Welcome come College, Here"s Why girlfriend Shouldn"t Rape her Classmates. No, Seriously. Don"t do It. (And Don"t Let her Friends execute It.)

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Welcome come college, the finest time in life to placed your components on other people"s components (consensually!) and also then never see castle again (unless you want to!). Hot! even hotter: Doing the without acquiring stuck v a baby you made through some "cool" "freethinker" who "art" you really "liked."

If you"re a human being who might come to be pregnant and your parents never took you to the "I want birth control" appointment, don"t put it off. Shot your campus wellness center, or nice much any type of standard primary treatment doctor can aid you through this. But if you"re emotion nervous talking around it, look for out plan Parenthood. They"re nonjudgmental and also inexpensive, and also they"ll answer all the questions you"re also embarrassed come ask her friends.

If you have actually insurance, the pill and also most other forms of bear control, including an IUD (intrauterine device), should expense $50 or less a month. If you"re uninsured, talk v the clinic staff around what sorts of sliding-scale prices they offer. (If her insurance comes from a spiritual employer, there are some exceptions. Simply ask her doctor"s office for help making certain you"re covered. If you"re uninsured, ask around Apple Health.) if you"re there, ask because that condoms. Various other birth manage won"t protect you from STDs. You"ll most likely get complimentary condoms.

If girlfriend do acquire pregnant and you desire an abortion, guess what: that is okay. Abortion is normal. Tons of people get abortions every year. And no issue what type of spooky shit civilization have called you, the procedure is safe and it doesn"t do you a poor person. You just need a good, non-judgey doctor—and Seattle has actually plenty of those. Try these places:

Planned Parenthood

2001 E Madison St; 1229 Madison St, Suite 1040; 5020 Roosevelt way NE; 2111 N Northgate Way, Suite 218; 800-769-0045; plannedparenthood.org

Cedar flow Clinics

509 Olive Way, Suite 1454, 800-572-4223, cedarriverclinics.org, likewise in Renton and also Tacoma

Seattle Medical and Wellness Clinic

1325 fourth Ave, Suite 1240, 625-0202, smawc.com

All Women"s Care

9730 third Ave NE, Suite 200, 985-9553, awcseattle.com

Depending on exactly how long you"ve been pregnant and which form of procedure is best, one abortion have the right to start around $600. Don"t panic. If girlfriend qualify because that Washington"s state health and wellness insurance routine (called medical allowance or apple Health), that routine covers abortion. If you have actually other insurance, the procedure may be covered, although you might still be on the hook for part amount because of her plan"s deductible. Ask about payment plans or call the CAIR job (cairproject.org), which helps human being in Washington and surrounding states salary for their abortions ASAP.

The sooner you resolve it, the much easier (and cheaper) one abortion will certainly be. The employee at these clinics (mostly women) satisfy and help people who need abortions every day. They room basically superheroes, and they want to aid you. Take a deep breath and also go speak to them. Whatever is going to it is in okay.


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