Although Disney Cruise Line sailings have been suspended because that over a year because of the an international health crisis, over there are indicators that setravel will start to choose up again soon.

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Recent updates come CDC guidelines concerning cruises have changed, and soon, Disney Cruise Line will certainly be perfect a 2-night test trip from harbor Canaveral through volunteer passengers. Although many cruises have been canceled through the fall, Disney is quiet taking bookings through 2022.

So if that’s got you thinking about hitting the high seas through Disney, you’ve gained plenty of time to budget and plan!

But specifically what does a Disney Cruise expense these days? We’re break it down for you.

What A Disney Cruise Includes

Cruising with Disney is a premiere experience, and also as such, it’s a lot different than seafaring with other companies.


There is SO lot covered in the cost of a cruise that consists of entertainment not discovered anywhere else, as well as unique personality experiences.

Broadway high quality Musicals and also First-Run Movies

When it involves entertainment, there is probably no cruise heat that uses as much quality together Disney Cruise Line. Shows incorporate Broadway-quality musicals, frequently retellings of famous Disney movies. These shows take place in cutting edge theaters that carry Disney magic come life.

You can additionally see first-run movies top top a Disney Cruise together of the job they premiere anywhere the world. And you don’t have to pay because that an extra movie ticket to watch!

All Meals

The price that a Disney Cruise additionally includes all her meals, however this isn’t just continual old cruise dining. Disney Cruise guests acquire treated to some of the finest food top top the seas, and a lot of it comes through extra Disney magic. Every ship has rotational dining, for this reason you gain to eat in a different restaurant every night! there are likewise buffets, 24/7 dining areas, and also ice cream. And also drinks favor sodas, coffee, and also tea are included in the price (unlike on most other cruise lines).


For example, diners on Disney’s newest ship, the Wish, will obtain to have a dining suffer that puts lock in the center of one Avengers adventure or indulge in a brand-new Frozen dining endure that attributes a brand new story!

Activities because that Kids

Most cruise present aren’t targeted towards kids, so this is whereby Disney Cruise heat excels. The children Clubs ~ above Disney’s cruise pearl are second to none and provide high-quality entertainment for your youngsters while friend take part time to grab a drink and relax in the sun.

And there space even an ext opportunities for youngsters on the Disney great — there, kids will be able to step into the shoes of Disney Imagineers and also have Marvel superhero experiences. And also honestly, together adults, we’re type of jealous!

Character Experiences

Let’s face it — there is no other cruise suffer that’s going come let you cave out v Mickey, Minnie, and also the totality Disney gang. And if you’re all around character interactions and experiences, Disney Cruise line is all that and also more.

Disney Cruise v Minnie and also kids

The kids Clubs also have one-of-a-kind meet and greets, and you’ll never recognize what Disney characters you’ll uncover onboard. Disney characters might even join you sometimes for meals onboard.

Private Island

Disney Cruise Line additionally has its really own private island, Castaway Cay. It’s a gorgeous island, too, with plenty of sun, sand, and tasks for everyone. Oh, and what’s far better than hanging the end on the beach v Disney characters?

Pluto on Castaway Cay

Also, the food on the personal island is contained as part of the cruise price. However, you can pay extra to upgrade her Castaway Cay experience with a personal cabana if that’s your thing.

Cost of A Disney Cruise

So with all the in mind, what specifically is the cost the a Disney Cruise? We’ve searched with the Disney Cruise heat website for common prices over the next couple of years and also crunched the numbers because that a household of four. The lowest price is for the the very least expensive cabin form (Inside Stateroom), when the highest possible price is because that Concierge Level (for those who desire to splurge). This prices also include taxes, fees, and also port expenses.

Disney Dream

Please keep in mind that prices room dependent on as soon as you plan to sail, as well as if special occasions are walk on at the time. So this are simply ballpark numbers to obtain you started if you’re budgeting for a cruise.

3-Night Bahamas Cruise — indigenous $2,800 to $6,800 (about $233 to $566 per human being per day.)4-Night Bahamas Cruise — from $4,400 to $7,600 (about $275 to $475 per human being per day)5-Night Caribbean Cruise — from $4,200 to $9,500 (about $210 to $475 per person per day)Goofy at Castaway Cay7-Night Caribbean Cruise — native $5,300 to $10,920 (about $189 to $390 per person per day)7-Night european Cruise — from $5,800 come $25,609) (about $207 to $914 per human being per day)7-Night Alaska Cruise — indigenous $5,300 to $23,000 (about $189 come $821 per human per day

When booking your cruise, it’s also important to keep in mind that a deposit will certainly be required. This deposit is frequently 20% that the complete voyage fare, i m sorry does incorporate all port fees. When booking onboard, you deserve to instead execute a 10% deposit for pick cruises.

Disney Wish

The Disney great is a first-of-its-kind ship for Disney Cruise Line and offers brand-new amenities over and beyond what the company’s other ships offer. This includes even more activities, a Star Wars lounge, and Disney’s first-ever at-sea ride! for this reason cruising on The wish will expense a tiny more, but that price consists of a ton of much more things come do.


Again, this prices room for a family of four.

3-Night cruise is roughly $3,000 come $10,000 (about $250 to $833 every person)4-Night cruise is about $4,000 come $11,000 (about $250 to $687 per person)

Other Costs


However, there are expenses that room not contained in the price that a Disney Cruise. For example, your transportation to and also from the harbor is no covered. This includes any kind of flights your family members needs, as well as any local travel the you can need to obtain to the port.

Port Canaveral

Disney can assist you with booking this extr travel when you publication your cruise, though, yet at secondary cost.


Tips and also gratuities room not had as part of her Disney Cruise, and this is something friend should budget for. Top top the last night of her Disney Cruise, you will certainly be provided gratuity envelopes. Most gratuities are currently calculated (and will be deducted from your preferred an approach of payment), but you can readjust the quantities with these envelopes.

Enchanted Garden ~ above the Disney Dream

Note the you can also pre-pay your gratuities in advance, which might prove beneficial if you’re top top a strictly budget.

Shore Excursions

If you desire to go on shore excursions (aka “Port Adventure”), you’ll likewise pay second fee. These fun excursions include sightseeing adventures, snorkeling, wildlife tours, biking, and also more.

Daisy Duck at Castaway Cay

There space an countless amount of things to do with Disney’s port Adventures, and also they usually cost around $100 every person.

Spa Services

Maybe your idea the cruising entails spending some time gaining pampered in ~ the spa, whether that’s through a manicure, pedicure, hair styling, massage, or more. These services are additionally not contained in the initial price of the cruise.

Disney Magic Spa and Gym

You’ll likewise have to salary extra because that the Bibbidy Bobbidy Boutique for your youngsters if your boy wants a Disney Princess — or Prince — makeover.


Although soft drinks, coffee, and tea are contained in the price of your cruise, beverages with alcohol are not. Those mai Tais and Bahama Mamas can include up, therefore remember that once budgeting.

These are had in her cruise price — alcohol is not

A good rule of ignorance is to limit how many alcoholic drink you have each job so girlfriend know how much extra you’re spending on beverages.

How to conserve money ~ above a Disney Cruise

So let’s say you’ve decided to take a Disney Cruise, however want to acquire the finest deal possible. We’ve outlined some means on how to save money ~ above your next Disney cruise.

Use A take trip Agent

It doesn’t price you a dime to usage a take trip agent, and a great travel certified dealer will aid you score the best deal possible top top a Disney Cruise. Most will provide you the exact same price together you’d obtain booking with Disney, however some also offer a few extra incentives (like shipboard credits) if you publication through them.

Disney Cruise Line

Travel agents are additionally on top of discounts and specials, so they can get you the best rate possible, including ones you can not also know about. We recommend computer mouse Fan take trip for all of your Disney Cruise line planning needs.

Check one-of-a-kind Offers

If you perform want to book everything yourself, stay on optimal of Disney Cruise line offers. We often post cruise discounts and offers right here at, therefore be sure to examine our website often.

Disney Dream at Castaway Cay

It’s also a good idea to store an eye ~ above the Disney Cruise line website — that method you have the right to stay on peak of discounts and also deals and also grab them when they come to be available.

Book in the turn off season

If your take trip plans are relatively flexible, you deserve to save a lot of money through booking during the turn off season. Typically, you can expect cruises to cost much more when youngsters are the end of school — holidays, school breaks, summers, etc.

Stateroom verandah top top Disney Dream

If you can travel when children are normally in school, you might nab some vast savings. and also it’s regularly worth the to pull the kids out of institution to save money!

Book Early

Another great rule of thumb is come book early. appropriate now, friend can publication cruises because that 2022, therefore if you’re reasoning you might want to cruise then, start looking for those transaction now! normally speaking, booking 12-18 month in advance will obtain you the ideal price.

Pool Deck ~ above Disney Dream

Here’s why — as ships begin to fill up, prices go up. So if you’re one of the very first to book, girlfriend save. It’s as an easy as supply and demand.

Book if on a cruise

You can book your following cruise when on a cruise, and this is a great way to save. Disney usually offers a discount top top future sailings if friend rebook onboard.

Princess Meet and Greet top top Disney Dream

And this likewise ties into booking early on — you’ll end up through the discount that comes v booking onboard, and the reduced prices the come v booking early. It’s a win-win.

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Although Disney Cruises have the right to be expensive, as soon as you take into consideration everything that comes v the price the a cruise, they can be as affordable (if not more so) 보다 a pilgrimage to Disney World. And there are means to save money, and we hope the this help you in figuring the end your budget plan for your an initial — or following — cruise.

Everything coming to the Disney wish (And whereby to uncover It)

Are friend planning a Disney Cruise? allow us know in the comments!

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