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It’s no mystery that hospitals will discover any means to fee you an arm and a leg for the most ridiculous things ever. Ask for an extra pillow during your stay? Sure, that’ a $25 extr charge. Desire green jello rather of a red one? Sure, that’s $30. Desire to host your infant after a C-section? Sure, that’ will certainly be $39.35.

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Okay, probably the pillow and the jello charges room fake…but the infant one isn’t. New dad, Ryan Grassley, decided to re-superstructure his hospital bill with the world, which revealed that he was basically charged because that holding your newborn after ~ his mam Lidia had a c-section, welcoming their second son. The article obviously went famous on Reddit.

What precisely is on the bill? A large ol’ charge that totals to practically $40 titled “SKIN come SKIN after ~ C-SEC.” Yes, usually this woman got charged $40 come cuddle with her boy after going v a major procedure. WHAT! I require some answer here, hospital.

A representative indigenous Intermountain Healthcare, which consists of Utah valley Hospital in Provo, Utah wherein his wife had actually her C-section birth, declared that the hospital is indeed an advocate for skin to skin contact after birth. But, the fee is come ensure the security of both the mother and the child baby.

Though the representative couldn’t comment on specifications, she clarified that the fee wasn’t just for holding the baby, quite it to be to bring second caregiver right into the operating room who would “maintaining the greatest levels of patient safety.” She noted, ?In the case of a C-section, whereby the bedside caregiver is lived in caring because that the mother during surgery, secondary nurse is carried into the OR to enable the infant to remain in the OR suite through the mother.”

It prices $40 to have actually skin to skin call with her newborn at the hospital in the US, WTF https://t.co/YVDt0k0bPn

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Despite the man charge, the brand-new parents clarified that they had a “positive experience” at the hospital and everyone involved in the birth was “great.” the also noted that a shipment nurse take it photos v his camera as he organized his newborn child on his wife’s neck and chest.

Making fun of his very own post, which had now unable to do viral, the new father made decision to “raise” the $40 come cover the skin-to-skin contact cost. The stated, ?I?ve additionally started a GoFundMe come raise the $39.00 I had actually to spend for my mam to organize the baby. Kind of together a joke since we space all having actually such a an excellent laugh over all of this.? The dad controlled to advanced a total of $145, i beg your pardon I’m sure he’ll probably return since it was a joke. Still, mission accomplished.

I assumption: v this is her reminder to always double-check her hospital bills.

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Editor’s note: This article was originally published December 4, 2019..

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