President Donald Trump has played golf or visited among his 17 owned-or-operated golf properties on approximately 22 percent that the days that has remained in office, dating back to Jan. 20, 2017.

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All the those visits to his golf clubs -- it is in they Trump nationwide in Bedminster, N.J.; Trump national D.C. In Ashburn, Va.; or Trump worldwide Golf society in Jupiter, Fla. -- not only increase the trump golf count but additionally increase the bill to the American taxpayer. Every time Trump go to among his golf clubs, nevertheless of him playing golf or not, the taxes payer needs to pay come transport and also protect him.

How much each of president Donald Trump"s golf rounds price taxpayers

Through October 2020, Donald Trump"s golf rounds have cost an approximated $140 million come taxpayers. That course, that"s one estimate based upon a variety of factors, but we can"t provide you an accurate cost for each round. Us don"t have actually perfect details to call you with certainty just how much all of the factors expense together. We have the right to estimate the cost per round, i beg your pardon is moved by mystery Service usage, transportation costs for motorcades and also Air pressure One, as well potential coastline Guard fees.

Trump"s golf rounds expense the American taxpayer around $600,000 top top average.

The many expensive rounds Trump plays space in Florida, complied with by at Trump national Washington, D.C., in northern Virginia, climate at Trump nationwide Bedminster in brand-new Jersey.

Each time Trump dram golf, the American taxpayer handles some cost. Each and every time, trump is flanked by secret Service, that not only defend him when he"s ~ above his golf nature but likewise secures the golf club in question to make certain no uninvited guests shot to infiltrate the grounds. That expenses money. However, it"s unclear the all-in mystery Service expense of the manhours to protect and secure. We do know mystery Service agents are paid around $50 every hour, but we don"t recognize how many agents there are on his detail at a golf club. However, these would certainly be considered sunk prices anyhow, as these agents incur annual salaries nevertheless of where and when they"re doing their regimen work.

We know the secret Service has racked increase $765,000 in golf dare rental bills through contracts with personal providers (Trump is not making money top top those carts), through rolling contracts.

We know, through late 2017, the mystery Service has paid part $8,600 so much for portable toilets to usage while top top the ground of Trump"s golf clubs. Ballistic glass is additionally needed, and also the an enig Service has actually a mobile office, which prices money.

The shore Guard is forced to protect nearby waterways once Trump access time Trump global Golf society in Jupiter passport a vis Mar-a-Lago and Trump national D.C., i beg your pardon fronts the grape max River. The coast Guard price at Mar-a-Lago is approximated to be $236,000 every day. These expenses would use whether or not Trump dram golf once he"s in ~ Mar-a-Lago. The expense for shore Guard in ~ his Ashburn club is considerably lower and also must it is in paid each time Trump goes there.

When Trump flies to these resorts, he supplies Air force One. (He offers a motorcade to walk to Trump nationwide in northern Virginia, which has its very own cost.) The congressional Research service estimated in 2012 the hourly expense of the Presidential 747 (any airplane the president is on i do not care Air force One) in ~ $179,750. That is now estimated at $206,337 every hour, despite there room classified costs the federal government Accountability Office can not reveal.

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