ‘If you to speak so’ / ‘If you to speak so. If you speak so,’” the lyrics read.

July 2019

Lea got one more tattoo in Cory’s honor. She showed off the word “Finn” created on her upper left thigh. 

July 2020

On the seventh anniversary the Cory’s death, Lea common a black and white photo of the holding flowers via her Instagram Story.

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