"This outstanding response has gone beyond all expectations and is there is no a doubt our strongest people cruise launch job ever," Regent 7 Seas Cruises" CEO said.

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A cruise v fares beginning at simply over $73,000 every person completely sold the end in much less than three hrs last week, proving that passengers room desperate come get earlier to the high seas after ~ the COVID-19 pandemic stopped cruising.

Regent seven Seas Cruises' 2024 world Cruise voyage marketed out at approximately 11 a.m. ET on July 14, after having actually been made accessible only at 8:30 a.m. That day, follow to a press release.

"With a waitlist longer than we have ever experienced, we knew the the 2024 world Cruise to be going to be popular, yet this outstanding an answer has exceeded all expectations and also is without a doubt our strongest people cruise launch job ever," Jason Montague, president and also chief executive, management officer the Regent seven Seas Cruises, stated in a statement.

The world Cruise will certainly welcome passengers aboard because that 132 nights — or practically five months — as they travel approximately the globe, trekking an ext than 34,500 nautical miles. The cruise will stop at 66 ports of call throughout 31 countries and four continents, including main America, Hawaii, the southern Pacific, south east Asia, the center East, and also the Mediterranean.



Surprisingly, the wasn't just Regent 7 Seas Cruises alums who gobbled up the tickets, yet those that were new to cruising.

"Remarkably, we've discovered that attention hasn't just come from our past guests, and we have actually seen a strong increase in first-time travelers v Regent, countless of whom were keen to book the greater end of our suites," Montague said.

All ticket include complimentary first-class wait travel, a pre-cruise gala event, and also hotel in Miami, exclusive shoreside experiences, door-to-door luggage service, all visas, laundry board the ship, and more.

Passengers plank the world Cruise will be able to participate in 442 free shore excursions, with access to 61 various UNESCO people Heritage sites, the most that any Regents seven Seas Cruise has ever before included. Passengers will likewise be aboard because that crossings of both the Panama and also Suez canals.

This is the third year in a row that clues aboard the human being Cruise have quickly sold out. In September, spots because that the 2023 world Cruise offered out in ~ a matter of a few hours.

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