There space two types of Starbucks orders: the ones whereby you require to get as lot caffeine into your body as feasible before going around your day and the ones wherein you"re going with the drive-thru as a little treat and also want to obtain something delicious and also fun. If you"re constantly on the find for drink that loss into the last category, you"re walk to want to look right into ordering this super vibrant "Cosmo and also Wanda" strawberry matcha drink that has TikTok hooked.

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The drink has actually been popping on the platform all summer ~ TikTok-er Amanda Diaz post a video clip sharing exactly how to stimulate it, according to PopSugar. This drink is a sweet and light choice that tastes as great as the looks so of food it was an instant hit. Plus, uneven a many of secret menu drinks, this one doesn"t need a ton that customizations.

To order, simply ask the barista to do you a Pink Drink with vanilla cold foam and also a scoop the matcha flour blended into the foam. That"s it! The result is a gorgeous color-blocked drink worthy the a "gram. Amanda"s video"s sound is complete of other civilization trying the drink and raving about it. It"s even been referred to as the "Cosmo and also Wanda" drink since of the color reminding human being of the personalities from the Nickelodeon display Fairly OddParents.

Before i was a coffee drinker, I used to bespeak strawberry smoothies with a scoop that matcha powder and also though the result was not practically as pretty as this drink (my friends referred to it together "swamp drink"), it tasted AMAZING, so this is one flavor combo the cannot it is in beat. Bottom up!


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