Two years after he to be infamously project shamed for functioning at trader Joe’s, “The Cosby Show” alum Geoffrey Owens has launched an Instagram TV display celebrating important workers.

The brand-new series, title “Shift Happens,” will function Owens as host, “interviewing working people about their work,” according to a promo video clip released on Instagram end the vacation weekend.

Owens, that played Elvin Tibideaux on “The Cosby Show,” obtained an outpouring of assistance in 2018 ~ he to be photographed functioning at a businessman Joe’s grocery keep in brand-new Jersey and also subsequently harassed online.

“As you might know, that totality thing didn’t fairly go as the shamers planned,” Owens claimed in Saturday’s video. “A lot of an excellent things happened to me, but the finest thing around that entirety thing to be that people started thinking about and talking about work in a different way. They started considering the dignity of work — even the the aristocracy of work. Given that some work are no necessarily much better than others, and that — let’s placed it this method — all work matters.”

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The mini trailer functions Owens approaching world person-on-the-street format to ask them about their job while pausing because that selfie photos external various neighborhood restaurants and retail establishments.

"ow, with the COVID crisis, these concepts are even much more relevant and significant than ever,” that continues. “Not only are we acknowledging the all occupational matters, yet we’re additionally realizing that a most the people who do the jobs that — let’s confront it — us didn’t think very much of before are in reality heroes.”

After he was “spotted” at businessman Joe’s, numerous of Owens’ Hollywood peers — consisting of Tyler Perry, Nicki Minaj, Tami Roman, Pamela Adlon, terrycloth Crews, Blair Underwood, Patricia Heaton and also James Campbell — leapt to his defense, mutual their own myriad occupational experiences and also counter-shamed civilization who looked under on him for making a living.

Perry likewise invited Owens to appear on his very own series, “The Haves and Have Nots,” while Minaj gifted him $25,000. (Owens reportedly ended up donating Minaj’s donation to the Actor’s fund in honor of the so late Earle Hyman, that played Russell Huxtable top top “The Cosby Show.”)

And in 2019, Owens summary reflected ~ above his experience at the display screen Actors Guild Awards, i m sorry spotlighted him during its “I to be an Actor” segment.

“Somewhere in the middle of the road of my life, I uncovered myself in the dark wood of unemployment and also debt,” Owens said. “But rather of convert careers choose a sane person, i took a project at a regional Trader Joe’s to see if I can hang in there through my career — and it’s actually worked out pretty well. I’m Geoffrey Owens, and I to be an actor.”

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