Before getting your swim pool, you could be asking inquiries like, “How much does a swimming pool raise your electrical bill? What walk it cost to gain a pool cleaning service? just how much will I pay for chemicals?”

These are entirely valid questions, and you’re a clever shopper for asking them.

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It’s not enough to understand that your swimming pool is walk to price you money every year. You deserve to understand how much you’re walking to need to pay to keep your swimming pool in great shape, and that’s why we determined to write this article.

At river Pools, we specialization in manufacturing and also servicing fiberglass pools throughout phibìc America, and also we understand all about the maintenance costs and requirements for all types of inground pools, be it concrete, fiberglass, or vinyl liner. In this article, we’ll define the maintenance costs for each form of inground pool, hopefully giving you a true feeling of what to mean ahead.

Let’s start by feather at few of the factors that can impact the expense of your pool’s maintenance.

Factors that influence swimming swimming pool maintenance costs

Most pools watch pretty comparable on the outside, yet every pool form is fully different. That difference may it is in in the materials, the building process, or both. The bottom line is that no all pools will need the same type of care.

Here are few of the key things the can influence how a pool is maintained and how much that maintain costs:

Pool form (fiberglass, concrete, or vinyl liner)Pool sizeClimate and also regionAge the the pool

We’ll take it these components into consideration over the following several sections.


Cost to keep a Concrete Pool

As a basic rule, concrete pools have the highest expense of ownership of all 3 inground swimming pool types. The porous surface demands much more chemical use and also will need you to operation the pump/filter for much longer periods. Let’s look at few of the yearly and long-term prices of owning a concrete pool.



The amount the your concrete swimming swimming pool will add to your electrical bill will depend on the dimension of your pool and also whether you operation a heater or cooling pump.

Smaller pools will frequently be cheaper to run due to the fact that they have actually less water to filter. Similarly, big pools will certainly be an ext expensive to own and run. The cost will also depend on the type of pump the you have:

A 2-speed or variable speed pump can cost $60-$100 every month through a concrete pool, depending upon the dimension of her pool and also your local electric rates.1-speed pumps (rapidly coming to be outdated) can cost $150-$300 every month v a concrete pool, relying on your swimming pool size and the region.

How carry out you calculate her concrete pool’s electric costs? First, you have to discover out exactly how long you should run the pump come filter the water in the entire pool. This is additionally called the turnover rate. You deserve to use this straightforward formula to uncover the turnover price for her swimming pool:


Concrete pools call for that friend filter every one of the water in the swimming pool twice every day, therefore you’ll should multiply your resulting number by 2 and also run your swimming pool for that many hours every day. Why go it should run longer? The porous surface ar is perfect for algae growth, for this reason you must circulate the water more to save it clear.

Curious around how a swimming pool pump/filter device works? inspect out this detailed guide.

Heating and Cooling

If you usage a heating and cooling pump, you have the right to expect come add second $50-$250 to your electrical bill every month, depending on how large your pool is and how regularly you heat or cool it.

Chemical costs for Concrete Pool

Since concrete pools space so susceptible to birds invasions, they’ll certain require an ext chemicals. The price of her chemicals will depend on just how much chlorine (or other chemicals) your pool needs. This will certainly vary based upon the results you get when girlfriend test her pool"s water. The final price will likewise be based upon the brands the you use.

To give you a stormy estimate, suppose to spend at least $20 every time friend buy chlorine tablets, powder, or liquid. Store in mind the you may likewise need other chemicals prefer pool conditioner. Together a whole, you might spend roughly $750 every year on swimming pool chemicals and related supplies.

What go it expense to maintain a saltwater pool? If you have actually a saltwater system, you will do it be including salt to your pool rather of chlorine, which will have actually a slight impact on the maintenance costs. Be ready to invest at least $15 per bag that salt and also keep in mind that you have the right to use anywhere from fifty percent a bag to end 15 bags to preserve the suitable chemistry.

Warning: us don’t recommend salt water solution for concrete pools. The salt deserve to be also abrasive ~ above the plaster surface, making the wear the end faster.


Aside native chemicals and fishing out leaves and bugs, that a an excellent idea to vacuum her concrete pool and also brush the entire surface through a steel brush at the very least once a week. This will make the swimming pool clear and sparkly and also keep algae at bay.

If friend don’t have actually the time or energy for all that (it is a many work!) you have the right to hire a pool company to clean and maintain your swimming pool chemistry because that you. The price of these pool services will vary by region and by company, but you have the right to expect come pay about $500 per swimming season.

If you do occur to discover yourself through a significant algae problem, try this method.


The price of your water is something it is tricky to measure since it counts on your tasks and the dimension of your pool. The water in your pool should in between the skimmer’s midpoint and also within one customs of the height of the opened (see photo below) when your pool is open for swimming.


If your water level is gaining low, you would typically add water from her garden hose. This will naturally add to her water bill, however the precise amount will vary from swimming pool to pool. Girlfriend can gain a great idea of how much this will price after you’ve run your swimming pool for a couple of months.

If, however, you ever need come drain and refill her pool, you’ll be payment a lot more (think at the very least $100 extra). You’ll additionally have the alternative to hire a mass water shipment service, but this may be a bit pricier.

However, as a basic rule, do not drain your pool without an initial consulting with a skilled or having a skilled do it because that you.

How much does it price to run a concrete swimming pool per month ?

The monthly price of your concrete swimming pool will differ by the month. When the swimming pool is open for swimming, you have the right to expect to pay much much more for electricity and chemical maintenance than when the pool is shut under for winter.

How lot does it price to own a concrete swimming pool per year?

Overall, you deserve to expect come spend about $1,650 per year to keep your concrete pool. This additionally includes costs associated with opening your pool at the start of the season and closing your pool for winter. What this doesn’t incorporate is major maintenance expenses like resurfacing, which us cover in the following section.

Long term maintain costs: mountain washing & resurfacing

Unfortunately, running the filter and including chemicals aren’t the just things you need to think around with a concrete swim pool. This pools additionally require significant long term maintain expenses. These are:

Acid washingResurfacing

Acid washing your concrete swimming pool rids the surface of spores and prevents algae bloom. Many concrete swimming pool owners carry out this every 3-6 years, depending on the problem of their pool.

This procedure requires draining her pool and also washing the surface ar with an acid solution. Uneven you really understand what you"re doing, this job have to be lugged out by a professional.

You can expect to pay around $500 for this service, plus everything it expenses to refill her pool through water.

Resurfacing your pool can price $10,000 and more and is normally done every 10-15 years. This consists of replastering, retiling, or reapplying aggregate to the entire surface of your swimming pool. Plaster is the cheapest that all choices while tile often tends to it is in the many expensive. You’ll also have to pay to refill your pool when the resurfacing is done.

Cost to keep a Vinyl Liner Pool

Vinyl liner pools no the most high-maintenance pools, yet they aren’t exactly low-maintenance either. Overall, your vinyl liner swimming pool will need some significant maintenance work every couple of years in addition to paying because that electricity and also chemicals. Let’s acquire into this in an ext detail.



As with every pool, your electrical bill will go up when you acquire a vinyl liner swim pool. You’re going to have to run the pump/filter device every day, and also that will include around $30-$50 per month if you have actually a variable rate pump. If you have actually a 1-speed filter pump you deserve to expect come pay between $75-$150 per month.

The great news is, you only should filter her pool’s water once a day, uneven a concrete swimming pool. This means that you’ll have the ability to save part money top top electricity.

However, you might need to operation your filter much longer to deal with any birds collecting in her pool. You deserve to expect to invest about $300 every year on electrical energy for your vinyl liner pool.

Heating and also Cooling

As v a concrete pool, heater or cooling your vinyl liner pool deserve to add second $50-$250 per month come your electrical bill, depending upon how large your pool is and how often you warm or cool it.

Chemical expenses for Vinyl Liner Pool

When it involves chemicals, vinyl liner pools have an benefit over concrete pools. Birds won’t flourish in a vinyl liner swimming pool like it would in a concrete pool, yet it have the right to collect at the seams and become a problem if the swimming pool is not maintained properly. You have the right to still suppose to spend approximately $400 every year on chemicals, i beg your pardon is much less than friend would spend with a concrete pool.

The amount of chemicals that you require to add will depend on the pool and also the area that you live in. Again, you can expect to invest a minimum the $20 every time you buy chlorine for her pool.

What around saltwater systems? We don’t recommend using a salt water system in a vinyl liner swimming swimming pool unless the walls are of make of a polymer material. The metal walls would be fragile to corrosion, which could cause significant (and costly!) troubles in the future.


You’re definitely going to want to vacuum your vinyl liner pool and also keep it clean of leaves and also debris, just like with any type of other swimming pool. Girlfriend should additionally take a soft, nylon cleaning brush and also brush the surface of the whole pool when a week to ensure that birds don’t try to make a house in her pool.

Warning: whatever you do, don’t scrape the surface ar of her vinyl liner with difficult or spicy tools! You could damage the liner and also be required to change it sooner 보다 necessary.

Because clean your pool is not also labor intensive, you probably won’t feel the need to hire a experienced cleaning service, which can save you $500 per year. This, the course, is a convenience that any kind of pool owner deserve to take advantage of to save time and also energy.


Just like a concrete pool, girlfriend will need to make sure that the water stays at the best level (midway up the skimmer) if the pool is open for swimming. You’ll add much more water to it when necessary using your garden hose, and also you might lower the water level when it’s time to close the pool for winter.

However, the biggest cost that you will have when it pertains to water is refilling the pool. Every few years, your pool’s liner is going to must be replaced. To perform that, you require to drain the swimming pool so the the experts can download a brand-new one. Filling the pool back up can price you at the very least $100, depending upon how large your swimming pool is.

Again, it"s a great idea to consult v a professional before draining your swimming pool.

How lot does it price to run a vinyl liner swimming pool per month?

The monthly price of your vinyl liner swimming swimming pool won"t be continuous throughout the year. Expect to pay the most when the swimming pool is open up for swim in the spring and summer. When the swimming pool is closed, her maintenance expenses will go under significantly.

How lot does it expense to own a vinyl liner swimming pool per year?

Aside from regular liner replacements, you deserve to expect to spend around $700 every year top top vinyl liner swimming pool maintenance. This is mainly split between the price of chemicals and electricity, which will both vary based upon the pool and the area in which friend live.

Long term maintain costs

Unfortunately, the vinyl liner itself won’t last forever, and also it will have an even shorter lifespan if friend don’t save up v maintenance. Every 5 to 9 years, the swimming pool will must be drained and also the liner will should be replaced. This can expense you at the very least $4,000 every time, which can include up to $8,000 - $16,000 full over the course of 20 years.

Cost to maintain a Fiberglass Pool

Fiberglass pools have the lowest expense of ownership of all three pool species and call for the the very least amount of maintenance. Overall, girlfriend will spend a lot less on repairs, resurfacing, electricity, and chemicals 보다 you would certainly with any kind of other pool. Let’s look in ~ this a bit closer.



Unlike a concrete swimming pool, your fiberglass pool will certainly only need to filter the swimming pool water as soon as a day, which saves a many time and money. Intend to pay $30-$50 per month for a 2-speed or variable speed filter system and also $75-150 per month for a 1-speed system. Overall, you deserve to expect to spend about $200 on electrical for your fiberglass swimming pool each year.

We choose variable speed filter systems due to the fact that they room adaptable and also they save money. That’s why every one of our pools are installed with a 2-speed pump device by default. With this kind of system, girlfriend can even filter your pool water at a low speed 24 hours a day for far better water circulation without greatly affecting the cost.

Heating and Cooling

Heating or cooling your fiberglass pool can price anywhere from $50-$250 every month, depending on the dimension of your pool and how regularly you pick to warm or cool it. Part climates are temperate sufficient to skip the heating and cooling option, yet many aren’t. In part areas, heating and cooling can maximize the use of her pool.

Chemical costs for Fiberglass Pool

Most civilization use chlorine tablets, powder, or liquid to sanitize their pool water. The cost can vary depending on the kind of pool, and also fiberglass pools need the the very least amount of chemistry to continue to be in balance. In fact, fiberglass pools use 70% less chemicals than concrete pools.

This is because of the smooth, no porous surface ar which is referred to as the gelcoat. Without having places to hide, birds can’t take over your swimming pool, and it’s an extremely unlikely that it will end up being a problem. You have the right to expect come spend around $175 on chemistry for her fiberglass swimming pool each year.

What about saltwater equipment in fiberglass pools? If you would favor to run a saltwater device in your swimming pool, a fiberglass pool would work-related perfectly. The salt walk not damage or corrode the internal of the pool, do it safe to usage without any type of risks that degrading the pool’s surface ar or damaging the area approximately it.

The cost to preserve a saltwater pool will vary depending on the dimension of her pool and also the environment around your pool. Intend to spend a minimum that $15 because that every bag that salt on optimal of any kind of specialty maintenance job-related that you require to have done on her generator and also other equipment.

Want to compare saltwater pools come chlorine pools? see our full guide here.


We recommend the you vacuum your pool regularly and keep it clear of debris. We likewise think the a an excellent idea to brush the surface ar of your pool once a week with a soft, nylon cleaning brush to save dirt at bay.

Since that’s all you really should do, yes no need to hire a skilled cleaning business if friend don’t want to. Fiberglass pools are much less labor extensive than various other pools and can quickly be preserved on your own.


As with various other swimming pools, you need to keep the water in your fiberglass pool at a appropriate level. This is typically about midway increase the skimmer’s opening. To raise your pool’s water level, you’ll typically use your regular water hose together there would certainly be no real need to contact in a bulk water service.

Unlike vinyl liner and also concrete pools, there will be very couple of occasions (if any) ~ above which girlfriend will require to drain your fiberglass pool. In fact, we recommend you come never drainpipe your fiberglass swimming pool without first consulting with a fiberglass pool experienced who deserve to advise friend or assist you with the process. That way that you won’t need to pay to to fill it up again like you would v concrete or vinyl liner pools.

How lot does it cost to run a fiberglass pool per month?

As with other pools, the vast bulk of your maintenance expenses will be taken treatment of throughout the summer months once the pool is open. Electricity, cleaning, and also chemical prices may go down when the swimming pool is closed because that winter.

How lot does it cost to very own a fiberglass pool per year?

Overall, your cost to very own a fiberglass pool per year will certainly be approximately $375 between electricity and chemicals. Unless you have significant damage to your swimming pool or her aging pool is in need of work, the only other expenses that you will have to think around are additional water costs and also possibly the cost of accessories favor cleaning brushes and also pool covers.

To offer you a far better idea of what your regimen will watch like, this is a full breakdown of fiberglass swimming pool maintenance activities.

Long term maintenance costs

Fiberglass swimming pools are exceptionally durable, yet the gelcoat will ultimately need to be refinished. However, you will likely use your swimming pool for 20 or 30 year before this demands to it is in done.

Let’s say you’re 45 year old now. If you download a fiberglass swimming pool today, you won’t must make any major investments in resurfacing your pool until you’re 65 to 75 year old.

That’s a pretty large period that carefree swimming.

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Refinishing the gelcoat on your fiberglass pool is no something that you’ll it is in doing on your own. When the time involves resurface it, you’ll certainly be calling in a expert to obtain the project done.

To provide you a visual overview of what these prices will look at like throughout all 3 pool types, take it a look in ~ this chart: