President Donald trump is visiting the southerly border in Texas to claim success in the building and construction of a border fence v Mexico.

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The White house said his visit would "mark the perfect of more than 400 mile of border wall - a promise made, promise kept".

Various species of fencing totalling 654 mile (just end 1,000 km) were already in place prior to Mr Trump became president in 2017.


It's 452 mile (727 km) in total, according to the latest us Customs and also Border security (CBP) details (4 January 2021).

However, only 80 mile of brand-new barriers have been built where there were none before - that contains 47 miles of major wall, and also 33 miles of an additional wall developed to reinforce the early barrier.

The vast bulk of the 452 miles is instead of existing structures at the border that had actually been built by previous us administrations.

President trump card has said that this need to be related to as new wall, because it's replacing what he called "old and also worthless barriers."

The US federal government has paid because that the wall, and also there've been disagreements over how to money it between the Trump administration and Congress.

In January 2018, mr Trump asked congress to salary $18bn (£13.6bn) end the next decade for an initial step of construction, but the bill at some point failed.

However, in 2019 mr Trump used nationwide emergency strength to draw away funds from the room of Defense after conference rejected an ext money for the wall.


There has actually been about $15bn invested for the building and construction of the barrier coming from miscellaneous US federal government departments, including the room of landscape Security, and the Defense and also Treasury Departments.

Despite this, in the run-up come the 3 November 2020 election, president Trump continued to say that "Mexico is paying because that it".

In the past, he's implied the a new trade commitment (signed last year) entailing Mexico and also Canada would indirectly save the united state money, which can be invested on the wall.


The variety of people detained at the border boosted significantly in between 2018 and 2019, yet dropped turn off in 2020.

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"The decrease in apprehensions comes as the motion of migrants in the ameri and worldwide has slowed throughout the Covid-19 outbreak, v governments fully or partly closing their boundaries to stem that spread," according to Ana Gonzalez-Barrera, a an elderly researcher in ~ Pew Research, a nonpartisan think tank based in Washington DC.

He said he would not develop "another foot" and also made clean he opposed acquisition funds native the department of Defense.

Instead, the democratic president-elect to plan to emphasis on using technology along the border come detect illegal activity.

Joe Biden's official website says: "Biden will straight federal resources to smart border enforcement efforts, choose investments in improving screening infrastructure at our ports the entry."

However, the is unclear what the new administration will do with contract for wall construction i beg your pardon have already been vested under mr Trump - however are as yet not finished.