Barista here. I save forgetting to examine the POS as soon as I'm at occupational to prize my very own question, so possibly someone simply knows off the top of your head or is at work and can just check.

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I to be under the impression included shots room +80cents each for drink that perform not come through espresso conventional (chai, frappuccinos, etc.).

Does the very same still hold for drinks that come standard with espresso choose lattes, cappuccinos, etc.? What about americanos, whereby the remainder of the drink is water, which we offer for free? i wouldn't suppose americanos come be another +80cents considering you could upgrade the dimension for much less money and also just ask because that extra room if you want the higher concentration.

Anyone know what the dominion or rule are?


In my an ar the include shot prices room scaled appropriately. Therefore a tall latte with two include shots (triple tall) isn't more than a grande through one add shot (triple grande). In the old price plan they would certainly level the end to be the same price despite the extra dairy product in the grande. It currently scales appropriately. The Americano include shot pricing likewise varies depending on the cup size.

Nope. Tall extra shots are only $0.60 in espresso drinks. Pretty certain that's the only case though.

Edit: inspect the POS. I included an extra shot to a high latte and the extra shoot was just $0.60. Btw thanks for the downvotes even though i am right, lol.

Extra shots for americanos room a bit much less than the 80 cents. It just goes up to the price that the bigger size. Uneven you desire an extra shot in a venti, then it's 80 cents

I know to charge it. Just how do i upsell product (extra shots) without understanding the price framework of these additions?

It'll never ever be more than 80 cents. What I've it was observed is that the upcharge is the difference between that drink and also the next size up, IF the next size up consists of an extra shot. Example: triple grande latte, the extra shot is 80 cents because a venti latte only has 2 shots. Double tall latte, the extra shooting is 50 cent (difference in between tall and also grande. Not sure if it's in reality 50 cents) since the grande come standard v one more shot 보다 a tall. The method I've kind of rationalized it in my head is why would certainly you obtain a twin tall if the costs much more than a grande but is specifically the same, simply with much less milk? This is hard to describe via text... Sorry if it's confusing.

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